15 Best Anime Like Re Zero That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Re Zero

Shousetsuka ni Narou’s Shousetsuka ni Narou website launched Re:Zero in 2012 as a light novel series. This isekai series, about a NEET named Subaru who finds himself in a fantasy world, was an instant hit when it was illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka and written by Tappei Nagatsuki.

The novels were licensed by White Fox Studio, and the first episode of the anime aired in 2016. Fans have continuously ranked this show as one of the best isekai anime out there since its release in 2012. Here are ten suggestions for people who want to watch more of the same kind of anime.

The fantasy series Re:Zero boasts plenty of action-packed battles and startling double-crosses, but there are also a variety of other components that keep viewers engaged.

We’ve added a few more quality choices for those who are looking for similar shows to binge.

1. Orange Is A Striking Coming Of Age Story With An Essential Twist


Natsuki Subaru and Naho Takamiya, the protagonists of Orange and Re:Zero, have a lot in common on the surface. Even though Naho isn’t transported to a fantastical world, the letters she receives from her future self drive her to examine her own identity in significant ways.

On the one hand, Re:Orange Zero’s evokes a sense of romance and mystery while simultaneously channeling an ominous undertone. Although both Orange and Re:Zero begin in settings where it is all too tempting to reduce the characters to cliches, they both strive for nuance.

2.  Ajin Is A Meditation On Humanity & Power That Presents A Similarly Tortured Hero

Death is a recurring theme in Re:Zero, however it’s filtered more in the manner of video games than slasher flicks in the anime. Ajin, on the other hand, is a terrifying anime that explores the relationship between the government and a race of eternal demons known as Ajin.

Re:Zero and Ajin have quite different metropolitan settings, but it all begins with a tragic accident that turns Kei Nagai into the deadly Ajin. This is where the two games diverge. In a way, it’s like Natsuki’s death at the beginning of Re:Zero, where Kei is left with power and questions.

3. From The New World Creates Compelling & Corrupted Power Dynamics

From The New World

While most of the characters in From the New World live in an ideal “utopia,” a handful of them doubt the sanitized version of reality they’re living in.

A unique school for psychics is where Saki, a young girl who has recently discovered her psychic abilities, meets other similarly endowed students in the novel From the New World. Although Saki’s awakening and her ability to examine the world around her are very similar to Re: Zero’s, the anime is set in a more realistic world rather than a higher fantasy realm like Re:Zero.

4. Tokyo Revengers Tells An Epic Story That Transcends Time Itself

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most anticipated anime releases of 2021, combining elements of revenge, fantasy, and suspense with a strong cast of central characters that grow and change in unexpected ways. In Tokyo Revengers, the two main characters are stuck in time loops where they can save the lives of the people they care about.

As a result of these futile efforts to alter the inevitable, I find it fascinating. Natsuki’s heroic journey in Re:Zero is based on the same extraordinary circumstances that made him a hero.

5. Re:Creators Creates An Epic Free-For-All Between Multiple Mediums

Isekai series like Re:Zero are plentiful, but Re:Creators goes all out in this department and creates something truly unique.

An ordinary high school boy becomes a key player in a massive conflict that has led to his favorite fictitious characters from anime, manga, video games, and more being brought into the real world. Re:Creators is both a nod to and a departure from Re:Zero, and as such serves as a good critique of the genre.

6. Steins;Gate Helps Isekai Material Evolve Into Heady Sci-Fi


“crazy” scientist Rintarou Okabe and his band of misfit buddies in Steins;Gate were a surprise smash. With a cast of colorful characters and a funny yet dark flip halfway through, this series still ranks as one of the best anime out there.

It has been acclaimed as one of the greatest, if not the best, science fiction anime that deals with a serious problem like time travel while simultaneously entertaining its viewers for years to come.

7. KonoSuba Playfully Leans Into Isekai Archetypes

Fantasy world Kazuma Satou is granted the opportunity to select his own weapons in his reincarnation. Unfortunately, Aqua, the least useful of the bunch, was his final decision.

And as if that weren’t awful enough, Kazuma quickly learns that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into, making it even more difficult for him to survive.

8. Erased Is A Bleak Murder Mystery With A Gripping Supernatural Hook

Satoru Fujinuma, the protagonist of the anime series,Erased, has the capacity to travel back in time, but he always returns. He does, however, find himself transported back 18 years in time and unable to go.

The only way he can regain his identity is to solve the death of his mother and save the life of his young classmate Kayo Hinazuki, both of whom he cares deeply about.

9. The Rising Of The Shield Hero Proves That Heroes Come In Many Shapes & Sizes

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

As one of the Four Cardinal Heroes, college student Naofumi Iwatani is tasked with guarding the land of Melromarc from a variety of dangers.

It’s hard for him to keep his reputation clean after being accused of not taking advantage of a lady named Malty, especially because he’s a Shield Hero. In order to restore his reputation and gain the respect of those around him, the adamant otaku sets out on a personal mission.

10. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Helps Refine The Magical Girl Genre

Madoka Magica, also known as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, was the first magical girl anime to completely transform the genre (for the better).

As any other magical girl anime begins, it eventually takes a turn for the worst. And it isn’t even the worst thing that happens in this anime: people start dying everywhere.

11. Higurashi: When They Cry Is A Deceptively Dark & Trippy Experience

Keiichi Maebara moved to a secluded village, leaving his entire life behind and soon making acquaintances.

The fact that so many people have gone missing and died in this quiet community has astonished him, and he has been met with silence whenever he has asked any questions about it.

Now he must discover out what’s going on in the village. He is the only one who can.

12. Sword Art Online Has Become The New Template For Isekai Adventures

Sword Art Online

A new virtual gaming firm hires Kazuto Kirigaya as a beta tester. Things appear to be going well until participants discover that they are unable to log out of the game, leaving them in an unwinnable situation.

In order to leave this virtual world, Kazuto must beat the game’s 100 stages, and in the process, he will be hailed as a hero.

13. Akame Ga Kill Lets Loose A Very Dangerous Breed Of Assassin

Tatsumi is a bright-eyed new recruit to the Night Raid, the government’s top-secret assassination squad.

All he cares about is helping others and making enough money to bring back to his family.

But he soon finds that all he thought he understood about the country he currently lives in is a sham.

14. No Game, No Life Shows That Skills Can Prove Themselves In Unusual Ways

A brother and sister NEET duo, Shiro and Sora, are exceptional gamers. Disboard is a hypothetical society where all disputes are settled through the use of video games. Since they’ve been playing (and winning) games for as long as they can remember, this turns out to be no problem for the two.

Not only does this show need another season, but it’s also a popular choice for isekai viewers looking for a quick fix of 12 episodes.

15. Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ashes Embraces Genre Staples For A Touching Story

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ashes

As an isekai anime, Grimgar stands out because of its magnificent animation (which has effects similar to water painting) and the genuine treatment of youngsters who have been thrust into an unfamiliar environment.

Despite the fact that it has more fantastical aspects than most other isekai series, it contains everything an isekai fan could want and more.