7 Best Movies About Volleyball That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Volleyball

For the love of all that is holy, let us be completely sincere. For some reason, volleyball movies don’t get the same attention as those about other sports. Movies based on sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball are easy to come by. Even so, finding a good film about volleyball isn’t always simple. As a result, I decided to delve deeper into the subject and find the best movies about volleyball that can both entertain and educate.

Here’s a list of the top volleyball movies of all time for your viewing pleasure.

1. The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season

In terms of volleyball movies, The Miracle Season is among the greatest. That this film is based on a factual story is noteworthy. Caroline Found, a senior at Iowa City West High School, is the team’s volleyball captain. Currently unblemished, the group is hoping for more success. There are high expectations. Her mother Ellyn, who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, is having a party at Caroline’s house, and she decides to sneak out to see her. The neighborhood mourns the loss of Line after she is tragically killed in a shooting accident that night. Nobody wants to play with anyone else if she’s not there. The new captain of Iowa City West High School’s girls’ basketball team is Kelley Fliehler, one of Carolina Found’s closest friends.

What will the team accomplish? Will they be able to defeat their most formidable foes? Watch The Miracle Season on YouTube to find out more.

2. Air Bud: Spikes Back

Fernfield is where you want to be. Buddy the dog is the star of the show in this village. The holiday season has hardly barely begun. Andrea’s closest buddy departs for the Golden State. In Andrea’s heart, she wants to see her. However, there is a snag. She lacks the financial resources to pay for the trip. As a result, she decides to take on the responsibility of caring for animals. Participating in a beach volleyball competition is another option to earn money. She began working out with a young man in her community. Buddy joins the team because he wants to support his owner.

Whether you’re a volleyball lover or not, you’ll enjoy this Disney classic. Mike Southon, the man at the helm of 2003’s Air Bud 5, was the man behind the camera.

3. Iron Ladies

Iron Ladies

This film from Thailand is a pleasant surprise. It’s hard to believe, but it truly happened in this film. Friends who are either gay or transgender are the focus of this story. Jung and a member of the main cast, Mon, were unable to make it onto the team. Because of their appearance, they are continually disregarded by the coach. Coaches are frequently swapped out on local teams after a while. However, Mon and Jung have a difficult time making friends on the team. The majority of the players leave since they don’t want to play with them. It is because of this that two men have formed a volleyball team with transgender buddies from college. Wit, Pia, and Nong make up the group.

No one can deny that the Thai Championship is a tough one to win. To understand this film, you’ll have to watch it. I believe it’s on YouTube. The sequel Iron Ladies 2 is available if you enjoy the first one.

4. Side out

Sports comedy-drama Side Out is a 1990 American beach volleyball comedy-drama film Monroe Clark, a law student, arrives in California. Playing volleyball and flirting with women is what he does most of the time. In the wake of meeting “king of the beach,” Monroe chooses to compete in a beach volleyball tournament. There was an old rule in volleyball known as “side-out” that allowed the serving team to win only if they scored a winning point. Peter Israelson helmed the project.

5. Impact Point

Impact Point

This particular journalist Holden Grant wants to speak with the volleyball player who lost a match in the Association of Volleyball Professionals. He asserts that what the losers say is more important than what the winners say. They have supper and spend the night together after the interview. Killer flees scene after murdering girl who won against Kelly’s team. It is decided that Kelly will take the girl’s place in the competition and participate in another. Kelly finds herself in a precarious position. There’s a killer around…

6. Spike Team

Andrea Lucchetta is the creator of the Italian cartoon series Spike Team.

A volleyball team of six girls and their coach, Lucky, are the focus of the story. Evertown, a city without green where sports are no longer played, is ruled by the dishonest businesswoman Madame A. There is only one remaining piece of land: the Spikersfield College campus, on which she intends to assassinate owner Armand Alea because it is not for sale. If they want to get not just land and school but also the Olympic Torch, they must compete in a volleyball competition known as Alea Cup. The man’s will stipulates that this is the only way to acquire the property. Jo, Victoria, Beth, Patty, Susan, and Ann Mary make up the Spike Team, which is coached by Lucky, a former volleyball champion.

Six stones represent the six virtues that can re-ignite the Olympic flame, and the six girls learn their own strengths and flaws as a result of the event. On YouTube, you may find Spike Team episodes.

7. All you’ve got

All you’ve got

MTV produced the film “All You’ve Got.” The plot revolves around the rivalry between the volleyball squads known as the Phantoms and the Madonnas. It’s a disaster waiting to happen if the two teams meet. The Cathedral High Phantoms’ captain is Gabby Espinoza. She has lost both her mother and her father in the past few months. There are three new members on the Phantoms team: They don’t like the other members of the team at first. This enrages the coach, and he delivers a lecture on the importance of teamwork. As the females get to know one other, they also start winning more and more games.

Neema Barnette directed and starred Ciara Harris and Adrienne Bailon in this sports/drama film. How much of a sacrifice are you willing to make? Although I didn’t enjoy this film, I encourage you to see it for yourself and take your own conclusions.