10 Best Laidback Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Laidback Anime Characters

Despite their laid-back appearance, these characters wield tremendous strength and skill. Here are some anime characters who appear unassuming but are actually quite formidable.

A laidback person is someone who is constantly relaxed and easy to get along with due of their nice and easygoing personality. As a genre, shonen and slice-of-life animes are full of characters who can be described as relaxed.

However, there are many relaxed personalities who are quite strong, but only those closest to them are aware of this. This is a common cliché in anime, as many characters with superpowers suit this description to a tee.

1. Very Few People Know About Saitama’s Inhuman Strength (One Punch Man)


Saitama’s personal life is unknown save from the fact that he enjoys spending time at home playing video games. With the advent of Genos, he was able to find a new companion and companionship in the form of the young cyborg.

Genos and Sonic-O-Speed appear to be the only people who are aware of Saitama’s superhuman punches.

2. Only The Spirit World Warriors Know About Akihito’s Half Youmu Side (Beyond The Boundary)

When it comes to Akihito, the Nase family keeps him under control, which makes it impossible for him to have any friends.

Some of his family and friends are worried about what would happen if his youmu half gained control of his body (which happened a few times in the anime). In order to keep up with the Spirit World Warriors, the Nase siblings, and Mirai Kuriyama, he dedicates all of his free time to them.

3. Before Togame, Nobody Knew What Had Happened To The Yasuri Clan (Katanagatari)

Yasuri (Katanagatari)

Shichika, the new leader of the Yasuri clan, was discovered by Togame, who was the only person who could figure out where the clan was located.

When she saw his martial arts skills, she was in awe of him. That’s why he became her bodyguard so she could finish her mission of acquiring all 12 Deviant Blades without anybody knowing his identity.

4. Senji Was A Deadman Wonderland Legend, But Nobody Had Even Heard Of Him Outside Of Prison (Deadman Wonderland)

In the Deadman Wonderland jail, Senji was the facility’s most popular resident. However, Senji was shown to be an outgoing and friendly guy who didn’t make many friends due to his ruthless nature.

Ganta and Shiro quickly befriended him, and he went so far as to tell Ganta it wasn’t his fault that Senji lost an eye (even though it was).

5. Heine’s Past As A Delinquent Helped Him Easily Overpower 7 Men In An Unexpected Fight (The Royal Tutor)

Heine (The Royal Tutor)

Heine was not someone to be taken lightly, despite the fact that his outward demeanor fooled many. When he battled off a group of thugs armed with knives and firearms, he was able to do so while attempting to protect Prince Kai from any damage.

Because he grew up on the streets with his buddies, fighting was the only thing that kept him and his companions alive in such a difficult environment.

6. Hinami Possesses Two Kagune, Which Is Rare Even Among Ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul)

Heartwarming Hinami is shown to be an anti-violence pacifist who avoids any kind of conflict. This is why Hinami’s twin kagune astonished fans just as much as it did Touka.

Hinami ultimately succumbed to her unstable mental state in the sight of Kureo Mado, the man who killed her mother, by revealing her rinkaku and koukaku kagune. When they saw what they did, Touka and Kureo were both surprised, but the reasons for their horror were dramatically different.

7. Lian Xie’s Sweet Demeanor Successfully Hides A Plethora Of Heavenly Abilities (Heaven’s Official Blessing)

Lian Xie (Heaven’s Official Blessing)

Due to Lian Xie’s friendly, soft-spoken, and bumbling demeanor, the heavenly officials didn’t take him seriously. To make up for the damage he did to celestial officials, he was brought back to Earth to pay for his mistakes.

A normal Chinese man was his disguise on Earth. Lian, on the other hand, had a wide range of heavenly powers, including extraordinary strength, invincibility, and a high tolerance for pain.

8. Akira’s Ability To Create And Control Ice Came As A Shock, Even To Him (Kemono Jihen)

Despite Akira’s natural ability to make friends, he was plagued with self-doubt as a result of his lack of exceptional powers. Frightened by the prospect of going on a mission with Kabane, he activated his cryokinesis ability.

After his brother’s arrival, he was able to manipulate larger volumes of ice because only a small number of people were aware of his abilities.

9. Kofuku’s Ability Actually Makes Her One Of The Most Formidable Divine Opponents (Noragami)

Kofuku (Noragami)

Many individuals were deceived by her placid appearance and demeanor, which led to a false sense of security. The Goddess of Poverty, on the other hand, was renowned even among the gods for her formidable powers.

Even when she threatened Bishamon, the great war goddess, with following or harming Yato, she withdrew her threat.

10. Saiki Is A Psychic Who Hides His Powers (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.)

Saikiever’s only desire was to lead a normal high school life, but he was “cursed” with a never-ending set of powers that prevented him from doing so. Because he wanted to lead a normal life, he decided to keep his powers hidden from the public.

Only his parents, grandparents, and a select group of close friends are aware of his special abilities.