20 Best TV Shows Like The Borgias That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

TV Shows Like The Borgias

1. The Kennedys (2011)

The Kennedys (2011)

Canadian-American miniseries The Kennedys won an Emmy for its portrayal of the life and times of the Kennedys, which included both triumphs and tragedies. Actors include Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, Barry Pepper, and Tom Wilkinson in the film, which was directed by Jon Cassar, which was released in 2012. ReelzChannel in the United States and History Television in Canada aired the series in April 2011.

2. Brotherhood (2006)

In a city built on loyalty and corruption, an Irish working-class family rules. A rising politician and a hardened criminal are fighting for survival on opposite sides of the law in the Caffee brothers, Tommy and Michael Caffee, respectively. The Caffee family’s ruthless quest for power drives them to lies, betrayal, and infidelity, which threatens to tear them and Providence, RI apart.

3. Borgen (2010)

Borgen (2010)

It is the greatest challenge of Birgitte Nyborg’s life: how to best utilize the newly won seats and how far she is willing to go in order to gain as much influence as possible, as a 40-year-old political leader.

4. The Tudors (2007)

Based on the life of King Henry VIII, The Tudors is a historical-drama series that follows the King’s rise to power as a ruthless monarch and his subsequent fall from grace as the king of England.

5. The New Pope (2020)

John Paul III (Sir John Brannox), an English aristocrat, is installed as Pope Pius XIII’s successor and takes the name of John Paul III. It’s a continuation of “The Young Pope.”

6. The Spanish Princess (2019)

The Spanish Princess (2019)

Catherine of Aragon, Spain’s most beautiful princess, has her sights set on the English throne.

7. Boss (2011)

Farhad Safinia is the creator of the American political drama television series Boss. The mayor of Chicago, Tom Kane, has recently been diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies, a degenerative neurological disorder.

8. Vikings (2013)

Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest warrior of his time, is the focus of Vikings. Ragnar’s band of brothers and his family are depicted in the series as he rises to the throne of the Viking tribes. A fearless warrior, Ragnar also represents the Norse belief in gods and deities. His ancestry is said to be linked to the god of war and warriors, Odin, according to folklore.

9. The White Queen (2013)

The White Queen (2013)

The series tells the story of the women caught up in England’s long-running struggle for the throne during the Wars of the Roses.

10. Game of Thrones (2011)

In the land of Westeros, there are seven noble families vying for power. Frustration leads to a full-scale war between the houses. All the while, a very old evil is resurrecting in the far north. This neglected military order is all that stands between men and the icy horrors that lurk beyond the world of men.

11. Catherine the Great (2019)

During the reign of Catherine the Great, she had an affair with Russian military leader Grigory Potemkin, which helped shape the future of Russian politics.

12. Camelot (2011)

Camelot 2011

The Arthurian legend served as the inspiration for Graham King, Morgan O’Sullivan, and Michael Hirst to create the historical fantasy television series Camelot.

13. Sisi (2009)

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14. World Without End (2012)

World Without End (2012)

When Queen Isabella invades Kingsbridge, it is two hundred years after the completion of Kingsbridge Cathedral. Visionary young woman Caris inspires her people to stand up for their rights and revolt against the most powerful forces of her time, the church and crown.

15. The Kennedys: After Camelot (2017)

With The Kennedys – After Camelot, the Emmy-winning miniseries The Kennedys continues the fascinating story of America’s modern royal family. Based on J. Randy Taraborrelli’s best-selling novel of the same name.

16. Wolf Hall (2015)

Wolf Hall (2015)

Cromwell’s rise to power is depicted in this drama, which is based on the fact-based historical book of the same name. It’s only a matter of time before England goes down in flames in the 1520s. A civil war could ensue if the King dies without a male heir. Having been married for twenty years, Henry VIII wants to divorce his wife and marry Anne Boleyn. Most of Europe, including the Pope, opposes his policies. Thomas Cromwell, a wholly original man, a charmer and a bully, idealist and opportunist, astute in reading people, and implacable in his ambition, enters this impasse. In spite of this, Henry’s temperament is unpredictable: he can be tender one minute and brutal the next. Despite Cromwell’s assistance, what will be the price of his victory?

17. Versailles (2015)

This is the story of a young Louis XIV, from his battles with the fronde to the development of the Sun King, from the beginning. Betrayal and political machinations reveal Versailles in all its glory and ugliness through the eyes of both historical and fictional characters.

18. The Sopranos (1999)

The Sopranos (1999)

Created by David Chase, “The Sopranos” is an American television series. A New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster known as Tony Soprano stars as he tries to balance his family’s needs with the demands of the criminal organization that he leads. Jennifer Melfi, his long-term therapist, frequently draws attention to these issues. For example, Carmela (Tony’s wife) is a prominent character, as is his cousin Christopher Moltisanti (Christopher’s cousin).

19. The Black Donnellys (2007)

Tommy, Jimmy, Kevin, and Sean Donnelly are the Donnelly brothers. In order to protect each other, these four Irish brothers will go to great lengths—including lying, cheating and stealing—to do so. It’s a gritty series that tells the story of the Donnelly brothers’ transition from boys to mobsters, focusing on how their new lifestyle impacts their relationships with family, friends, and lovers.

20. Knightfall (2017)

Knightfall (2017)

Find out more about the Knights Templar, a legendary group of monks who fought in the Crusades.