10 Best Oppai Anime That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Oppai Anime

Since the dawn of time, anime has been filled with characters who are both physically attractive as well as sexually attractive. Many of our favorite animes feature oppai, whether they are the focus of the story or just a fun addition to the characters that we can’t forget. We had a hard time narrowing down our list of the Top 10 Oppai Anime because there are so many great shows to select from. On this list, you’ll find anime with a slew of endowed characters, oppai-centric stories, and some of the best chest shots in the medium. This list will begin with 10 at the bottom and 1 at the top, as usual. So sit back, unwind, and enjoy our picks for the Top 10 Oppai Anime – and hold off on getting too enthusiastic until you’ve seen them for yourself!

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10. Manyuu Heikenchou

Manyuu Heikenchou

Tokugawa shogunate rule is in effect at the time of Manyuu Heikenchou. Big breasts are associated with great strength in this shongunate, a departure from the norm. You’re lucky to even be considered human if you have small breasts or no breasts. On the other hand, if you’re born with a lot of natural talent, you’ll also have a lot of money and a lot of friends. In the story of Chifusa, a young woman who steals a sacred scroll that is rumored to have the secrets to rearing ladies with large breasts, Manyuu Heikenchou focuses on her story. Manyuu Heikenchou is the first anime on our list of the Top 10 Oppai Anime since the name translates roughly to “Magic Breast Secret Sword Sword” if you’re wondering why. Manyuu Heikenchou’s plot revolves around gigantic oppai! Many beautiful battling women in traditional Japanese garb with bulging boobs wear them throughout the anime, so you can count on seeing enough of them. Manyuu Heikechou is a wonderful place to start if you’re searching for something with a more historical setting or an anime that is literally about oppai!

9. Triage X

There is much more to the crew at Mochizuki General Hospital than meets the eye in Triage X, which tells the story of their struggles and triumphs. While they appear to be typical hospital personnel during the day, at night they transform into the Black Label, a vigilante gang. In order to stop the “cancers” of society from spreading, this organization has taken it upon themselves to kill offenders who they don’t think are worth saving. Some others, notably one very adamant investigator, disagree with the Black Label’s brand of justice, and they quickly find themselves being followed by the authorities. Triage X’s leading ladies aren’t short on oppai, as you would have guessed from their appearance on this list. In the course of the series, you can expect to see a number of women with enormous breasts that are barely covered by their clothes. Their oppai, which are used to store weapons and other items, are a regular part of the action. Triage X has a lot of full-breasted women in it, so if you’re searching for something a little darker, give it a try.

8. Senran Kagura (Senran Kagura Ninja Flash)

Senran Kagura

Shinobi, spies and assassins once employed by the Japanese Shogun, are the focus of the story of Senran Kagura. A modern school called Hanzo Academy serves as the location for the action in Senran Kagura instead of a historical one, and the heroines are matched against a bunch of darker, more modern shinobi who are out to establish their worth. To succeed and keep Hanzo Academy’s good name intact, the girls must master their own unique set of shinobi talents, including the ability to change and operate together as a cohesive unit. Senran Kagura has the potential to be a hotpot of oppai based on the fact that it stars an all-female ensemble, and you were correct in your prediction. Each of the show’s five major protagonists has a huge bust, and you’ll see their oppai doing anything from playing volleyball to going to the beach in the course of the story. It’s time for Senran Kagura and its five heroines to prove themselves as a fun, lighthearted, and exciting oppai show!

7. Prison School

It has always been a girls-only school at Hachimitsu Academy until recently, when five guys were allowed to attend. Before they can make an impression on their new classmates, however, the lads try to peek into the girls’ lavatory and end themselves in the school’s basement prison. In order to pay for their sins, they must either spend a month in prison, or be expelled. They, of course, opted to remain in the prison and face the Draconian laws and punishments that still exist in this elite academy! With great ratings and a large fanbase, Prison School is one of the most talked-about manga-to-anime adaptations in recent memory. However, this alone does not qualify it for inclusion in our ranking of the Top 10 Oppai Anime. Meiko Shiraki, vice president of the Student Council, is determined to punish the males, and that is reason enough to bring it here. As the anime progresses, Meiko displays her enormous oppai in full view without a shred of guilt. In some cases, her clothing are unable to keep up with them! If huge oppai are what you’re searching for, you won’t be disappointed at Prison School.

6. Queen’s Blade Rebellion

Queen’s Blade Rebellion

Do not be put off by the fact that Queen’s Blade Rebellion is a follow-up to the popular series Queen’s Blade. Claudette, the Thundercloud Queen, is the last of the Queen’s Blade winners, and she now rules the Continent with an iron fist. The main character, Annelotte, leads a rebellion against Claudette and her rebel army in an attempt to restore peace to the Continent. Even if the summary doesn’t convince you, don’t give up on this anime just yet. Queen’s Blade Rebellion features an all-female cast, and their oppai are worth tuning in for. Check out this anime if you enjoy witnessing female fighters engage in combat while wearing rudimentary armor that serves little purpose other than to satisfy the desires of the audience. On our list of the Top 10 Oppai Anime, this one stands out because of its medieval fantasy background and the boobs it has to offer.

