8 Best Movies About Entrepreneurs That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies About Entrepreneurs

It was a year of sad stories of financial hardship in a variety of cultures and regions, dominated by streaming giants and indie studios. Many people in the gig economy were going through tough times on the job and financially as well. A deaf mother and father’s fishing business is saved by their daughter. In the midst of civil instability in Kosovo, an Albanian widow is attempting to build a modest business. Entrepreneurs can learn something from every movie, whether it’s inspirational or heartbreaking.

Listed in chronological order are eight 2021 films that every business entrepreneur should see.

1. Silk Road

Silk Road

High-octane thriller depicts the actual story of Ross Ulbricht’s infamousdark web-based “Amazon for drugs,” which collected more than $1 billion in sales before being brought down by the DEA. Unbridled e-commerce is illustrated in this cautionary tale. It is available on Hulu.com.

2. WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn

In just six weeks, WeWork’s IPO and its utopian goal unraveled because of its frathouse-like office culture, excessive expectations, and ludicrous overspending. Adam Neumann, one of the company’s co-founders, provides some fantastic instances of how not to operate a company. The dochere has been reviewed by Youfind Inc. It is available on Hulu.com.



A Child Of Deaf Adults (CODA), Ruby works on the family’s floundering commercial fishing boat in Gloucester, Massachusetts, every morning before she heads off to school. It’s an impossible choice for Ruby, who is caught up in the local fishing industry’s battle with the authorities. As a critical darling, CODA is an emotional tale of coming to terms with the difficulties of operating a family business and the importance of effective communication. Viewers can catch it on Apple TV+.

4. The Gig Is Up

An examination of the human costs of the $5 trillion gig economy is presented in The Gig Is Up The documentary presents a different perspective on the much-hyped global workforce revolution by following the lives of people working for Uber, Deliveroo, and other organizations. If you’d like to watch it on any of these platforms:

5. El Buen Patrón (The Good Boss)

El Buen Patrón (The Good Boss)

With Javier Bardem as the proprietor of an industrial scales manufacturing business, “El Buen Patrón” is an exhilarating tale of a man who works relentlessly to placate his disgruntled employees before a visit by an awards panel. When bosses cross the line into their employees’ personal life, this funny and satirical film examines the consequences. The movie is now playing in theaters.

6. Hive

This Sundance favorite in Albanian depicts the story of a widow in Kosovo who, in the face of unimaginable loss and a harsh patriarchal society, decides to build a company selling honey andajvar (a local relish prepared from red bell peppers).

7. Dear Rider

Dear Rider

Entrepreneurial vision is required to turn a specialized (and frequently risky) hobby into a global sport. For snowboarding, Jake Burton Carpenter was a pioneer. Carpenter developed his firm and eventually an international phenomenon by tenaciously bringing together sponsors, ski resorts, and high-profile athletes. What channel should I watch it on: HBO Max

8. Black Friday

On Black Friday, this horror-comedy, produced and starring Bruce Campbell from The Evil Dead, puts an unmotivated staff of toy store employees against a horde of blood-thirsty, parasite-infected customers.. When the Covid pandemic struck, the retail business was in a state of utter chaos. Black Friday, November 26, is a fitting day for the debut of Black Friday. The movie is now playing in theaters.