30 Best Shows Like Ant Farm That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Ant Farm

1. A. N. T. Farm (2011)

A. N. T. Farm (2011)

This show was billed as the one that we’d all been waiting for. China Anne McClain plays Chyna Parks, a musical prodigy accepted into a high school’s Advanced Natural Talent (A.N.T.) program, in her first role on Disney Channel. Despite her young age, she makes friends with the other children in her program and attempts to cope with life as one of the big kids in the neighborhood.

2. Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004)

When you’re stranded in the Amazonian Rainforest, you’ll meet the most unusual people. What happened when a well-to-do dog named Brandy met a giddy rabbit named Mr. Whiskers was exactly what you might expect. They are thrown from a plane and must band together to survive while avoiding being eaten and figuring out how to get back to their destination.

3. Kim Possible (2002)

If you’re having trouble locating her, try calling or beeping her. The Disney Channel smash was one of the few shows to feature a strong heroine as a main character, as well as every gizmo imaginable. Came back as a live-action movie version of Kim Possible to help bring cargo pants back into style.

4. Lizzie McGuire (2001)

Lizzie McGuire (2001)

Everybody wished they could have been a part of Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda’s friendship squad. Every adolescent can identify with the group’s struggles as they navigate high school, including dealing with bullies, growing up, and being popular. In addition, it became one of Disney’s greatest films of all time, leaving everyone wanting more from a series that ended far too soon for the good of everyone. We can only hope that the much-anticipated reboot happens, as it would be wonderful to have it back.

5. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005)

Twins When Zack’s mother gets a job as a lounge singer at the Tipton Hotel, she and her two sons move in together. As they mature, they form strong bonds with the hotel staff and come to rely on them. The Suite Life on Deck, a spin-off where Zack and Cody go to high school on the SS Tipton, ran for only three seasons.

6. The Proud Family (2001)

Iconic moments included everything from the theme song (thanks, Destiny’s Child!) to Oscar repeatedly yelling out “Trudy” throughout the series. Penelope Proud is the star of the show, and the story revolves around her experiences in high school and her relationship with her eccentric family. The show not only tackled important issues, but it was also one of the first to feature a diverse cast.

7. Wizards of Waverly Place (2007)

Wizards of Waverly Place (2007)

There’s more going on than meets the eye, especially with the Russos. Until it is revealed that they are in fact a family of wizards, the Russo brothers and sisters – Alex, Justin, and Max – appear to be normal. It’s imperative that they keep their abilities hidden from the rest of the human population, or they risk losing them forever. At some point in the story, it comes to light that only one of the three Russo children will be able to keep their superpowers when they grow up, which causes friction in the Russo family.

8. Good Luck Charlie (2010)

Teddy Duncan is inspired to record video messages for her future self after the birth of her younger sister. The messages include advice on how to deal with her crazy family as she grows older. Additionally, Teddy must deal with the stress of high school, as well as her other family members who can be a source of conflict for both her and those around her.

9. Recess (1997)

It follows a group of fourth graders as they struggle to make it through the school day while also enjoying their favorite activity: recess. During recess, the students, led by T.J., attempt to have fun while following the rules of King Bob and others higher up the food chain. Miss Finster, who can keep the kids from recess if she wants, and Randall, her pet teacher bully, are also on their list of things to avoid. The show was a huge success, lasting six seasons and spawning four spin-off films.

10. That’s So Raven (2003)

That’s So Raven (2003

She has a precognitive gift, but not everything she sees is as it seems. This Disney Channel classic follows Raven Baxter as she tries to live a normal life despite having visions of events in the future that may or may not come to pass. Despite her best efforts, Raven ends up in a much worse situation than she bargained for and needs to figure out a way out before things get even worse.

