Top 10 Best Romance Anime That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Top 10 Best Romance Anime

These ten romantic anime series, according to IMDb, are by far the most binge-worthy in terms of romance.

It’s a vast range when it comes to anime that we deal with. If you thought anime was only about sci-fi, robots, and battles, you need to rethink your assumptions. The anime genres are diverse, but romance is one of the most popular. Even more subgenres can be found in the romance genre, which means there’s a book for everyone. It’s possible to watch a lighthearted romantic comedy or a dramatic romance at the same time.

Slice-of-life and Shjo (aimed at female teenagers) anime can both include romance genres. Here, there isn’t any sort of strict clubbing. That said, here are IMDb’s picks for the ten greatest love stories ever told through anime.

Louis Kemner’s 8th of April, 2020, update The shojo genre has gained a lot of ground in the 2000s and 2010s, and the concept of romance anime has become more popular than ever. It’s no secret that fans of both drama and comedy can’t get enough of a romantic plot, and for good reason! As a result, everyone wants to be loved and for anime characters to be happy. To round out our list, here are five more highly regarded IMDb romance anime series.

1. MAID-SAMA! (2010) IMDB 8.0

MAID-SAMA! (2010)

Misaki Ayuzawa, the fierce and independent president of her high school, is the star of this sweet rom-com about a high school romance. As a result of the school’s recent transition to gender equality, Misaki now finds herself surrounded by male students.

But Takumi Usui, a classmate, discovers Misaki’s secret maid life when she goes to work at a maid cafe. Fans of the shojo genre won’t want to miss this one, as it’s filled with hilarity, hijinks, and awkward but earnest teen romance.

2. KAGUYA-SAMA: LOVE IS WAR (2019-Current), IMDB 8.0

Kagyma-sama: Love is War is receiving a second season after all, therefore we’ve added it to this list of ongoing anime. A prominent private high school serves as the setting for this show, which chronicles the day-to-day antics of some amusingly high-IQ couples.

This year’s president of the class is Miyuki Shirogane (seen at left), who is also the school’s second-best student (pictured at right). Even though they’re both infatuated with one other, they’re both too self-conscious and reluctant to take the initial step! As a result, they play pranks on each other to get the other to make the first big romantic gesture.

3. LOVELY COMPLEX (2007), IMDB 8.0

Known as Love Com, this series features a love square where a tall girl and a small male try to help one other get to know their crushes in a way that is both humorous and romantic. Is there anything better than doing a good deed for a friend?

Of course, things quickly become convoluted, and the emotions and motivations of the many characters begin to clash. Additionally, the kansai-ben dialect spoken by practically every character is a first for an anime series.


Nodame Cantabile

Isn’t it true that nothing brings people together like a good piece of music? Shinichi Chiaki, a young violinist with aspirations of becoming a top star in the music industry but a fear of flying and the ocean, will be introduced to viewers in this anime. For the time being, he’s stuck in Japan.

Soon after, he meets Megumi Noda, a free-spirited pianist who instantly takes a shine to him. The two strike up a close friendship. There’s a slow burn of romanticism for Shinichi as he gets acquainted to Megumi’s voice and her musical approach.

5. MAISON IKKOKU (1986-1988), IMDB 8.1

Yuusaku Godai and Kyoko Otonashi, his landlady, meet in Maison Ikkoku, an anime about their romance. Your landlady may not be the best person to pursue, but once you see the two fall in love, you can’t help but root for them.

In particular, you’ll remember Kyoto long after the anime has ended. One who must deal with her own personal issues. As a widow, she has no desire to find love again. The tenant-charming shows up and sweeps her off her feet in her mess.

6. KAMISAMA KISS (2012), IMDB 8.1

Julietta Suzuki’s manga Kamisama Kiss combines Shjo and the supernatural to create an ethereal tale. It tells the story of Nanami Momozono, a young girl who was forced to flee her father’s debt and become homeless. She’s a sweet little sweetheart who goes out of her way to help strangers when she’s free of her problems.

Nanami saves a man from a pack of vicious dogs as fate would have it, and her life is forever changed. The man gives her a kiss on the forehead as a symbol of thanks before allowing her to stay in his abandoned house. Nanami is now a deity, and the abandoned building has been transformed into a shrine.

She falls in love with Tomoe in a strangely supernatural manner (a fox). Human and non-human love is examined in depth in this romantic drama.

7. TORADORA! (2008-2011), IMDB 8.1


These school comedy and romance animes are Toradora! It tells the story of Ryuuji, who is far from the troubled youth he appears to be. Taiga, his next door neighbor, is just as fierce for her small stature. The notion of ‘appearances are misleading’ serves as a basis for the neighbors’ support of each other’s crushes. As if that wasn’t enough, they start dating.

