10 Best Anime Girl Split Personality That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Girl Split Personality

Multiple personalities in an anime character can have unexpected effects on the plot that the reader or other characters may not have anticipated.

An anime character’s development is enriched by having multiple personalities. Characters having several personalities aren’t always bad guys, despite popular opinion.

Multiple personalities can be a reaction to childhood trauma or an attempt to appear more sophisticated and multi-faceted than they actually are to the rest of the world.. Alternatively, it could present the audience with a variety of sides to each of them. Additionally, it’s probable that the mangaka was looking for an original way to move the plot along with their character. Multiple personalities in an anime character might serve as an explanation for their behaviour for a variety of different reasons.

1. Hatsuharu – From A Peaceful Cow To A Raging Bull (Fruits Basket)

Hatsuharu (Fruits Basket)

Hatsuharu, like his Ox Zodiac, may be overly patient and laid back at times. In his own time and with a straight face, he wanders down any route that interests him. When it comes to his loved ones, he remains steadfast and loving.

However, “Black Haru” can appear at the most inconvenient of moments. To put it another way: This Haru will fight the first person who gets in his way. Kyo is usually the one who gets the job done. Yuki frequently chastises Black Haru for his perverse tendencies.

2. Sensui Uses His Personalities To Push His Goals Further (Yu Yu Hakusho)

As the series proceeds, Yu Yu Hakusho’s enemies are shown as more sophisticated, multi-faceted individuals. Shinobu Sensui, one of the show’s most intriguing villains, is a standout. He was a Spirit Detective who had a rigorous sense of justice and black-and-white beliefs on people and demons, which were reflected in his work. When he saw several demons being tormented for the vile amusement of mankind, his principles were shattered. As a result of his disappointment, he embarked on a killing spree and a mission to eradicate humanity from the planet.

In order to cope with his now-shattered principles, Sensui’s mind divides into six halves. From the charming Minoru to the vicious Kazuya, each piece represents a different facet of his personality and is entrusted with completing a specific task as part of his schemes. “Shinobu” is designed to be the glue that binds them together.

3. Natsuki And Satsuki Are Like Yin And Yang (Uta no Prince-sama)

Anime Girl Split Personality

It is Natsuki Shinomiya, STRISH’s gentle giant, who can’t get enough of all things sweet and small. Sho, a childhood buddy, is alarmed by his impulsiveness and gullibility.

Because of his “Gemini Syndrome,” when someone takes off Natsuki’s spectacles his other personality, Satsuki, appears. Satsuki, in contrast to Natsuki, is aloof and has a bad temper. As far as Sho is concerned, he’s hospitalized anybody he considers to have crossed him. He has no idea what he has done as Satsuki until Natsuki’s spectacles are put back on him.

4. Zenitsu Is a Crybaby By Day And Thunder Breather By Night (Demon Slayer)

Zenitsu is depicted as a coward with a lot of repressed fears for the majority of Demon Slayer. However, he is not the whiny baby that the public perceives him to be.

Compared to Tanjiro and Inosuke, Zenitsu is more level-headed when he isn’t worried about his life or competing for Nezuko’s affections. While the other two lived in the mountains, it can be apparent by his understanding of trains that he is more worldly than the others. When he’s unconscious, he displays a more serious side, revealing his actual strength. Despite his persistent fear of death, he manages to gain the title of Demon Slayer.

5. Suikotsu, A Kind-Hearted Doctor With A Fear Of Blood (InuYasha)

Suikotsu (InuYasha)

Even though Suikotsu is a kindhearted doctor who cares for the children of the village, one may conclude that he is also a vicious and ruthless mercenary who enjoys torturing his victims. A severe hemophobia can lead to a mercenary personality taking over, despite the fact that he’s a sniper.

When Suikotsu regains consciousness, he forgets his deadly digressions because of his psychological stress. As a result of the horrific devastation and bloodshed he witnessed on his journeys, his mind snapped and he developed this second identity. Despite this, Naraku continues to take advantage of the good doctor by channeling his dark side.

6. Yogi Goes From Sweet And Childlike To Brutal And Murderous (Karneval)

He is a talented swordsman and friendly mascot figure in the Circus. Yogi, while being immature for his age, has a contagious smile and a contagious laugh. Not around Gareki, where he’s much more obnoxious.

When Yogi’s allergy patch is taken from his cheek, he turns violent. His blonde hair turns gray, and his purple eyes turn crimson. “Silver Yogi” is the name given to this state, in which he attacks everybody who stands in his way, including his comrades. This alter ego’s origins remain a mystery.

7. Akashi Commands His Team With An Iron Fist (Kuroko no Basket)

Akashi (Kuroko no Basket)

There is only one person who can bring out the best in Taiga, and that person is the last of the Generation of Miracles: Seijuro Akashi. Even though Seijuro is the team’s renowned captain, his demeanor is surprisingly low-key at first. With this mentality he runs his team like a well-oiled machine, and he does the same for his high school basketball team.

It’s a darker, more manipulative version of him, manifested through the Emperor Eye. During this time, Seijuro’s left eye turns from red to orange, and he exhibits an even more arrogant attitude toward winning. His authoritative aura can bring an opponent to their feet, and he’s less tolerant of anyone who looks down on or defies him.

8. Zetsu, Two Halves Of One Man (Naruto)

Despite their differing personalities, the two halves of Zetsu are nevertheless able to work together. White and Black Zetsu can be detached from each other if necessary. After Obito’s resurrection, White Zetsu became Obito’s best friend. The Akatsuki have come to trust him, despite his appearance of being naive and docile. In the anime, he has a softer, higher-pitched voice.

While Black Zetsu’s voice is deeper, his demeanor and sharp-tongued demeanor are more serious. Because Madara or Kaguya’s purpose is at stake, he has no patience for nonsense and has no allegiance to anyone who stands in the way. He, too, is a subordinate of the Akatsuki, albeit he has his differences of opinion with White Zetsu on occasion.

9. Twice Struggles With Understanding His Identity (My Hero Academia)

Twice Struggles (My Hero Academia)

The real Twice is a character all his own when he’s not dressed as a villain in a mask. A frequent performer in the League of Villains, his humorous persona lends itself well to dramatic expressions and remarks. The moment he puts on the mask, his insane nature comes out.

His several personalities are a result of his desire to make friends. In order to overcome his loneliness and become more comfortable in his own skin, he constructed each of these characters as a “friend.” As a member of the League of Villains, he is able to overcome his loneliness because the other members accept him and his many personas.

10. Momoka Nishizawa Goes From Sweet To Sadistic On A Dime (Sergeant Frog)

Momoka Nishizawa will do anything for Fuyuki, from intricate machinations to basic confessions that never seem to go anywhere. Momoka is a lovely and gentle person to everyone she encounters, but she becomes particularly withdrawn around Fuyuki.

It’s a facet of her that few people are aware of; her eyes change shape when the sound of a sharpening blade is heard. As Fuyuki’s “yandere,” Momoka’s divided personality is based on the same characteristics that her mother displays.