5. Girls Bravo: First Season

Boys are Yukinari Sasaki’s worst enemy; he suffers from an uncommon allergy to females. It’s true that when a girl approaches or even gets close to touching him, his skin flares up in agony. Yukinari, on the other hand, finds himself in Seiren, a world populated nearly completely by women, after he takes a bath. Fortunately, he makes friends with Miharu Sena Kanaka, the one girl whose touch does not harm him. It’s Miharu and Yukinari’s return to Earth that attracts the attention of other Seiren women. A place where the majority of the population is female, you can expect to see oppai in abundance—and you’re correct. Girls Bravo is an ecchi harem anime with enough of chest shots, swimsuit sequences, shower scenes, and touching to keep any oppai fan interested. Girls Bravo is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comedy with plenty of oppai.

4. High School DxD

High School DxD

At Kuoh Academy, the site of High School DxD, you’ll find a diverse student body that includes demons, angels, and everything in between. Yuma Amano, a high school student, asks Issei Hyodo out on a date, and the story revolves around their encounter. Instead of being the normal girl, Yuma turns out to be an angel fallen from heaven who ends up killing Issei! When Rias Gremory gives Issei a second chance at life, she does it in the form of an evil devil and her servant. High School DxD has a lot of laughter and a lot of risqué, ecchi oppai images! The majority of the female cast is blessed in the boob department, and their sequences don’t leave you wishing for anything more. There’s plenty of oppai viewing in High School DxD, and the tale features a diverse cast of interesting individuals – or maybe angels and devils are what really gets you going.

3. Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

Seikon no Qwaser tells the story of Mafuyu Oribe, Tomo Yamanobe, and Alexander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell’s time at St. Mihailov Academy, where they were students. If you drink Soma (the mystical substance present in women’s breasts), you’ll become a Qwaser, someone who can use the power of that element to battle against others. Seikon no Qwaser has no shortage of fighting and action sequences as Sasha defends Tomo and Mafuyu and everyone tries to find out what is going on with the deaths at St. Mihailov’s. There’s a lot of oppai fan-service in Seikon no Qwaser, in between all the action and excitement. A Qwaser’s Soma is refueled by drinking from women’s breasts when they run low on energy. Anime’s female characters come in various shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone’s taste in oppai, no matter what your personal preferences may be. So, if you’re searching for an anime with a lot of well-exposed oppai shots and a compelling story filled with exciting battles, Seikon no Qwaser is a smart bet.

2. To-LOVE- Ru


After Lala Satalin Deviluke’s entrance in To-LOVE-Ru, Rito Yuuki’s life will never be the same. Princess Lala of an extraterrestrial empire wants to marry Rito so that she might avoid a political marriage on her own world. Despite the fact that Rito is an ordinary, bashful adolescent, can he truly marry the princess of the galaxy’s most powerful empire? He only wants to tell Haruna how much he likes her! However, Rito’s father will kill him and wipe off the whole human race if he is unable to defend Lala from her numerous suitors. There’s no need to worry, right? To-LOVE-Ru has a lot of oppai to share with all of its fans! Ecchi that features lots of bath scenes and gravity-defying boob shots is what you’re searching for here. As a comedy, you can expect to see Rito in a lot of funny, compromising situations with one of the series’ numerous attractive female characters. Because Lala’s very first scene in the show has her stripping down in Rito’s bathtub, we have no doubt that To-LOVE-Ru will deliver on both its oppai content and its entertaining plot.

1. Sekirei

It is the nature of the Sekirei to kiss those they consider to be “Ahikabi” in order to develop relationships with them, and subsequently to defend those Ahikabi from other Sekirei. Sekirei is the narrative of a kid named Minato Sahashi and his relationships with numerous other Sekirei, including the original Sekirei, Musubi. They’re not just fighting each other in the Sekirei Plan, but they’re fighting within themselves for Minato as well. Most of the Sekirei in the anime are gorgeous, curvaceous ladies, and it is because of their oppai that we have chosen Sekirei as the top anime for oppai. You should watch Sekirei if you want to see big-chested women fighting each other, especially with a supernatural twist. There are a lot of women in tight-fitting clothing in this ecchi, harem anime — and there are also a few who don’t. In Sekirei, there’s no shortage of oppai for everyone to try.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list will aid you in your hunt for an oppai-filled anime! So do yourself a favor and head out into the world to take advantage of this enduring component of anime that is likely to enhance the enjoyment of any program. Oppai is a favorite of mine, yours, and ours. Let’s demonstrate our appreciation for the long-standing heritage of oppai in our anime by continuing to support it. If you’re reading this list, you’re definitely a fan of oppai, and we want to know what you think! How are any noteworthy oppai anime that we may have overlooked? Some of these may need to be reordered, or at least deleted from the list altogether. Please share your thoughts on our Top 10 Oppai Anime picks in the comments below! If you have a favorite oppai anime that differs from ours, please share it with us!