10 Best Anime About Football That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime About Football

In the world of sports, football is without a doubt the most popular sport. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with over a billion supporters throughout the globe.

Football is a topic that many people throughout the world can identify with. In addition to watching, tens of millions of football enthusiasts are also devoted to the sport. As a result, I’m a die-hard football fan like so many others. Football, believe me, has a tendency to control my mood.

Football has served as a gateway drug for Anime for Weebs around the world. Given your presence here, you must be a fan of football, because you’d like to watch an anime series on your favorite sport, don’t you?

You need not be concerned, since I’ve got this. The following is a list of the top 10 football-themed anime.

Top 10 Anime About Football

10. Soccer Fever

Soccer Fever

We can relive the excitement of previous World Cups through this football anime, which also features some of the game’s best players. Legends like Beckenbauer, Müller Gerd, Eusebio, and Pelé have helped to revitalize the beautiful game.

The story begins with the 1930 team selection in Uruguay. The series’ hero is Brian Thompson, a former news reporter.

9. Ginga e Kickoff

The story of Shou Oota, a sixth-grade football fanatic, is the focus of this Football Anime. Shou Oota, a die-hard football fan, was kicked off the team due to a lack of available players.

Erika, a transfer student who is also a professional football player, helps him out. In order to rebuild his Football club, he acquires other talented players with the goal of becoming the top again.

A Football Anime that has an excellent storyline and a well-developed plot can be a good fit for you.

8. The Knight In The Area

The Knight In The Area

As two brothers, they both share an undeniable affinity for football. A rising star in the Japanese youth soccer system, the other decides to become a manager after failing on the field.

Kakeru, in spite of his considerable abilities and potential, chooses to take on the role of manager. If Suguru, the ace of their college squad, ever mentions Kakeru’s latent abilities, the latter constantly denies it.

However, after the return of his old buddy and crush Nana, things begin to alter. If you’re a fan of the sport, you should absolutely check out this anime, despite its slow pace.

7. Blue Legend Shoot

The Kakenishi golden trio of Tanaka, Shiraishi, and Hiramatsu have been playing football together since junior high. It is thanks to them that the soccer squad at Kakenishi Junior High School exists.

They’ve known each other since junior high, when they were playing football together, and now they’ve decided to lead their high school’s football team to the title. The All-Japanese High School Championship is up for grabs.

You’ll Enjoy Anime Like Tokyo Revengers if you

6. Days


Days is one of the most popular Socceer Anime of all time. Tsukushi Tsukamoto and Jin Kazama are the central characters of the anime. When it comes to the game, one of them is a full genius, while the other has no special abilities.

Although he knows he’s terrible, Tsukamoto continues to labor to the bone to get a spot on the team. Tsukamoto’s perseverance and will to succeed are admirable, and we all wish we had his passion and drive.

When it comes to High School Soccer, will this dynamic duo make a splash? This football-themed anime also teaches valuable lessons about perseverance and hard effort.

5. Captain Tsubasa

An elementary school youngster who is obsessed with football is the focus of Captain Tsubasa’s story. In order to achieve his goal of becoming a world-famous soccer player, Tsubasa trains with Robert Hongo.

Captain Tsubasa is the anime for you if you’re looking for a Football anime with a school life theme. Watch how his love for football propels him towards his goal.

4. Giant Killing

Giant Killing

Takeshi Tatsumi’s departure for an amateur team in England spelled the end for East Tokyo United, who were once untouchable under the leadership of Captain Takeshi. ETU are now one of the weaker teams in the Japanese Top Division.

The Club’s glory days were long gone when Takeshi returned, although years later. There are many people who still hold grudges against him for quitting the last team, so it won’t be simple this time.

To what extent can Takeshi succeed in bringing one of Japan’s worst soccer teams back into the national league? It’s well worth your time to check out this underappreciated football animation.

3. Hungry Heart Wild Striker

The story of Kyousuke Kano, a football player who quits after comparing himself to his brother, is the focus of this Anime about Football. Seisuke has always loomed large in Kyosuke’s life. Professional soccer is also a vocation for his brother Seisuke.

Kyosuke rediscovers his love of Football after meeting a girl who made him coach her school’s football squad. Kyosuke ultimately resolves to pursue his goal of being one of the greatest soccer players in history, despite all the negative attention he has received. This anime has a lot of great ideas and is well worth watching.

2. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

When it comes to anime about football, it’s a classic. Football is presented in a novel way in this Anime, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

The Raimon Middle School Soccer Club has a hard time competing with other schools in Japan for the title of the country’s top soccer squad. See how Endou rallies the Inazuma Eleven Team’s other players to his cause!

1. Whistle

Shou, a die-hard football fan, was relegated to the sidelines throughout his academic career. In the end, he was able to play football again after transferring to a new high school. Shou’s playing skills are increasing thanks to his tenacity and concentration. He is now just one step away from achieving his goal of playing professional soccer.

If you ask me, this is a heartwarming and motivational sports anime.

This is the end of our Top 10 Anime about Football list today. I’m glad you found it interesting.