10 Best Movies About Parasites That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Parasites

Creepy alien parasites from The Thing to the Alien series have terrified viewers for decades.

Nothing is off bounds in the world of horror films these days. Gratuitous bloodshed and gore are prevalent, as are monstrous monsters that are downright horrifying. When they’re not ghosts, vampires, or zombies, they tend to be. A new adversary has emerged in recent years, however: alien parasites.

A closer examination reveals that most of the videos, while first drawing laughter from the audience, are actually rather frightening when it comes to what they can do. These alien parasites may infiltrate the globe, and it would be terrifying.

1. Puppet Masters (The Puppet Masters)

The Puppet Masters

Several parasitic aliens are seen in the 1994 film, The Puppet Masters, which depicts another invasion of the planet by aliens. These aliens, known as Puppet Masters, are able to infect the whole human population and force them to carry out their orders.

These slug-like parasites attach themselves on the host’s back in order to take over the body. In this case, they latch on to the host’s neurological system, allowing them to influence the host’s thoughts.. As a result, they are regarded as extremely intelligent creatures. As it turns out, electric current is all it takes to defeat them.

2. The Ripley (The Dreamcatchers)

When Lawrence Kasdan adapted Stephen King’sDreamcatcher for the movie in 2003, he produced one of cinema’s scariest-looking parasites. If you haven’t read the books, the Ripley are the film’s principal adversaries. An enormous threat to the host, parasitoid aliens grow and flee by eating their way through the organs of their prey.

By just coming into contact with the host, the Ripley were able to disseminate their infection. However, if the mold is swallowed, the infection will lead to death. Thank goodness it has a snake-like appearance, making it easy to spot. Despite this, no one wishes to face it.

3. Control Bugs (Starship Troopers 2)

Starship Troopers 2

Starship Troopers’ Arachnids are a race of insectoid monsters who have taken over many planets and are at war with humanity. Ambushes and atrocities were also carried out by them as a result of their calculated approach.

However, when the Control Bugs got involved in the sequel, it appeared that they had learned to adapt. After killing their human victims, these arachnids would seize control of their bodies and use them as a source of energy. Many of the warriors in Hero of Federation are unaware that they are infected until it is too late.

4. The Xenomorphs (Alien Franchise)

The Xenomorphs, as many fans of the Alien franchise are aware, are extremely dangerous and have killed several people. Their superhuman skills and arachnid-like appearance make it extremely difficult for its foes to kill.

It’s hard to think of anything more distressing about this creature than the way it reproduces. One of their progeny will be implanted into the body of a host by a xenomorph if it finds a host. A juvenile Xenomorph would emerge from the host’s chest and suffocate them as soon as they reached the next life stage. Some people have been in agonizing pain since they felt every second of it on multiple occasions.

5. The Blob (The Blob)

The Blob

Despite the fact that The Blob does not have a parasite, the alien organism caused irreparable damage to the human race. A meteorite crash causes the Blob to manifest, and it latches onto the first person it encounters before slowly dissolving them.

As the story proceeds, it becomes apparent that the Blob is gaining in size at an alarming rate. A person would be absorbed by the beast with even the slightest contact. Because of its gelatinous nature, the only method to stop it is to maintain it in the coldest temperatures.

6. Calvin (Life)

An apex predator, this alien entity was just as deadly as any other parasite. Like the Blob, “Calvin” had a high level of intelligence and grew in stature proportionate to the amount of food it ate.

When “Calvin” is implanted into its prey and devours them from the inside, it is perceived as extremely hostile and ferocious. “Calvin” was also thought to have wiped off the whole Martian population and was thought to be impervious to damage. The odds are stacked against humanity if they were to come face-to-face with this entity.

7. The Aliens (The Faculty)

The Faculty

The Faculty, a sci-fi horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez, follows a group of high school instructors who are infiltrated by extraterrestrials. The Alien Queen chose to relocate the entire race to Earth as their planet was on the edge of collapsing.

The Queen’s children would burrow into a person’s brain through their ear to gain control of them. Their memories can be accessed here. Their absorption was not flawless because the constrained person was also discovered to have a severe personality alteration and remarkable regeneration skills. Even so, a stranger wouldn’t be able to see the warning indications.

8. Souls (The Host)

When The Host disclosed that the human species had been taken over by “Souls” in 2013, another alien parasite was introduced. This race was taken over by these extraterrestrial beings because the species thought humans were too violent and dangerous.

Eventually, the “Souls” would be able to remove the host’s memories and memories from the body they had taken control of. Despite this, the “Souls” would have access to the memories of the original host and be able to make use of them for their own ends. The silver rings around the host’s eyes are the only telltale sign that the “Souls” had taken up residence in that body.

9. The Klyntar Symbiote (Venom)


The symbiotes of Venom are some of the most dangerous animals since they can engulf their victims and feed on their adrenaline, even though Eddie Brock is an antihero.

However, there have been situations where the parasite has inhibited the host’s mind to acquire control of their body, even though they usually work together. The cannibalistic nature of the parasite would still make anyone afraid to encounter it on the street.

10. The Thing (The Thing)

Once it mastered the art of assimilation and imitation, the “Thing” was able to threaten the human race with its shape-shifting abilities. Attacking the target and then making a replica of it is how this would work.

It’s also possible for the Thing to dominate its host by wounding them and allowing them full access to their body (which would allow assimilation to occur from within). As the creature is able to absorb a person’s physical appearance, diseases, habits, and even voice, it is a terrifying villain.