10 Best Anime On Amazon Prime That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Best Anime On Amazon Prime

If you’re looking for anime to watch online, Amazon Prime might not be the first place that comes to mind, but these ten titles will convince you otherwise.

Amazon Prime may not be the first place that comes to mind when considering where to watch anime. This is despite the fact that Amazon has lately opted to put a few anime titles on their streaming platform because they know how lucrative the business is.

For free streaming of any anime, Amazon has a huge library that many people don’t know about because they don’t subscribe to Prime. Below you’ll find ten of Amazon Prime’s top anime offerings, as ranked by IMDb.

1. RE:CREATORS – (7.0)

Re Creators

Re:CREATORS premiered on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2017 and was only available there. Toshiyuki Nagano, a former AIC Classic producer, created Troyca, an animation studio in 2013. A week after it premiered on Crunchyroll, it was adapted into a manga.

Re:Creators is a follow-up to the first game. Souta Mizushino, a high school girl who aspires to become a novelist. The mecha anime Elemental Symphony of Vagelchevalier, which he was viewing to get some inspiration, suddenly sucked him into his computer and transported him into the world of the anime. But even when he returns to the actual world, he is still surrounded by these characters. In order to save the world from Altair, Souta and Selesia, a character from the anime, must discover and stop the other characters.


Streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime, Kokkoku: Moment by Moment premiered in Summer 2018. When it concluded in 2014, it was animated by Geno Studio (the same studio that made Golden Kamuy), which also made Golden Kamuy.

After failing 19 interviews in a row, cheeky woman Juri Yukawa finds it difficult to maintain her positive outlook in this story. To save her brother and nephew, she discovers that her grandfather has the ability to freeze time using a mystery stone that permits them to travel to a planet known as “Stasis,” where time is frozen.



The anime series Grimoire of Zero premiered on Funimation in the spring of 2017 before being picked up by Amazon Prime. White Fox, the studio behind popular anime series Steins;Gate and Re:Zero, was responsible for its animation. As the game progresses, we meet two more characters: Zero, a witch with a childlike look, and Beasfalen, a human born with animalistic features.

At this point in time, witches are renowned around the world for their knowledge and magical skills, and they are constantly engaged in a war with mankind. Mercenary, a Beastfallen she designates as her guardian, joins Zero on her quest to uncover the Grimoire of Zero, an evil spellbook that can do great harm if it falls into the wrong hands.


Is It Wrong To Approach Females in a Dungeon for Sexual Purposes? Sword Oratoria, a new series available only on Amazon Prime, premiered in the spring of 2017. By J.C. Staff and Fujino Oomori, the anime was animated and centered on Ais Wallenstein.

Adventurers can put their skills to the test in the god-created guilds known as Familia. Ains Wallenstein and Leifya Virdis, two members of the Loki Familia, are the stars of this spin-off series, which follows the original series’ plotline and concentrates on characters from the Loki Familia.

5. GIRLS’ LAST TOUR – (7.5)

Girls' Last Tour (2017)

Animated by White Fox, Girls’ Last Tour premiered on Amazon Prime in the fall of 2017. Tsukumizu wrote it, and it began life as an online comic before being adapted for the big screen. A calm and collected girl named Chito and an impulsive and clumsy girl named Yuuri are the focus of this anime adaptation, which spans four volumes of the manga.

After escaping an unknown apocalypse, the characters seek a new beginning. Girls’ Last Tour depicts the story of two girls in a gloomy and dystopian future who find hope in each other.

6. SAGRADA RESET – (7.6)

Sagrada Reset premiered on Amazon Prime in the spring of 2017. David Production, the studio behindJojo’s Bizzare Adventure and Fire Force, animated the short film. Yutaka Kouno’s and You Shiina’s Sakurada tells the tale of a town where everyone has a special ability.

Kei Asai, a young man with an uncanny photographic memory, Misora Haruki, a young woman with the power to wipe out a whole village in just three days, and Sumire Souma are the three main protagonists. To use their gifts for the greater good, Kei and Misora join the Service Club and the Administration Bureau, after Misora suggested it. Unbeknownst to them, their involvement runs much deeper and places them in a larger chain of events in history.


Land of the lustrous

In the fall of 2017, Amazon Prime members only had access to Land of the Lustrous. It was written by Haruko Ichikawa and based on the manga of the same name, and it was animated by Orange.

The story is set in the far future in a land inhabited by immortal life forms called the Lustrous, the embodiment of gemstones. A group of 28 Lustrous stand up to the Lunarians, who want to use the Lustrous’ bodies as ornaments. Even though many critics were suspicious of 3DCG at the time, the series has made a mark in history by demonstrating that it can be used effectively.

8. MADE IN ABYSS – (8.4)

Made in Abyss premiered in the Summer of 2017 on Amazon Prime, where it is now available. Kinema Citrus animated the story, which was written by Akihito Tsukushi and lauded by reviewers and fans alike for the beauty of its soundtrack.

Riko, a little girl living in the Belchero Orphanage, is the focus of Made in Abyss. The Abyss, so termed by the locals, is a massive sinkhole in the Earth’s crust that holds artifacts and relics from a long-dead civilization. The town is built around it. To find her mother, Reg and Riko set off into the Abyss after Riko encounters a humanoid robot.

9. DORORO (2019) – (8.4)


In the Winter of 2019 on Amazon Prime, Dororo launched. This novel was written in the late 1960s by Osamu Tezuka. In 2019, MAPPA produced an animated remake. In the adaption, some of the source material is left out, but the underlying theme remains unchanged.

Daigo Kagemitsu of the Samurai Order offers his newborn son in exchange for a heavy price: the salvation of his dying kingdom through a deal with demons. Born with no limbs, the boy commands his servant to dump him in a river. The servant does as the boy commands. His life is spared by a stranger who gives him prosthetics and the name Hyakkimaru. With the help of Dororo, a juvenile thief, he goes on the quest for the demons responsible for the theft.

10. VINLAND SAGA – (9.0)

Vinland Saga, which premiered in Summer 2019 on Amazon Prime, is our final entry. Wit Studio, the studio behind hits like Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus’ Bride, wrote and animated it.

During the reign of King Sweyn Forkbeard in 1013 AD, England is taken over by a Danish invasion. In this story, we follow the story of Thorfinn, a young warrior who harbors resentment toward his commander because he killed Thors, his father. Essentially, the plot revolves around his vow to exact vengeance on him by killing him in a duel, and this is heavily influenced by real events.