7 Best Anime To Learn Japanese That You Should Know Update 05/2024

What is the greatest approach to learn Japanese for someone who is just starting out? It’s possible that any of the methods listed above, from memorizing words to conversing with native Japanese speakers, will be beneficial. Isn’t it fantastic to enjoy yourself while learning Japanese?

Japanese anime is one of the most entertaining ways to learn Japanese, and many non-native Japanese speakers are inspired to study Japanese as a result of Japanese pop culture or Japanese anime.

Anime is a great way to learn about Japanese culture and daily life, as well as listening and speaking skills. Because they like watching their favorite anime in Japanese with Japanese voice actors, some individuals wish to learn Japanese. In recent years, anime has grown in popularity across the globe.

In this post, I’ll be showcasing seven of the greatest anime to learn Japanese, ranging from well-known series to up-and-coming ones. Anime that employ Japanese words that aren’t commonly used in the real world aren’t always included in this list. You can learncommonly used Japanese terms in these recommended anime below. Anime featuring English and other language subtitles are becoming more commonplace in recent years. Become fluent in Japanese by watching the anime over and over again.

One of the most popular anime and video games for both children and adults is Pokémon

1. Pokémon


For those learning Japanese, Pokémon is a must-see because the plot is so appealing to all ages, including toddlers. The names of each Pokemon’s moves may have little practical value for learning Japanese, but you can still listen to Japanese phrases and conversations inPokémon.

The level of difficulty is Genre:Action-adventure, family, and children’s

2. My Neighbor Totoro

Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro () is one of the most beloved animated films of all time, especially among young people all over the world.

Satsuki and Mei, two of the show’s central characters, and their families all migrate to a rural village. However, despite the rarity of seeing a rural Japanese setting like that shown in Totoro, you can acquire the language’s basic vocabulary without having to worry about encountering any of the show’s iconic characters.

Level : Genre: Family, Fantasy, Children

3. Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe)

Panda, Shirokuma Café (2012)

One of the best anime for learning Japanese is Shirokuma Cafe (), often known as Polar Bear Cafe. In 2012-2013, a 50-episode anime adaptation of the manga was released, based on the original manga. It’s a series of discussions between humans and various animals, like a Polar Bear, a Panda, and a Penguin.

The anime depicts the regular lives of Japanese people and the way they speak.

A lesser-known anime series, Shirokuma Cafe is highly recommended for those looking to brush up on their practical Japanese language skills.

The level of difficulty is moderate.

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Anime films by Studio Ghibli are a fantastic way to become acclimated to Japanese, and Kiki’s Delivery Service () is one of the greatest. In 1989, it was first shown to adults and children alike.

If you don’t want to get sucked into the latest fads and idioms, this anime is for you. You can learn a variety of Japanese words and phrases via the chats between a 13-year-old witch and her talking cat.

5. Your Name

Your Name. (2016)

The anime film Your Name Your Name (), one of the most popular in the post-2000 era, is well worth the time investment if you want to learn Japanese. In this animation, Makoto Shinkai’s masterwork shows the day-to-day lives of Japanese youths.

Unlike Your Name, the characters in Your Name use Japanese terms that are grounded in fact. It’s difficult to keep up with the dialogue’s pace and vocabulary, but if you can follow up, you’ll be able to converse at the level of native Japanese speakers in no time.

The level of difficulty is Fantasy and slice-of-life are the two main genres.

6. K-On!

Slice of life is one of the best anime genres to watch if you want to learn Japanese, as it depicts everyday life rather than powerful battle scenes and supernatural powers.

In recent years, K-On! (!) has become far more popular than other comedic anime.

There are a number of high school girls in the same school band that engage in lighthearted banter.

In addition to learning basic phrases, K-On! provides many opportunities to learn Japanese humor and the context of young people.

Genre: Slice of life Difficulty level:

7. Bakemonogatari

Bakemonogatari (2009)

It is recommended for intermediate and advanced Japanese learners to watch Bakemonogatari (), the first season of the popular anime series Monogatari Series.

The characters’ humorous dialogue is what makes the anime so popular. Koyomi Araragi, a high school student, engages in verbal sparring with a number of female characters. If you can keep up with their talk, you don’t need to learn Japanese any more.

Intensity of challenge: Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life

It’s easy to learn Japanese while also having fun with the shows on this list. Simply pick an anime with a difficulty level that corresponds to your current level of Japanese proficiency. It’s impossible to deny that watching your favorite anime can help you learn Japanese.