11. Even Stevens (2000)

Shia LeBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano first met on the set of Disney’s zaniest show, Even Stevens, before they became Kim Possible and Kim Possible. Shia LeBeouf plays the family’s clown, Louis Stevens (Shia LaBeouf), who occasionally gives them fits but also brings them together for some heartwarming moments. Because of Stevens’ immense popularity, Disney decided to create its own DCOM for the character, which served as the series finale.

12. DuckTales (2017)

After their mother Della vanished, Huey, Dewey, and Louie moved in with their Uncle Donald. As their babysitter is unable to care for them, Donald Duck decides to leave them with his uncle Scrooge McDuck, whom he hasn’t seen in years because he has to attend a job interview. Donald and Scrooge don’t get along because of Scrooge’s involvement in Della’s disappearance. They go on adventures and try to solve the mystery of Della’s disappearance after meeting the boys and their new friend Webby Vanderquack.

13. Phil of the Future (2004)

Phil of the Future (2004)

You and your family are on a normal vacation when all of a sudden you are transported back in time 100 years. According to Phil of the Future, that’s how things turned out for him and his family. The Diffys are stuck in the present day because their time machine has broken down and they can’t get help. They’re trying to blend in until they can get back home. Along the way, they begin to relish their time in the twenty-first century, despite their apprehensions about it.

14. Hannah Montana (2006)

Who doesn’t remember Miley Cyrus from her time on Disney Channel? She is Miley Stewart during the day. However, she transforms into the teen pop star Hannah Montana at night. Miley tries to maintain her superstar status while juggling her personal and professional lives. Her classmates eventually learn the truth and work to keep it a secret from the rest of the school.

15. American Dragon: Jake Long (2005)

Despite the fact that Jake Long is an average New York City teen, he can transform into a dragon thanks to ancestors’ mystical abilities. His grandfather teaches him so that he can become powerful enough to defeat the nefarious Dark Dragon and save the world. Along the way, he learns that his long-time love, Rose, is actually the Huntsgirl, and he sets out to persuade her that not all dragons are evil.

16. Austin & Ally (2011)

Austin & Ally (2011)

In his quest to become the next big thing in music, Austin Moon meets stage fright singer Ally Dawson as she works on a song on her own. He becomes an overnight pop star after accidentally singing her song during a performance. Recognizing his mistake, he joins forces with her to try to break into the music industry, and as they navigate their new lives together, he and Ally begin to fall in love.

17. K.C. Undercover (2015)

After discovering her parents are undercover spies for The Organization, K.C. Cooper goes back to believing she’s just another high school student. When she discovers their secret, they hire her, and she begins her new life as a spy while also trying to be a normal student during the day. After starring with Bella Thorne in Shake It Up, this was Zendaya’s final project with Disney.

18. Star vs. The Forces of Evil (2015)

The Butterfly Kingdom’s heir apparent, Princess Star Butterfly lives in the dimension Mewni. To prepare her for the throne, she’s sent to Earth as an exchange student at the age of 14, where she nearly burns down the family castle with her magical wand. The journey also leads her to meet Marco, who quickly becomes a close friend and partner in her crazy adventures to protect Earth and Mewni. Formerly available only on the digital platform Disney XD, the show was such a success that Disney decided to broadcast it on the cable network Disney Channel.

19. Andi Mack (2017)

Andi Mack (2017)

Andi Mack is one of Disney Channel’s most innovative shows, following Andi as she learns that her older sister is in fact her biological mother. Andi has to deal with her crushes, middle school, and the angst of her friends all at the same time. The show made history by featuring the first openly gay main character on the Disney Channel, as well as by addressing issues like unexpected pregnancies, panic attacks, and learning disorders in its episodes.

20. Gravity Falls (2012)

They are sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer to stay with their great uncle Stan Pines at the Mystery Shack. When Dipper discovers a strange journal in a nearby forest, he realizes that not everything in Gravity Falls is as it seems. After learning more about the town and its residents, the twins will encounter strange creatures and uncover brand-new enigmas. However, the show was a big hit for Disney and continues in a graphic novel series even though it only ran for two seasons due to the creator Alex Hirsh’s desire to give the show a proper ending.

