20 Best TV Shows Like The Gates That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

TV Shows Like The Gates

1. The Vampire Diaries (2009)

The Vampire Diaries (2009)

One brother is obsessed with the same girl, and she looks eerily like the beautiful but vicious vampire they knew and loved in 1864, which drives the other brother to extreme measures.

2. Sleepy Hollow (2013)

It’s been 250 years since Ichabod Crane was last seen, and he’s been transported back in time to help solve an ancient mystery that goes all the way back to our country’s founding fathers.

3. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (2020)

Penny Dreadful City of Angels (2020)

This saga, set in 1938 Los Angeles, explores an exciting mix of the supernatural and the combustible reality of Mexican-American folklore and social tension, with characters connected to the deity Santa Muerte and others allied with the Devil.

4. Midnight, Texas (2017)

In this place, being normal is a strange experience. No one is who they seem in a small Texas town. Midnight is a mysterious haven for those who are different, from vampires and witches to psychics and hit men. They form a strong and unlikely family as the town members fight off the outside pressures of rowdy biker gangs and suspicious cops, as well as their own dangerous pasts.

5. Chambers (2019)

After becoming obsessed with the mystery surrounding her life-saving donor heart, a young patient begins to exhibit sinister tendencies associated with the deceased.

6. Stranger Things (2016)

Stranger Things (2016)

If an eight-year-old goes missing, the small town investigates to find out what happened. They uncover a terrifying supernatural force, as well as an odd young girl and some secret experiments.

7. Penny Dreadful (2014)

Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and the vampire from Dracula’s novel are among the most dreadful literary characters that lurk in Victorian London’s shadows. Using these classic horror origin stories as inspiration for a new adult drama, Penny Dreadful is a chilling psychological suspense thriller.

8. The Originals (2013)

The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, set in New Orleans, and follows the Mikaelson siblings, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah, who are known as the world’s first vampires. In order to retake New Orleans, Klaus must now assassinate Marcel, his protégé who is now in charge of the city. While the city was being built, Klaus fled after being pursued by his father Mikael. Marcel then took control. Klaus’ ego has propelled him to become the city’s ruler now that he’s returned after a long absence. According to Klaus, “every King needs an heir” accepts the unborn child. For the first time in history, a child has been born to a hybrid couple consisting of a human and werewolf.

9. Legacies (2018)

Legacies (2018)

Among the students at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted are Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, Hope Mikaelson, 17, and Alaric and Josie Saltzman’s twin daughters, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman.

10. Tales from the Crypt (1989)

Horror anthology Tales from the Crypt, also known as Tales from the Crypt on HBO, aired on the premium cable channel HBO from June 10, 1989, to July 19, 1996, with a total of 93 episodes. While the title is based on an EC Comics series, most of its content comes from that comic or four other EC Comics published at the same time as it. The Geffen Film Company and Warner Bros. Television were uncredited in the show’s production, which was overseen by HBO. This series is not to be confused with either the 1972 film of the same name or with Tales from the Darkside, another anthology series with a similar theme.

It was one of the few anthology series to be broadcast on HBO’s premium cable channel without any restrictions from network standards and practices. As a result, HBO allowed the series to contain graphic violence as well as other content that had not appeared in most television series up to that point, such as profanity, gore, nudity and sexual situations. This content could give the series a TV-MA rating by today’s standards. When the show is rebroadcast in syndication or on basic cable, it is edited to remove such material. The show began filming in the United States, but by the end of the run, all of the episodes had been shot in the United Kingdom.

11. Teen Wolf (2011)

When a werewolf bites Scott McCall, a high school student in the town of Beacon Hills, his life changes forever. As a result, he’ll have to get used to juggling his problematic new identity with the normal stresses of being a teenager. Stiles, his best friend, Allison, his love interest from a werewolf hunting family, and Derek, a mysterious werewolf with a dark past, all play crucial roles in his struggle. To keep his family safe while maintaining normal relations with them, he works hard throughout the series.

12. Carnival Row (2019)

Carnival Row (2019)

A police detective investigates a string of horrifying murders targeted at the fairy population in a mystical and dark city full of humans, fairies, and other creatures. Due to circumstances beyond his control, the detective is placed in an impossible position. He now has to find the real killer in order to restore his reputation.

13. Defending Jacob (2020)

When a 14-year-old son is charged with the murder of a classmate, his family’s life is irreparably altered.

14. Powers (2015)

Homicide cases involving “Powers” are investigated by Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, two detectives who specialize in homicide investigations. It’s a story about superheroes who aren’t really heroes that takes place in today’s paparazzi culture. Isn’t all of that authority just another pretext for causing havoc and committing crimes such as murder and endorsement deals?

15. Supernatural (2005)

Supernatural (2005)

Their mother was killed by an evil supernatural force when Sam and Dean Winchester were young boys. That’s why they’ve always been raised by a military man. As a result of what he had taught them, they knew how to deal with the supernatural evil that lurked in the shadows and along the back roads of the United States. They’re now traveling across the country in their 1967 Chevy Impala, fending off whatever supernatural threats they come across.

16. Good Witch (2015)

Dr. Sam Radford and his son are welcomed to town by Cassie Nightingale, Middleton’s favorite enchantress, and her young teenage daughter Grace, who possesses the same special intuition as her mother. New Yorkers Sam and Cassie move next door to the Grey House and are immediately enchanted by the mother-daughter duo who live there, but they discover that they don’t share the same values. To ensure that everyone in Middleton is in for new changes, big surprises and of course a little magic, Cassie uses her signature charm to bring everyone together. The character Cassie, the raven-haired enchantress from Hallmark Channel’s longest-running and highest-rated original movie franchise, is the inspiration for “Good Witch.”

17. Monsterland (2020)

Monsterland (2020)

People who have been broken by their experiences in this fantasy anthology series will be driven to desperate measures in an effort to mend their lives after meeting mermaids, fallen angels, and other strange beasts.

18. Grimm (2011)

Detective Nick Burkhardt of Portland’s Homicide Unit learns that his family is descended from a select group of criminal profilers known as “Grimms,” and his duties as a detective become increasingly at odds with his new duties as a Grimm.

19. Haven (2010)

It’s a small town murder investigation when FBI agent Audrey Parker arrives and soon discovers the many secrets of Haven Maine—which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her own lost past.

20. Gotham (2014)

Gotham (2014)

GOTHAM was the prelude to the advent of the Dark Knight. Commissioner Gordon is well-known in the law enforcement community. He’s a formidable opponent in the criminal underworld, a name that’s practically synonymous with law and order. What is known, however, about Gordon’s life and career as a rookie cop who eventually rose to the position of Police Commissioner? What did it take to get through Gotham City’s many levels of corruption, the birthplace of some of the world’s most infamous villains? And under what conditions did Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, and The Joker come to be?