10 Best Black Rock Shooter Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Black Rock Shooter Anime Characters

Anime’s sources of inspiration are as varied as the medium itself. Both original concepts and manga adaptations make up the majority of the anime’s output. Every so often, an anime will be based on an original idea or source material that deviates from the usual and has a fascinating backstory. That’s how the short eight-episode series Black Rock Shooter came to be, based on a character that was originally imagined as fan art. This character art inspired a song to be written, which led to the design of the Black Rock Shooter character for their music video, which led to an OVA, a video game, a manga adaptation, and finally the anime adaption.

In spite of the limited number of characters, Black Rock Shooter achieves a lot with its cast connections, which play a significant role in how the Otherworld’s other selves have an advantage over one another. The art style of Black Rock Shooter is one of the key reasons why the game became so successful in the first place, thus the game devotes a lot of attention to making it stand out. Because there are so few characters in such a popular anime, the popularity of the core cast speaks volumes about its power dynamics when there is little room for rivalry. The following are the ten most powerful characters in the Black Rock Shooter series.

10. Yuu Koutari

Yuu Koutari

Yuu is a schoolmate of Mato’s who frequently skips class, and he and Yuu have a teasing relationship whenever they are together. However, in the Otherworld, the actual Yuu, who inhabits the body of her counterpart, Strength, is quite the opposite. Since she had to deal with bullying and her family, the real Yuu is a stoic person. Even though it appeared at first that Yuu was unaffected by these difficulties, it was in fact because of their impact that Yuu ended up changing her life with Strength. It was Yuu’s link to Strength, rather than her actual function in the series, which propelled her to the top of this list.

9. Yomi Takanashi

Both the protagonist and antagonist, Yomi is tied to Dead Master, Black Rock Shooter’s adversary in the Otherworld, and Mato’s best friend in this world. Yomi has a tendency to be extremely mature for her age, and she is extremely courteous and reserved. When it comes to making friends, Yomi is apprehensive and appears unwilling to do so. It is because of Yomi’s perception that Mato values Yuu more than she values herself that she becomes embroiled in Black Rock Shooter’s conflict with Yomi.

8. Mato Kuroi

Mato Kuroi

Mato, the protagonist of the series, is an uncomfortable yet naive first-year middle school student who enjoys reading Li’l Bird Li’l Bird Colorful Colors and musing about philosophical issues in the abstract. In addition, she has a secret identity known as Black Rock Shooter, which puts her at odds with her real-life friends. So much happens in a short period of time, and Mato is forced to grow as a result of the difficulties she encounters with friends and the mystery surrounding what’s going on. Her unique personality and strength as a result of building her courage helped her rise to the top of this list.

7. Hooded Figures

The hooded figures, which were made from Black Gold Saw’s watering can, appear intriguing at first. They only appear to be useful to Black Gold Saw when he’s fighting, and they don’t seem to have much else going for them. Arata Kohata’s other self can be seen in one of them because of the deep bond they share with Arata, especially when Black Rock Shooter eliminates it. The mystery of what they can accomplish and what they’re hiding is what makes them popular in the series, despite the fact that they have no personality and are easily destroyed by Black Rock Shooter.

6. Chariot


As a new character and the other self of Kagari Izuriha, Chariot introduces a new dynamic to the OVA ensemble. Chariot is a powerful opponent for Black Rock Shooter thanks to her yellow look (including her eyes) and a spiked crown, as well as her “control” over Dead Master with her sword and shield. Aside from being one of the few other self to truly die, Chariot has undoubtedly earned her place at the top with this new identity.

5. Strength

Strength, Yuu Koutari’s other persona, stands out among the others. In the end, Strength decided to swap bodies with Yuu because he was the kindest and had the most respect for the world around him. It’s also been shown that Strength is capable of manipulating both the Overworld and the weapons required to take on even Insane Black Rock Shooter. With her “strength,” she stands out amid the other characters that stand out.

4. Black Gold Saw

Black Gold Saw

Black Gold Saw, Saya Irino’s other self, exhibits a keen understanding of both the Otherworld and her human counterpart while also coming across as a bit arrogant. In her conflicts, Black Gold Saw exhibits a wide range of formidable talents, the most famous of which being her reality-altering powers and the creation of the hooded figures. A massive golden-bladed sword is her primary weapon of choice in warfare. What makes Black Gold Saw so well-liked is the breadth and depth of her powers, as well as her strong character attributes.

3. Insane Black Rock Shooter

Insane Black Rock Shooter, a more powerful version of Black Rock Shooter, is easily the most powerful character in the show. Unlike Black Rock Shooter, Insane Black Rock Shooter incorporates the color purple into her appearance. Additionally, the Cannon Lance and the Blade Claw are used by Insane Black Rock Shooter, who also shows the capacity to regenerate. When Mato was confronted with Black Rock Shooter after he had just stabbed Death Master, he lost control, culminating in the change into Black Rock Shooter. However, even though Insane Black Rock Shooter makes her final appearance, her fights with Black Gold Saw and Strength demonstrating her might and beauty definitely contribute to her ranking.

2. Dead Master

Dead Master

Dead Master is one of the original characters in the Black Rock Shooter series. Dead Master is no pushover, not with a skeletal army under her command, two gigantic floating skulls, a large scythe, and shackles. However, Dead Master’s friendship with Black Rock Shooter is more essential. Black Rock Shooter transforms into Insane Black Rock Shooter after she stabs Dead Master, effectively killing her in fight. We are fortunate in that the series’ climax is assisted by Dead Master. Dead Master is one of the most popular characters in the series because of his strong personality, history, and talents.

1. Black Rock Shooter

It should come as no surprise that the very first character is ranked at the very top. Black Rock Shooter, Mato Kuroi’s other persona, is best known for battling silently but mercilessly and speaks only when she has anything to say, rather than just saying something. As the polar opposite of Mato, Black Rock Shooter uses her Rock Cannon and Black Blade to mercilessly eliminate some of the “other selves,” all the while striving to do the same to the others she encounters. It is only with the help of Mato that Black Rock Shooter can return to normal after becoming her own worst enemy. Obviously, Black Rock Shooter is one of the most powerful and popular characters in the game.

Final Thoughts

In just eight episodes, Black Rock Shooter does more than several anime manage in multiple seasons. A longer season with the same characters may be one of the greatest. if it were possible. Although an English dub appears to be in the works for Black Rock Shooter, the future of the game is still uncertain.