10 Best TV Shows Like Resident Alien That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

TV Shows Like Resident Alien

Take a look at some of these shows if you enjoy fantasy, crime, or science fiction. As a result, a few of them have received commendable reviews on IMDb.

The genre of crime shows is one of the most engrossing and enjoyable to watch on television.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Everything from historical dramas to paranormal shows to K-dramas to thrillers to fantasy and sci-fi can be found here. Some moviegoers have a guilty pleasure in combining the crime genre with otherworldly elements such as zombies, celestial beings, and even the bizarre.

There are no restrictions on what can be shown on television in this genre. Plot twists and turns that defy logic add intrigue, especially when combined with tales of the unknown or strange happenings in small-town America. Some have stood the test of time and are now considered classics. However, the list of must-see movies and television shows is never-ending.

1. Rugal (2020)

Rugal (2020)

The Netflix Korean drama was based on a well-known webtoon with a large following. The 16-episode webtoon series grew out of the webtoon. It told the story of an elite police officer who was on a mission to take down the city’s most powerful organized crime syndicate.

In some ways, the show resembles Bionic Man. When one of the officers’ colleagues is killed and he is left blind in one eye, he is given the opportunity to join a secret task force. After being endowed with superhuman abilities through the use of biotechnology, he sets out to right the wrongs of his past and clear his name.

2. Stitchers (2015)

It’s not easy to solve a murder. Stitchers, a fictional detective show on Freeform, employed a different method of eavesdropping on suspects’ thoughts. A Stitcher is selected from among the students at the California Institute of Technology. The deceased’s memories have been “stitched” by her into new information and evidence of their murder.

Fans were kept on the edge of their seats the entire time the show was on. Some episodes were meant to be highlights of the show’s storylines, while others were just filler.

3. Life On Mars (2008)

Life On Mars (2008)

Life on Mars has two distinct iterations.

One is the show’s original 2006 British version, which scored an 8.3 on the Nielsen scale. In 2008, the US version aired for the first time. As a science fiction/police procedural, the show has a wide range of genre classifications. Sam Tyler (Jason O’Mara) is hit by a car while on the run from kidnappers, and the story takes off from there.

Surprise! He suddenly finds himself in the year 1970, working as a police officer. He must solve crimes in the present day without the use of modern technology. However, the most pressing question is: Is Sam awake or is he in a coma? Is it possible that something else is at work?

4. Invisible City (2021)

Netflix has created shows that have wowed viewers. Murder and mythical creatures are intertwined in Invisible City, a fantasy series. While looking into a murder, a detective discovers fantasy creatures that have taken up residence among them. The murder reminds him uncannily of the one committed against his wife.

Through his investigation, he discovers new things about himself and a new reality about the world. When he joins forces with his new allies, he discovers that a fugitive evil spirit is responsible for the horrific deaths that have been occurring. The series has been lauded by fans for its unique perspective on fantasy characters and plots.

5. Haven (2010)

Haven (2010)

Haven, a popular SyFy series that debuted in 2010 and ran for five seasons, has been cancelled. The show has been labeled with nearly every genre under the sun, including thriller, crime, fantasy, and sci-fi. Every time a new episode airs, viewers will see a new crime unfold. An FBI Special Agent is dispatched to the town to look into the strange occurrences that keep occurring there.

She discovers along the way that they aren’t what they appear to be, which propels her forward in the world of the fantastic and supernatural. As “The Troubles” worsen, the number of crimes increases. Newcomers to the show will be sucked in and spend hours binge-watching it on Netflix.

6. iZombie (2015)

The CW’s iZombie was a hidden gem that was abruptly axed. Liv Moore’s (Rose Mclver) crime-fighting and zombie-slaying exploits came to an end after only five seasons. The show’s storylines and blend of zombie and crime appealed to viewers. A new take on zombie abilities was also included.

Liv used to be a doctor before an incident on a boat turned her into a zombie. She works at the county morgue as a cover for concealing her new reality. Although she can eat as many brains as she wants, her personality and memories are absorbed as well. She lends a hand to the local detective in solving some horrific crimes thanks to her abilities.

7. Almost Human (2013)

Almost Human (2013)

The year 2048 is depicted in Almost Human. The unstoppable advancement of technology has exacerbated crime, so the future has its drawbacks. A new law mandates the pairing of a police officer with a combat-model-android as part of the job description.

Many people have compared the show’s tone to that of Will Smith’s I, Robot from the 1990 film franchise. When a detective’s partner is killed as a result of an android’s blunder, he develops a strong dislike for them. When he teams up with a decommissioned android who looks almost human, he quickly learns how to overcome his resentment. While they’re still skeptics, they’re able to crack the city’s toughest crimes.

8. Lucifer (2016)

Fans rallied to keep Fox’s Lucifer on the air, and rightfully so. Lucifer Morningstarsin Lucifer was one of many Hell’s rulers depicted on television, but none were quite like him.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) was sick of being portrayed as a stereotypical demon lord. He makes the decision to travel to Earth, where he opens a nightclub and does whatever he likes with it. However, he soon comes into contact with Chloe, a female detective (Lauren Germain). During their time working together, they solve murders while dealing with Lucifer’s complicated family issues and their own tumultuous love stories.

9. Forever (2014)

Forever (2014)

There was only one season of the 2014 show Forever, despite its high ratings. Despite being canceled, the show did something right in the eyes of its audience. Ioan Gruffudd plays immortal medical examiner Dr. Henry Morgan in the fantasy crime drama, which follows his life from start to finish. Now that he’s tired of being immortal, he’s helping the police solve crimes while searching for answers to his own predicament.

 10. Resident Alien (2021)

The main character of the SyFy show is an alien, so the show is classified as science fiction.

While on a mission, Captain Hah Re (Alan Tudyk) crashed his ship on Earth. By killing a local, he becomes one of the community. Local police ask him to help them with an investigation into a possible murder while also keeping an eye out for his ship, in honor of his human counterpart who was a doctor. The R-rated and witty humor, as well as Hah Re’s true mission, will make fans laugh out loud.

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