10 Best Giant Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Giant Anime Characters

Beware of what you see in the mirror. If a book’s cover looks bad, don’t read it. However, it may be necessary to flee from the enormous creature at times.

The fact that a character is enormous does not imply that they are violent, nasty, or mean. It is common to use the term “gentle giant” when referring to characters who appear intimidating, yet are truly kindhearted. Big may be frightening, of course.

It’s not uncommon to see giants in anime who employ intimidation and towering height to get the upper hand on their opponents. Because of their size and intelligence, some huge villains are nearly impossible to destroy. Because of their savage and bestial character, other non-gentle giants are just hazardous.

1. The Gleam Eyes Managed To Cause Some Casualties (Sword Art Online)

Gleam Eyes (Sword Art Online)

In Sword Art Online, the Gleam Eyes was the final boss on Floor 74. With horns and massive muscles, the enormous beast towered over his rivals. He had a massive sword and was capable of ejecting a powerful stream of energy from its point. Players were unable to teleport away fromGleam Eyes, as if he wasn’t a significant enough threat. When it came time to strike back and reclaim their freedom from him, the players had no choice. Some of the players were killed by Gleam Eyes before Kirito was able to slay the formidable monster.

2. Sloth Was Strong But Dimwitted (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist’s Sloth was a Homunculus. Father created him. As a result, Sloth spent several years building an extensive network of tunnels beneath Amestris.

In spite of Sloth’s lack of intelligence, his enormous strength and stature allowed him to easily defeat virtually any foe. He is extremely agile, but he lacks the mental fortitude to put it to good use. He was able to finish the massive, underground transmutation circle as a result of following directions. He was finally brought to justice at some point.

3. Toga Was Actually A Giant Dog Disguised As A Human (Inuyasha)

Toga (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were the sons of Toga. Toga’s fondness for humans would grow with time, and he would work to defend them. The people of feudal Japan were afraid of Toga since he was also a well-known warrior.

Shapeshifting is just one of many amazing abilities he possesses, along with his trusty swords Tessaiga and Tenseiga. He frequently used his shapeshifting ability to alter his appearance from that of a huge canine to that of a person.

4. The Armored Titan Is Controlled By An Indoctrinated Spy (Attack on Titan)

Reiner Braun’s titan form in Attack on Titan was the Armored Titan. The Armored Titan was able to grow armored plates over its entire body. The Armored Titan is an intelligent Titan, unlike the Pure Titans. Severing a Titan’s spine is the sole known method of killing one. Attacks that land on the Armored Titan’s back are ineffective. A dangerous menace to the people he has been taught to protect, Reiner has been indoctrinated from an early age.

5. Zodd Is A Fearless Swordsman Who Outmatches Those Around Him (Berserk)

Zodd (Berserk)

Zodiac warrior Zodd from the Berserk series is a fierce swordsman who places combat above all else. When he was still a human being, he turned into a gigantic monster. Instead of relishing in the slaughter of the weaker among his comrades, he longs to meet a foe equal to his own might. The issue is that he consistently outperforms those around him. Learning as much as he can about the art of combat has become his life’s work.

6. Gigantomachia Works With The League Of Villains (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia’s Gigantomachia is one of the antagonists. In the League of Villains he is well connected. While Gigantomachia may initially appear to be a friendly individual, he can suddenly change his demeanor and become irate and combative. Speed, strength, and durability are all boosted by his stature. Aside from that, he is devoted to All For One and was formerly his personal bodyguard. The choice of All For One’s successor deeply disapproves Gigantomachia, despite his near-obsession with the show.

7. The Great Ape Form Is Responsible For A Lot Of Destruction (Dragon Ball)

Great Ape Form (Dragon Ball)

As a Saiyan, Goku is born with the ability to turn into a gigantic ape when he is exposed to the moon. The Saiyans’ strength has been boosted by their new form. In order to conquer other planets, the Saiyans used this form. The enormous apes are often shown as savage and out of control. They are formidable warriors even without their ape’s additional strength. In their ape form, both Goku and Gohan appear to be significantly more dangerous than they normally are.

8. Oars Is A Giant, Zombie Monster (One Piece)

Oars the Continent-Puller, a One Piece villain, has been around for ages. His early existence is shrouded in mystery, but he is said to have been a member of a band of malevolent giants. He was reanimated as a zombie at some point after his death and joined Moria’s army.

Oars rose to prominence and a position of authority. He aspires to be the Pirate King because of his friendship with Luffy. The Thriller Bark Arc has him as an enemy.

9. Kurama Caused A Lot Of Death And Destruction To Konoha (Naruto)

Kurama (Naruto)

Kurama, like many of Naruto’s tailed creatures, towers above anyone who comes in contact with him. Kurama’s personality softened over time thanks to Naruto’s efforts. For a long time prior to that, Kurama was feared as a monster. Kurama was able to do a great deal of damage to Konoha on the day of Naruto’s birth. Kurama’s acts were frequently blamed on Naruto by the village. Over the years, Kurama’s vicious temperament has caused a great deal of death and destruction. Many people’s lives were damaged as a result of his existence.

10. Eren Yeager Can Transform Into Different Types Of Towering Titans (Attack on Titan)

The protagonist is Eren Yeager, a character fromAttack on Titan, in this new story. Eren felt outraged after seeing a Titan kill his mother. In an effort to annihilate the Titans, he started working on it. One of Eren’s earliest encounters with Titans saw him morph into an enormous Titan. Erento’s lust for vengeance finally led him to turn on his fellow soldiers, transforming him from hero to monster.