Toradora! is a special pleasure if you’re willing to stick with it because it depicts the ebb and flow of love over time.

8. CROSS GAME (2009-2010) IMDB 8.2

Sports, romance, comedy, and a high school setting are just a few of the categories that Cross Game has successfully tackled. “Young love” stories like this one bring you back to high school. In the beginning, Kou and Aoba are adversaries. It’s a joy to watch the cat and mouse match.

But the narrative does not proceed that way. Even if he was meant for Aoba’s older sister. What Koi and Aoba really needed to blow up their relationship was a good game of baseball. Every piece of praise is well-deserved for this Adachi -anime.



Shinichi and Nodame’s romance is the focus of this musical rom-com anime. Musician Shinichi aspires to perform with Europe’s best ensembles. Only his apprehension of flying is keeping him from going. There’s also Cupid.

It is as a result of this that Shinichi is obliged to attend a Japanese music university. He landed on Megumi Noda right here. He was initially put off by her sassy demeanor, but he quickly discovered her musical prowess. Megumi and Shinji are prime examples of how opposites truly do attract. Nodame Kantâbire is an emotional roller coaster of a love story.


Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, the follow-up to Toradora!, is another romantic comedy from the same creative team. This one, on the other hand, is unique in that it incorporates both supernatural and romantic themes.

Jinta Yadomi, a loner who spends her days playing video games, is the narrator. Jinta’s story comes together when he experiences a vision of his long-dead friend Menma. In the midst of Menma’s presence, Jinta’s companions from his past reunite to lay Menma to rest. The loss of a loved one is a major theme in this show. Jinta Yodami is a recluse in order to deal with the sadness she feels after losing a loved one.

11. KIDS ON THE SLOPE (2012), IMDB 8.3

Kids on the Slope is yet another musical romance that leaves a lasting impression. Additionally, the anime does romance a creditable job. One can’t help but feel a deep connection to the characters depicted in this film.

Koru Nishimi, a loner, is the protagonist of a 1966 period drama. That is, until he meets Sentarou Kawabuchi, a jazz fanatic. Ritsuko Mukae, a beautiful girl, walks up and befriends the two. As a trio, the three share a love for jazz and an interest in love.

12. FRUITS BASKET (2019-Current), IMDB 8.3

Fruits Basket

It’s a must-see for anyone who enjoys shojo animation. There are several! There was an anime adaptation of Fruits Basket in the early 2000s, however the aesthetics have since become dated. As a result, this stunning CG remake was released.

In this reimagining of the famous tale of Tohru Honda and the vengeful Sohma family, we’re treated to an all-new cast of characters and a new level of action and adventure, as well as the usual high levels of comedy and drama.

13. NANA (2006-2007), IMDB 8.4

Every girl has some sort of connection to Nana Komatsu. For some reason, she has a tendency to fall in love without thinking about the consequences. Nana chases her boyfriend, a musician, Shouji Endo, on this occasion.

She shares a train car with fellow musician Nana Osaki, who is also headed to Tokyo. The two Nanas get along like a house on fire. What begins as a friendly exchange quickly blossoms into a deep romantic connection. Their friendship begins to deteriorate as they become roommates because of the difficulties they face in their daily lives.

14. CLANNAD: AFTER STORY (2008-2009), IMDB 8.6

After the critically acclaimed slice of life animation, “Clannad,” comes this sequel. Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship grows stronger as they finish high school. Nagisa helps Tomoya, the fatal hero, lead a better life. As time goes on, the couple’s love grows stronger. It’s important to remember that the story of Clannad: The After Story is rife with tragedy.

When it comes to Clannad: After Story, music is the most important part. That’s why it’s ranked second on the list, thanks to its stunning animation.

15.  YOUR LIE IN APRIL (2014-2015), IMDB 8.6


What’s the connection between musicals and love? Ditzy girls and musical prodigies just seem to go together. Nodame Kantâbire’s stories appear to have an impact on the audience. Your Lie in April, despite a similar narrative, will always earn a position on any prestigious list.

After his mother’s death, musician Kousei Arima decides to give up on everything. But, as they say, love finds you in the midst of your messes.

A lovely violinist, Kaori Miyazono, enters and helps Kousei rebuild his life. If you’re not familiar with the film Your Lie in April, don’t be fooled by the oversimplified description: it’s a tragedy founded in love, an examination of loss, suffering, acceptance, and learning to move on.