16 Best Motorcycles Movies That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Motorcycles Movies

Since we got our M1 licenses, Dave and I have on motorcycle road trips all throughout Ontario, which we quite enjoyed. I was riding around Lake Superior on my motorcycle when I came upon a list of some of our favorite motorcycle flicks and moments in film.

I had a lot of fantasies about making my own motorbike movie and becoming the star of it. As I rode, I was transported back to the ’60s, with the sound of Born to Be Wild blasting through my helmet speakers.

1. One Week

One Week

Our journey around Lake Superior evokes memories of this wonderful film featuring Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson.

As a result of his cancer diagnosis, Ben Foster decides to take a cross-Canada motorbike trip to reflect on the meaning of life.

Many of the memorials we’ve seen along the way, including the Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay, are on his list of places to stop. We think this is the best motorcycle movie ever made. Amazon is a great place to get a rental.

2. World’s Fastest Indian

Because it’s a Canadian film, we chose One Week over The World’s Fastest Indian for the top honors in this year’s competition. We, on the other hand, recommend renting them both! Stream it on Amazon.com!

As KiwiBurt Munro, Anthony Hopkins plays him. We adore Hopkins’ mellow performance, which tells the story of his long-held ambition to ride his 1920 Indian motorcycle across the American salt flats and test its speed and performance. In our opinion, it’s a remarkable story of perseverance in the face of adversity.

3. Kill Bill Volume 1

Kill Bill Volume 1

On the streets of Tokyo, I saw Uma Thurman stalking Sofie Fatale on her motorcycle while I was riding. It’s hard not to include her classic sequence in her yellow Bruce Lee outfit while talking about the top motorbike movie moments. Check out Amazon for more information.

4. Motorcycle Diaries

Almost a decade ago, this film was a huge hit. Everyone at work was talking about it at the time. This will pique the interest of anyone with a sense of adventure. Medical student Ernesto Guevera had a motorbike ride around South America before he became Che Guevera. In this film, Gael Garcia became a superstar. You may watch it right now.

5. Terminator 2

When I think about motorbike scenes in movies, Arnold always comes to me. Little Edward Furlong tries to outride a new model Terminator on a motocross bike during the chase in Terminator 2

Using a stolen Harley, Arnold saves the day at a biker pub. It’s deja vu all over again, isn’t It’s time for you to lend me your clothes, boots, and motorcycle.” When I think of Arnie, I think of the good old days. Take a look at it!

6. Art of the Steal

Art of the Steal

Although few people have seen this film, it’s a real treat. The film stars Kurt Russell as a motorbike daredevil who has fallen on hard times as a result of his clumsy partners landing him in jail.

After losing a few hundred dollars in a jump accident at a fair, he’s drawn back into the criminal underworld, and the hijinks begin. Isn’t it great that it’s taking place in Niagara Falls, Canada? Tonight, treat yourself to a movie night.

7. Mad Max

Mel Gibson starred in the first Road Warrior film, Mad Max. Retaliation for the murder of his wife, kid and police partner by a motorcycle gang by a cop who also happens to be family man. Leather, mayhem, violence, and of course…motorcycles.

The Road Warrior is the best of the Mad Max trilogy, but this first low-budget installment made in Australia explains why The Road Warrior is what he is in the future films.

8. Easy Rider

Motorcycle road travelling movies have been made, but this is the first one. It’s from the summer of ’69, when everyone was in love. Hopper and Fonda ride their motorcycles through the American Southwest while smuggling cocaine.

Since Hopper prompted the no public admission without a guide rule in the New Orleans Cemetery, I’ll never forget my visit there. Amazon is a great place to get a rental.

9. Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs

Comedy about a gang of guys riding motorcycles around the countryside with John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macey, and Tim Allen.

To bring some action back into their life, these group of suburbanites set out on a cross-country trek to burn down a bike gang’s hideout. Various pranks and misadventures follow. Take a look at it right now!

10. Place Beyond the Pines

The film stars Ryan Gosling and Bradly Cooper, who play Gosling’s kid and Gosling’s estranged father. Bank robbery daredevil who rides his motorcycle as a getaway vehicle for the crime One of the first times we get to witness Bradly Cooper’s acting abilities really take off in this criminal drama. Amazon is a great place to get a rental.

We couldn’t resist adding one more thing…

11. Ghost Rider

Although GhostRider, starring Nicholas Cage, has received a fair amount of criticism, I think it’s a pleasant movie to see on a rainy night. A motorcycle-riding, flame-breathing, demon-worshipping skeleton would be a sight to behold.

If you throw in some blazing horses and a cowboy, it will be a night to remember. To top it all off, Ghost Rider takes place entirely on a motorcycle, so motorcycling fans will have a blast watching it. Amazon is a great place to get a rental.

12. The Wild One

The Wild One

Without Marlon Brando’s Wild One motorcycle, there wouldn’t be a full Motorcycle movie list. If you’re a fan of old movies and Marlon Brando, you’ll like this classic motorcycle flick, even if it’s a little out of date. It’s available to rent here.

13. The Long Way Round

An incredible motorcycle journey around the top of the world is undertaken by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. Both The Long Way Down (when cycling through Africa) and The Long Way Round (while competing in the Mongol Rally) took us on routes that Dave and I have already traveled, so we were drawn to the stories of these two best friends who encountered many of the same challenges and triumphs that we had.

Seeing Ewan McGregor as a normal guy riding a BMW motorcycle is a treat for any fan of the actor. Watch it! The Complete Series of The Long Way Round and the Long Way Down

14. Race to Dakar

Race to Dakar

Charley Boorman chose to go one step farther and compete in the Dakar Rally. I thoroughly liked watching this epic race. This film is more risky and wild than the Long Way Round, therefore there is more at stake.

Races like this one can be hard, and Charley had an accident while one of his teammates was stuck on this one for 16 days. Purchase the complete set of DVDs.

15. On Any Sunday

It is often regarded as the most exciting motorcycle sports film ever made. That vintage Warren Miller ski movie vibe comes through in this Oscar-nominated short film.

Movie starring Steve McQueen and motorcycle racing champs, focusing on the sport. Find out why so many individuals put their lives at risk on racetracks throughout the world in this video. Take a look at the follow-up if you haven’t already A New Story Is Begun Every Sunday.

16. Riding Solo at the Top of the World

Riding Solo at the Top of the World

In this film, you’ll see motorcycles and travel. GauravJani is a Mumbai resident who rides solo from the city to the Himalayas. Through his interactions with the locals and stunning landscapes of India, the cultural experience takes viewers on an unforgettable journey.

As a one-man show, it evokes memories of Survivorman. He accomplished something genuinely remarkable.