10 Anime Characters That Are Aquarius That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Characters That Are Aquarius

Because astrology is rarely the subject of anime, this is understandable. Westerners use the term “astrology,” but the Japanese have their own terminology for what they consider to be a separate field of study. Even though Japanese anime characters have birthdays, their astrological signs aren’t usually correlated with them, therefore we’re going to do it for you.

We’ll be focusing on Aquarius-born characters in this post. All 20 Aquarius characters will be included in this list, which will be arranged alphabetically. We’re going to include characters from a variety of different shows and genres, but they all have one thing in common—their astrological sign.

When are Aquarius Born?

According to the Western calendar, Aquarians are born between January 21 and February 20 of each year. It is common knowledge that those born under the Aquarius horoscope are eccentric and unusual in nature. If they have an uncommon sense of humor or interests, it’s easy to spot their idiosyncrasies. On the other hand, if you get to know an Aquarian, you’ll notice their subtle, unique, and occasionally hilarious quirks right away.

Best Anime Aquarius Characters

All 10 characters from various anime series will be included in the list and are ranked according to their popularity and likeability. We’ll tell you a little bit about each character as we move through the list.

10. Shizuku – Omamori Himari

Shizuku – Omamori Himari

In the form of a tiny girl with short green hair, this Mizuchi (Water Dragon) demon can stretch its serpent tongue. Underwater, she’s able to breathe as well. Most days, Shizuku has a stern expression on her face, and she is virtually always wet. However, when it is time to kill, she loses her stoicism in an instant. Jibashiri clan members murdered her family, and today Shizuku harbors an unresolved resentment.

She threatens Yuuto that she will murder him if he becomes a demon slayer at the river where they first meet. So that she could be certain of this, she begins living with Yuuto and quickly develops feelings for him. She’s able to make out with him in front of others rather often. A descendent of the Jibashiri clan, an extinct demon slayer clan, has brought her rage under control. The word “nano” is a frequent part of her statements.

9. Tetsuya Kuroko – Kuroko no Basket

When he played at Teiko Middle School, he was the sixth member of the Generation of Miracles. First-year student By improving his passes and drawing attention away from himself, he was able to compensate for his lack of dribbling and shooting skills. Because of this, he’s able to slip under the radar and make a timely comeback when the stakes are highest.

Teiko’s squad leader Akashi claims that Kuroko is a “shadow” who serves as a source of light for the team. In other words, he’s saying that he doesn’t play for himself, but rather for another player, whose “light” he’s increasing in value. Aomine was his “light” in the past. When he got to high school, he discovered a second “light” in the person of Kagami.

8. Mayuri Shiina – Steins;Gate

Mayuri Shiina – Steins;Gate

Faris and MayQueen + Nyan2 are Rintaro’s best friends, and she enjoys cosplay. They are made by her and worn by Luka or Kurisu. She greets people by humming the exclamation “tutturu,” and she frequently refers to herself as the “I.”

Okabe has pledged to protect her since the death of her grandmother, who was weird, grumpy, and naturally tranquil. Okabe will go to great lengths to prevent her death, even if it means locking himself in a time loop, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

7. Ren Tsuruga – Skip Beat!

Tsuruga is a household name in Japan at just 20 years old. The agency that Kyoko aspires to join employs him as a member of staff. A gentleman and mature man, his demeanor is impeccable and he knows how to maintain his composure. He always arrives on time and has a polished demeanor. He’s not going to stand for the action scenes to have a second actor.

Love sequences are the one area where he has problems because he has never been in a true relationship. As a result, it is unable to convey any genuine emotion in this context. His inability to eat and his inclination to disguise his unpleasant emotions behind a smile are two of his most distinguishing characteristics. Kyoko has had to deal with this many times before. Ren, on the other hand, is a really stern individual, and he doesn’t like it when we play around with our actions.

If she tells him the truth about why she became a nurse, it makes him start to exude an offensive aura. This urge for revenge, which he knows to be Sh Fuwa’s fault, does not allow him to tolerate that she wastes a single minute of her life on this rather than enjoying her performing.

6. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

For years, Lucy Heartfilia has wanted to be a member of Fairy Tail, which Natsu has made possible for her to do so. Constellationists use magic keys to summon spirits, each one linked to a constellation. Natsu can be frightened by her, despite her shyness.

Even though she came from a well-to-do family, she never got anything out of her guild membership except for headaches. Lucy’s mother died while she was a child. Aquarius and Cancer, the signs of the Zodiac, were passed down to her. She grew up without a family and without any friends. She was devastated by the experience and chose to flee in order to pursue her goal of becoming a Fairy Tail magician.

After returning from a mission with Natsu, Happy, Erza, and Gray, she would often write letters to her mother, who had died, recounting their exploits together. His right hand bears the Fairy Tail insignia, which is pink in color.

5. Rin Tohsaka – Fate/stay night

Shiro’s high school idol, Rin Tsaka, keeps her magic abilities a secret from the rest of the students. As a descendant of a long line of wizard, she could not benefit from her family’s regular training because her father was killed in the previous Grail War. As a result of her efforts to summon a Saber-type Servant, she was paired with Arch.

4. Haruhi Fujioka – Ouran Kokou Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka – Ouran Kokou Host Club

Haruhi is a one-of-a-kind individual. In spite of her boyish hair, she has no interest in fashion and has little regard for her appearance. The fact that her father is a transvestite doesn’t bother her; neither does the fact that she doesn’t care what other people think of her. Moreover, she isn’t even interested in the Host Club.

As a result, she is compelled to join the club as a handyman and later as a host, and throughout the course of the episodes she develops a close friendship with the wealthy members, even though their ostentatious conduct occasionally irritates her. Despite her meager financial resources, she was able to attend the ran academy because of a scholarship she was received for her stellar academic achievements (except in visual arts and sports).

3. Kiki – Kiki’s Delivery Service

At the beginning of the film, Kiki is a thirteen-year-old witch. Traditionally, young witches must move away from home for a year to further their education. Only her ability to soar on a magic broom gives Kiki any control over magic. Consequently, she and the baker Osono set up an air delivery business to satisfy her needs.

By virtue of her politeness, attention, and kindness, Kiki is able to gain a large number of admirers. Kiki grows more confident, self-assured, and emancipated as the novel unfolds, as she is confronted with the difficulties of assimilation.

2. Alice Nakiri – Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Alice Nakiri – Food Wars

She’s Erina’s second cousin. She began studying molecular cuisine in order to defeat Erina, an expert in the field. Because her uncle threw away all the letters she sent to Erina, she never received a response. Her mother is of Scandinavian origin. After defeating the Azami regime, she ascends to the position of Council of 10 No. 6 in the new order of succession.

1. Byakuya Kuchiki – Bleach

He is Rukia’s adopted older brother and captain of the Gotei 13’s sixth division. In his final desire, he adopted his wife’s sister, Hisana, as a member of his noble family. However, he never really expressed his feelings for her. He maintains a serene demeanor that belies his arrogance.

Despite his lack of expression at learning of Rukia’s impending execution, he is distraught and at a loss for what to do next. He is the most well-known captain of the Gotei 13 due to his position as the leader of Soul Society’s largest family, the Kuchikis. He doesn’t even need to mention the formulas for bakudo and hado because he knows them so well. The lieutenant of the 11th division and Ichigo are among those he has an issue with.