20 Best TV Shows Like Hannah Montana Update 06/2024

TV Shows Like Hannah Montana

1. Stargirl (2020)

Stargirl (2020)

It turns out that her stepfather, Courtney Whitmore’s father, was a superhero’s sidekick in his younger years. She becomes the unlikely inspiration for a new generation of superheroes after “borrowing” the cosmic staff of a long-lost hero.

2. Cruel Summer (2021)

While Kate, a beautiful and popular teenager, is kidnapped, a girl named Jeanette transforms from an awkward outcast to the most popular girl in town and the most vilified person in America in the span of three summers (1993- 1995).

3. Never Have I Ever (2020)

Never Have I Ever (2020)

Friends, family, and feelings aren’t going to help an Indian-American teen transition from pariah to popular after a traumatic year.

4. K.C. Undercover (2015)

A high school math and karate prodigy, K.C. Cooper, discovers that her parents are spies when they ask her to join the Organization, a secret federal agency. K.C. must learn how to keep her new job as a spy hidden from her best friend Marisa, even though she has the latest spy gear at her disposal. They work together as a team: K.C.’s parents, Craig and Kira; her siblings, Ernie and Judy (a humanoid robot); and her younger siblings, Ernie and Judy (a humanoid robot).

5. The Act (2019)

The first season follows Gypsy Blanchard, a young girl who is attempting to break free from the toxic relationship she has with her overprotective mother in order to pursue her dreams.

6. Nancy Drew (2019)

Nancy Drew (2019)

Despite her plans to attend college after high school graduation, young Nancy Drew finds herself drawn into a paranormal murder investigation.

7. Switched at Birth (2011)

The story of two teenage girls who discover that they were accidentally swapped as newborns at the hospital.. Both Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez were born into wealthy families, but Daphne, who lost her hearing due to meningitis as a child, was raised by a single mother in a poor neighborhood. When the two families finally meet, things take a dramatic turn for the better for the sake of the girls.

8. Mary + Jane (2016)

Jordan and Paige, both in their twenties, run a Los Angeles weed delivery service with only other women as employees. The show explores the uncharted territory as Los Angeles emerges from the Green Closet and enters a new era of highs and lows.

9. Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (2015)

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (2015)

The Heathens, a seminal New York City band from the early ’90s, are searching for a new singer to replace Johnny Rock, the band’s ailing frontman. Bad-boy rocker gets another shot at stardom as the songwriter for an up-and-coming singer who is a big fan of his early work.

10. The Politician (2019)

For as long as he can remember, Payton has known that he will one day be president. Getting through high school will be the first hurdle he has to overcome.

11. Nashville (2012)

Juliette Barnes and Rayna Jaymes both face challenges in their personal and professional lives. In addition to the up-and-coming musicians and singers vying for recognition in the music industry, they are surrounded by loved ones and friends who often complicate their already complicated lives. Musicians and songwriters in Nashville are at the epicenter of a storm fueled by their own aspirations. Some people are fueled by their desire to be famous and their creativity. Those who have achieved greatness are doing everything they can to maintain their position at the top of the heap.

12. American Horror Stories (2021)

American Horror Stories (2021)

a horror anthology series that explores myths, legends, and lore of the macabre

13. Austin & Ally (2011)

Ally Dawson, a young songwriter, and Austin Moon, an overnight internet sensation, form a unique relationship in this lighthearted comedy. Ally and Austin are unsure of how to best utilize Austin’s newfound celebrity. On the contrary, Ally is more conservative and self-conscious than Austin, which makes her seem more mature than her years would indicate.

14. Panic (2021)

Panic is the only way out of Carp, Texas, a town that has been forgotten for decades. For the chance to win money that could change their lives, graduating seniors compete in a series of challenges every summer. The stakes have never been higher after the deaths of two players.

15. Teen Wolf (2011)

Teen Wolf (2011)

When a werewolf bites Scott McCall, a high school student in the town of Beacon Hills, his life as he knows it is forever altered. As a result, he’ll have to learn to live with both his new, troubling identity and the pressures of being a teen. Stiles, his best friend; Allison, his love interest who comes from a family of werewolf hunters; and Derek, a mysterious werewolf with a dark past are all crucial to his struggle. To keep his loved ones safe while maintaining normal relationships, he works tirelessly throughout the series.

16. Ravenswood (2013)

Rosewood has been plagued by a curse for centuries. If they don’t get to the bottom of the town’s dark history soon, the five strangers will all be doomed to eternal damnation.

17. Stuck in the Middle (2016)

As the middle child in a large family of seven children, Harley is an engineering prodigy who relies on her creations to get by.

18. Atypical (2017)

Atypical (2017)

When Sam, an autistic 18-year-old who is looking for love and independence, takes a funny but painful journey of self-discovery, his family is upended.

19. The Thundermans (2013)

As a typical suburban family with incredible superpowers, meet the Thundermans. The 14-year-old Thunderman twins, who share a bathroom, school, and annoying little siblings, are at the heart of the story. What is the only difference between them? Sister is a bright student who dreams of becoming a superhero one day, while her twin brother is a savage villain.

20. Finding Carter (2014)

Finding Carter (2014)

When a teen discovers she was abducted as a child, she returns to her biological family and reunites with them.