10 Anime Best Friends Boy And Girl That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Best Friends Boy And Girl

These anime characters show that it is possible for boys and girls to have close friendships without feeling compelled to pursue romantic relationships.

Anime includes a wide variety of popular love stories and iconic pairings, and for many series, these romances drive the entire storyline or play a significant role, whether the characters are teens or adults. Of course, not every connection develops into something romantic, and that is okay. In anime, there are many examples of healthy male-female friendships.

It gives a fantastic example for viewers of any age to see boys and girls become friends without any pressure to make things romantic. Someone else could have a crush on them, or they might not be searching for a relationship in the first place or they might not have much chemistry when it comes to dating. In other cases, they may be able to find common ground in the form of an activity or even a job.

1. Ichigo & Rukia Had Friendship Chemistry (Bleach)


Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia were two of the most popular characters in Bleach, and many Bleach fans wanted them to be in a relationship. Although it was enjoyable to envision this romance, it was doomed to fail. The two people’s lifestyles were too dissimilar to work together.

Rukia married her longtime friend Renji Abarai, while Ichigo married his high school sweetheart, Orihime Inoue, despite Season 1’s episodes hinting to a connection between the two.

2. Negi & Asuna Were More Like Brother & Sister (Mahou Sensei Negima!)

Even though Negi Springfield the wizard and Asuna Kagurazaka were on the same team in the Mahou Sensei Negima! anime, it was evident that they would never fall in love, and that wasn’t just due of their age difference. In many ways, they were more like a sister and a younger brother in their relationship.

Both of them would put their life on the line to save the other’s in the original Negima! manga, which went into further depth about their friendship. In the meantime, a number of Asuna’s classmates had fun speculating on who would one day be Negi’s lover.

3. Hirotaka Nifuji & Hanako Koyanagi Get Along As Fellow Geeks (Wotakoi)

Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku

Hirotaka Nifuji is a reclusive kuudere who lives for video games, but when he starts seeing his high school sweetheart Narumi Momose, things take a turn for the romantic. Hanako Koyanagi and Taro Kabakura, who both work in the same workplace, are two of their many other close pals.

For the most part, Hirotaka and Hanako’s friendship is built on a mutual love of pop culture and other aspects of geek culture. Narumi was surprised and amused when Hirotaka agreed to play Hanako in a crossplay. Hirotaka can be a great sport at times.

4. Alphonse Elric & Winry Rockbell Are Dear Friends & Allies (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

When Winry Rockbell and Edward Elric met, they were a fantastic match, no matter how much they disagreed at the beginning of their relationship. As soon as Alphonse Elric regained his physical form, he was more interested in seeing the world on his own than finding a romantic partner.

While Winry cares a lot about Al, the two of them look out for each other. Al is eagerly awaiting Winry’s apple pie, which she has promised to make for him to celebrate his return to his original form. When it comes to Al and Winry’s romance, there’s no indication that he’s envious.

5. Toph Beifong & Aang Are Friends But Have Very Different Personalities (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar The Last Airbender

Throughout her life, Toph Beifong had feelings for teammate Sokka, which led to the creation of two half-siblings, Lin and Suyin Beifong. Toph, on the other hand, had a long-lasting friendship with Aang, and they didn’t try to make it into something it wasn’t.

That was never going to be an option for either of them. Even though they looked up to one another as fellow bender heroes, they couldn’t stand one another because of their vastly different personalities and outlooks on life. It was obvious from the beginning that Aang would marry Katara.

6. Tohru Honda & Yuki Sohma Are Allies Against The Curse (Fruits Basket)

Fruit Basket’s protagonist Tohru Honda had a difficult time deciding between Kyo and Yuki at first, but it soon became evident that Kyo would win the race for Tohru’s heart. To be honest, there were few indications that Yuki was attracted to Tohru on a romantic level to begin with.

Respect for each other as excellent friends, as well as the shared desire to break the Sohma curse and release Akito, is what binds the two of them together. Although Yuki expressed his gratitude to Tohru for his inspiration, the two did not go on to develop a romantic relationship.

7. Shinra Kusakabe & Maki Oze Keep It Professional (Fire Force)

Fire Force

Maki Oze, a second-generation pyrokinetic, was one of the fire troops who greeted Shinra Kusakabe warmly when he arrived at the company 8 HQ. Even though she gets along well with Shinra, the two have yet to ignite any sort of passion between them.

Even though Maki enjoys romantic comedies and happily-ever-after endings, she doesn’t say anything about Shinra other than that. To her, she’s just a respectable and powerful friend and coworker, and to Shinra, she’s the same.

8. Soma Yukihira Inspired Megumi Tadokoro In The Kitchen (Food Wars!)

Despite being a bit of a troublemaker, Soma Yukihira is always willing to assist out a friend in need, whether it’s with motivation or coaching. Megumi Tadokoro’s confidence in herself was encouraged early on by Soma, and she finally saw her full potential. She can’t do without Soma.

There’s no proof that Megumi’s friendship with Soma has evolved into romantic love, and there’s even less proof that Soma feels the same way about anybody else. Cuisine is a shared passion for both of them.

9. Valac Clara & Asmodeus Alice Are Strictly Friends, Mostly Through Iruma (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun

Both Asmodeus Alice and Valac Clara met the isekai hero Iruma Suzuki, who introduced them. Iruma’s presence helped the two of them get to know each other a little better, as they normally avoid each other.

Clara may irritate Alice with her exuberant and infantile demeanor, but she always has the best intentions, as evidenced by the time she helped Alice fall asleep at the Valacs’ home during a sleepover. They frequently accompany Iruma to school on his way there.

10. Luffy & Nami Are Shipmates & Friends (One Piece)

Imagining Monkey D. as a One Piece character is quite acceptable. However, so far in canon, nothing like this has occurred between Luffy and Nami the navigator. Instead, Luffy regards his crew members as close friends and dependable allies. In any case, Nami prefers money over noisy, squishy boys.

Boa Hancock, who adores Luffy and regards him as her ideal man, appears to have no romantic interest in him at all. As such, there is no chance Luffy would fall in love with Nami or even date her on a tranquil island. There’s no way this ship is ever going to leave port.