10 Best Anime Glow Ups That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Anime Glow Ups

Every time skip permits the series to have a glow-up, anime fans enjoy to witness their favorite characters get older.

When an anime has multiple seasons, it’s likely to have a time leap at some point. The climax of a shonen anime usually takes place within this time frame. When it comes to anime, fans are always eager to see their favorite characters get older and mature, and time-skips are often used to accomplish this.

These characters progress from looking like youngsters to young adults who are ready to take on the world, or even take it over. Generally speaking, certain glow-ups are more memorable than the rest.

1. Nami is Ready to Set Sail

Nami Is Ready To Set Sail

At the conclusion of the Sabaody Archipelago arc, there is a massive two-year time jump in One Piece. Nami, who began in the series at the age of 18, has grown into a woman of 20 with a more defined physique and hair that reaches her waist.

A lot of people were startled at how much she looked like an adult when she returned to Sabaody at the beginning of the Return to Sabaody arc.

2. Mikasa Becomes a Seasoned Soldier

Attack on Titan contains numerous time jumps, all of which contribute to Mikasa’s flawless aging. Mikasa, along with Eren and Armin, is just 15 years old for the most of the anime.

As a 19-year-old with shorter hair in season three, Mikasa is a more lethal soldier than ever before. She now resembles Levi in age and has a more mature demeanor.

3. Lelouch Takes Over the World

Lelouch Takes Over The World

Code Geass features numerous time jumps, but the final one puts Lelouch in command of the whole universe. Lelouch wins the war against Britannia and ascends to the throne with Suzaku as his guard in season two.

Suddenly, he appears to be a 17-year-old king, rather than a typical high school student. Re;surrection portrays him as a 21-year-old adult dressed in black wedding garb during another time skip.

4. Simon Pierces the Heavens

There’s a massive time skip in Gurren Lagann following episode 16. While constructing passageways in a cave to aid his town’s survival, Simon, a 14-year-old kid, sees the outside world for the first time when Yoko crashes through the ceiling.

After a seven-year hiatus, he is now 21 and has a cool and confident demeanor. Additionally, he gains command of a whole army during this time, which is an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

5. Mello Falls Into a Life of Crime

Mello Falls Into A Life Of Crime

Death Note is a well-known series, but Light Yagami isn’t its breakout star. As a 14-year-old child, Mello is portrayed in the aftermath of L’s death. However, as soon as he learns of L’s death, he goes out to exact his vengeance.

This time around, he’s an adolescent male with a stylish gothic aesthetic. He has also joined the mafia and is a major reason why Light is finally brought to justice.

6. Nagisa Breaks the Fanbase’s Heart

Fans of the Clannad series who have been around for a while know how devastating it can be, especially when it comes to Nagisa’s storyline. Nagisa is able to complete her education and marry Tomoya in Clannad the After Story.

Nagisa is still sick, but her appearance shifts from that of a teenager to that of a young woman. When Nagisa gets pregnant in later episodes, this is most apparent.

7. Kaneki Embraces His Inner Ghoul

Kaneki Embraces His Inner Ghoul

Ken Kaneki, an 18-year-old Tokyo Ghoul ghoul, underwent a dramatic transformation in look due to his ghoul blood. His hair begins to turn white as he matures into a young adult, making him appear older than he really is.

While still young, he transforms into an anime character that fans may expect from a show noted for its violence.

8. Goku Learns His Alien Heritage

Goku was just a kid when Dragon Ball began, and he had no idea why he was so powerful. Even though he still has the same spiky hair, Goku looks very different as an adult in Dragon Ball Z.

After becoming famous for his strength, Goku discovers he is in fact a Saiyan tasked with wiping out the planet’s population. After this, there are numerous additional time skips in the series, allowing Gohan to grow up and have children of his own.

9. Usagi Becomes a Literal Queen

Usagi Becomes A Literal Queen

Due to Chibiusa, Sailor Moon’s kid, time is a major factor in this show. Fans of anime can now see what Usagi looked like when she was the Earth’s ruler 900 years ago, thanks to the miracle of time travel.

Wearing a tight white dress, her hair soon turns white. Her voice has become much more refined, and any hint of naiveté has vanished.

10. Naruto Becomes The Hokage

Glow-ups in Naruto are up there with the best in anime history, if not the best. At the beginning of the anime, Naruto was an irritating 12-year-old boy. At first glance, it appears that the character appears to be much older than the age he appears to be in Shippuden.

Hinata is shown to be an excellent wife and mother-in-law in later specials, where he is shown to be Hokage and married to Hinata.