10 Best Anime Like Revolutionary Girl Utena Update 07/2024

Anime Like Revolutionary Girl Utena

Fans of Revolutionary Girl Utena may want to have a look at these additional shows with a similar style and concept, which are now accessible on Crunchyroll.

A lot of progress has been made in terms of establishing strong female characters and paving the road for LGBTQ+ characters in anime through Revolutionary Girl Utena. Over twenty years after its introduction, there are still a lot of people who appreciate it. There are several more anime and non-anime series that have been influenced by it, including Steven Universe.

It’s only natural for fans of Utena to want to watch other anime shows that are similar to it. If you can find a show like that, there are many others that have a powerful emotional impact. While some are only just released, others have been around for a long time, Utena lovers should check them out.

10. Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu

Duck, a young lady with the ability to transform into a beautiful ballerina, is given the mission of locating and recovering the missing pieces of a prince’s heart. However, a friend and a rival of the prince, as well as the real adversary, the Raven, stand in the way. As the characters know they’re part of a story, reality and fiction collide.

An innocent-looking anime has a lot of nasty undercurrents. Ballet dancing is the primary means of combat in this meta-fairy tale, yet the blows are just as devastating as if they were delivered with a fist.

9. Mawaru Penguindrum

Adopted sisters Kanba and Shoma’s younger half-sister, Himawari, was born in Japan and raised in the United States as an adopted kid (the only biological Takakura child). Shortly after being discharged from the hospital, Hemawari dies of a heart attack. But a penguin hat that she was wearing at the aquarium revives her. Her rebirth has a price, according to the new creature inhabiting her body: her brothers must locate a relic known as the Penguin Drum. However, the Penguin Drum has adversaries, and it appears that some of them are connected to the siblings.

The two shows were created by the same person, despite their differences. Fans of Utena will feel perfectly at home with the way the plot progresses and the development of the characters.

8. Romeo X Juliet

Romeo X Juliet

Romeo x Juliet, an anime adaptation of the Shakespearean classic, retains only a few of the original story’s most important features. House Capulet appears to have been wiped out by House Montague. Lord Leontes Montague wields an iron hand over Neo Verona. He has no idea that Juliet Capulet has escaped and is now a masked vigilante known as “The Red Whirlwind,” fighting against Leontes’ rule. She meets Romeo, the son of Leontes, during a party held by House Montague, and it’s love at first sight. Despite his father’s oppression, Romeo is eager to help Juliet.

Juliet has a more masculine demeanor and physical prowess than her fictional counterpart. In spite of her feelings for Romeo, she remains unflinching in her resolve to bring a stop to Lord Montague’s reign of terror. If you’re looking for a more action-packed portrayal of Juliet, this is an excellent film to watch.

7. Dear Brother…

They look like Utena’s characters in this slice-of-life anime. In Dear Brother…, Nanako Misonoo, a high school freshman in an all-girls school, is the central character. Unbeknownst to her, she is being drawn into a world of female rivalry at an exclusive university. While being bullied by her peers, Nanako discovers the reasons behind her selection, as well as her family’s secrets.

A realistic alternative to Utena, Dear Brother… lacks the fantasy components. Some plot components and characters have a lot in common, including their traits and quirks.

6. The Story of Saiunkoku

The Story of Saiunkoku

Look no farther if you’re looking for a historical romance with a strong female protagonist. Shurei Kou, a sixteen-year-old daughter of a wealthy noble family, works odd jobs to make ends meet. In addition to her work as an erhu player, Shurei is a teacher at the temple school and a brothel accountant. Taking a position in government is something she aspires to, but it is out of bounds for a woman.

To make her dream a reality, Shurei accepts an invitation from the Emperor’s Grand Advisor to join his household as his consort and teach the Emperor how to be a responsible ruler. Shurei, like Utena, is battling against the gender standards in her environment, just like Utena did in the past. However, despite her status, she sees a route forward even if her gender disadvantages her.

5. Wonder Egg Priority

Despite the fact that this appears to be a lighthearted animation, it contains a lot of psychological factors that make it a disturbing experience. In the aftermath of Koito’s death, Ai Ohto receives an egg from a supposedly abandoned arcade and brings it back to her home in Tokyo. It’s in this dream world that Ai finds herself after the egg cracks, tasked with protecting the young woman who has emerged from the shell. Koito can be revived if she saves enough individuals from the egg world, an entity tells her.

Psychological complexities and real-world challenges are at the heart of Wonder Egg Priority’s story. The show’s aesthetics may appear bright and cheery, yet this just serves to enhance the show’s harrowing content.

4. Legend Of Basara

Legend Of Basara

However, Sarasa is actually impersonating as her deceased twin brother Tatara, even though she looks like a girl. Tatara, the savior of Japan, was slain by the Red King before he could fulfill his destiny. Sarasa assumes the identity of him in order to carry out her mission and liberate Japan.

Sarasa’s disguise takes a toll on her mental health, yet she manages to keep going. Some of her closest friends and allies don’t know she’s female. In the same way as Utena, she is charismatic and doesn’t realize how much she affects those around her.

3. Revue Starlight

Karen and Hikari make a pledge to each other that they will one day perform the play Starlight together. Despite Hikari’s departure, it appears that their pledge will never be fulfilled. As the years pass, Karen’s optimism wanes, but that changes when Hikari returns. As a group, they work together and compete against each other to achieve their goal of performing on stage.

Despite the fact that Revue Starlight is a musical anime, there are a lot of similarities to Utena. Dueling contains all of Utena’s dramatic and comical qualities in abundance.

2. Rose Of Versailles

Rose Of Versailles

Rose of Versailles, the anime that inspired Revolutionary Girl Utena, is set in France before and during the French Revolution. ‘ Antoinette and Oscar de Jarjayes, a lady who was reared as a boy and now serves as the commander of the Royal Guard, are the focus of this film. After being reared as a boy and wearing men’s clothing, Oscar utilizes her position in the courtroom to gain access to liberties she wouldn’t otherwise have.

Oscar and Utena have a lot in common as powerful female characters who take on roles that are traditionally filled by men. They don’t allow society’s standards and established rules to control their daily routines and decisions. For strong female heroines, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, Utena is a part of the foundation, while Rose of Versailles offered the blueprint.

1. Princess Knight

When it comes to this show, modern anime lovers should not be frightened off by the use of old-school animation. While born female, Princess Sapphire pretends to be male so she can inherit the throne, since women are not allowed to rule. The villainous Duke Duralumin would be the next in line to the throne if her father had not declared that she was a boy. After all this, an angel named Tink is sent down to Sapphire to make her more feminine and give her the mentality of a girl, by God’s grace!

This anime has a lot of out-of-date elements. Princess Knight, on the other hand, sparked the shojo genre and gave it a foothold in the literary world. Revolutionary Girl Utena was created as a result of this anime’s creation of Rose of Versailles. Princess Knight, despite its generic nature, is an integral aspect of shojo anime’s heart and soul.