10 Best Movies About Dinosaurs That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have been a part of the cinema industry since the 1910s, and they’ve experienced their fair share of highs and lows.

Since their bones were discovered, dinosaurs have been a source of curiosity for humans. They are adored by both children and adults, making them an ideal subject for a film. Animation and thrillers based on the dinosaurs’ search for humans are among the flicks. Comedy, horror, and drama are all genres that they fall into.

There is both good and bad news for dinosaur movie fans. The good news is that dinosaurs appear in a plethora of flicks. There is some bad news, though, in that not all of them are well-received, particularly those from the pre-digital age.

1. The Valley Of Gwangi (1969) – 6.3

The Valley Of Gwangi (1969)

In terms of the popularity of monster movies at the time, this western fantasy has left a legacy. Some people believe that Jurassic Park duplicated some of the film’s scenes. That’s a compliment coming from someone who saw Jurassic Park and thought the movie was bad.

The plot revolves around a cowboy who plans to sell an Allosaurus to a Mexican circus for a profit. In a place named the Forbidden Valley, it isn’t a fan of becoming a public attraction. Masterful special effects for the late ’60s may be found in this film. Although it doesn’t have the best reviews on IMDb, this film is considered a cult favorite.

2. Dinosaur (2000) Score – 6.5

Dinosaur is one of many dinosaur movies that are animated and geared toward youngsters. It’s about a baby dinosaur who’s being nurtured by lemurs. Following the destruction of their house by a meteorite, they find themselves in a herd of dinosaurs.

This film is a first for the Mouse House. Instead of being sugary, it has a more gritty feel to it in terms of graphics, plot, and characters. There aren’t any show tunes here; just a bunch of dinosaurs slogging it out in a hard environment.

3. The Good Dinosaur (2015) – 6.7

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

This film is widely regarded as a failure, at least in the eyes of Pixar fans. However, that’s a really high bar to clear. The film has garnered numerous honors for its outstanding aesthetics. In addition, it speculates on what life might be like for dinosaurs if they never went extinct.

If you’ve never seen Finding Nemo and Toy Story, you’re missing out. There are also a few fun Easter Eggs hidden throughout.

4. Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009) – 6.9

It’s amazing how much worse the Ice Age series has grown since the first picture was released, but it doesn’t stop them from making more of them. The highest IMDb rating in the series goes to the first picture, which has a 7.5.

While the third film in the Ice Age series does feature dinosaurs, it does not have a terrible score. In fact, it does better than The Good Dinosaur in the box office. When compared to a standalone story, that’s a huge deal for a third installment in a series. You could like this one even if you didn’t like the sequel to Ice Ages.

5. Jurassic World (2015) – 7.0

Jurassic World (2015)

The Jurassic Park series was so popular that it was revived in the form of Jurassic World, a sequel. Jurassic World was a hit with the public, thanks in part to the film’s modern take on dinosaur theme park tourism. There are also some new species of dinosaurs that we get to view.

The film’s biggest flaw is that the writers and directors felt that the tale required a more powerful and terrifying dinosaur than those seen in prior films. As a result, they began inventing brand-new ones from scratch. Many viewers thought the film’s treatment of dinosaurs was over the top, given how dangerous they are in the wild.

6. King Kong (2005) – 7.2

The prehistoric animals in Peter Jackson’s epic have never looked better, thanks to a budget that broke all previous records. Of course, the big gorilla takes center stage rather than a prehistoric reptile. Even so, this film is a must-see for dinosaur aficionados. On Skull Island, dinosaurs abound, and each one stands out thanks to the designers’ decision to include extra characteristics to suggest that these species originated in a remote location.

7. You Are Umasou Dana (2010) – 7.3

You Are Umasou Dana (2010)

This obscure anime film is a real find. Heart, a Tyrannosaurus raised by herbivores, was the star of the show. A meat-eater who runs away and tries to survive on his own after learning the truth about his identity. Ankylosaurus becomes his new pet. For the duration of the film, we are following Heart as he attempts to determine where he truly belongs. The animation is adorable, and the cast as a whole is endearing.

8. The Land Before Time (1988) – 7.4

IMDb gives The Land Before Time a 7.4 out of 10, although many people who saw it as a kid give it a 10. There have been 13 Land Before Time sequels so far, making Ice Age look like it has self-control. However, despite the several sequels, the brilliance of the original picture remains intact.

Even adults will be moved to tears by the film’s poignant scenes, which are interspersed among the abundance of dinosaurs.

9. King Kong (1933) – 7.9

King Kong (1933)

In addition to the 2005 remake, there’s the 1933 original as well. Despite the restricted technology at the time, the film has a higher IMDb rating. This movie serves as a fantastic example of why more expensive special effects don’t automatically equate to a better picture. The dinosaurs in the original King Kong were among the first to appear on the big screen, and as a result, spectators were mesmerized. This may have been the beginning of a lifelong fascination with films featuring prehistoric creatures in general.

10. Jurassic Park (1993) – 8.1

To this day, all subsequent films about dinosaurs are measured against Jurassic Park. In terms of box office receipts, it ranks as one among the all-time greats. It took home three Oscars for technical achievement in 1994, the most notable of which was Best Visual Effects. As a result of its historical importance, the Library of Congress acquired this video in 2018. Not bad for a dinosaur-themed summer blockbuster.