21. Liv and Maddie (2013)

Despite the fact that Liv and Maddie isn’t the first Disney Channel show to feature twins, it is the first to feature identical twin actors! Liv Rooney, a famous Hollywood actress, returns to Wisconsin to be near her awkward, basketball-star twin sister, Maddie, in this instant classic directed by Dove Cameron who expertly captured the night and day personalities of Liv and Maddie. No matter how different they may appear on the surface, the twins are best friends despite their occasional disagreements.

22. Jessie (2011)

Jessie (2011)

Can you blame Disney Channel for deciding that Debby Ryan’s fans needed more of her on the network after her time on Suite Life on Deck ended? Jessie Prescott, like Bailey Pickett in Suite Life on Deck, is a young woman from a small town with big ambitions. As a nanny for the Ross family in their ritzy multimillion-dollar penthouse, Jessie moves to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. However, her new job’s perks don’t stop at her posh digs. Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri Ross become like family to her in her new wards.

23. Bunk’d (2015)

Disney Channel decided to continue the Ross family saga after Jessie ended (*sad face*). Emma, Ravi, and Zuri were sent to Camp Kikiwaka, the summer camp where their parents met, as part of a spin-off of the series. It is a challenging experience that teaches them a lot about themselves while they are there. As you might expect, there are many wild shenanigans involved in the process!

24. Girl Meets World (2014)

A continuation of the ABC classic Boy Meets World follows Riley Matthews, the 13-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews, and her best friend Maya Hart. The show maintains the authenticity of the original series while tackling important issues such as bullying, societal expectations of beauty, and death. Although the show was canceled after three seasons, it remains one of Disney’s finest productions.

25. Phineas and Ferb (2007)

Phineas and Ferb (2007)

One of Disney Channel’s most enduring animated series is obviously deserving of tribute! Stepbrothers Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher spend their summer days creating elaborate and sometimes dangerous projects, which are the subject of the show’s adventures. Every episode has the same structure: Dr. Doofenshmirtz is defeated by Perry the Platypus/secret spy and he is eventually captured. Perry the Platypus/secret spy narrowly escapes capture and the latest “project” of Phineas and Ferb vanishes just moments before their mother gets home to discover their shenanigans. And despite the fact that each episode is nearly identical, they still manage to entertain you!

26. Mighty Med (2013)

Oliver is played by Disney Channel veteran Jake Short, formerly of A.N.T. Farm, in this series about two comic book nerds who become doctors at a superhero hospital called Mighty Med thanks to their extraordinary knowledge of superheroes. This is a Disney XD show, but it’s so good that we couldn’t leave it out.

27. My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2011)

When Disney Channel acquired the rights to air this Canadian treasure, they knew exactly what they were doing. Ethan, a nerdy college freshman with paranormal visions, goes on supernatural adventures in the story. They battle evil in their city with the help of Benny, a spellmaster, and Sarah, a vampire babysitter.

28. Sonny with a Chance (2009)

Sonny with a Chance (2009)

After Demi Lovato’s success in Camp Rock, it’s no surprise that Disney has decided to give her her own show on the network. Demi is Sonny, a young woman from the Midwest who has just won a talent competition and is now living in Los Angeles to pursue a career in television. As she gets used to life in the spotlight, the show follows her on and off screen.

29. Cory in the House (2007)

This was Disney’s first original series spin-off. From That’s so Raven comes Cory, Raven’s younger brother, in Cory in the House. Victor Baxter becomes the new presidential chef after his son Cory Baxter relocates to the White House, where he must adjust to his new life as the president’s personal chef.

30. So Weird (1999)

It’s the X-Files, but with a teen girl lead. The supernatural, mystery, and science fiction genres all come together in this 90s classic. In the days before social media was a thing, follow Fiona as she attempts to solve the mystery of her father’s death by posting her paranormal findings on her blog.