Top 10 Shows Like Deadman Wonderland Update 07/2024

Shows Like Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is a unique anime series, but if you enjoyed it, there are a few others to check out.

Deadman Wonderland by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou is a suspenseful horror series about a man named Ganta Igarashi who is fighting to prove his innocence. Ganta must also make it out of Deadman Wonderland, a prison-themed battle royale arena where inmates battle it out for their lives.

In a tournament-style setting, Deadman Wonderland has the chilling vibes of other classic horror anime. Kataoka and Kondou created a world that appealed to both shounen and horror fans by incorporating this common shounen trope into a Horror anime. As a result, if you liked this show, here are ten more recommendations:



In Future Diary, Yukiteru Amano, a diary writer, has conversations with Deus Ex Machina and Murmur, two fictional gods. Eventually, he learns that the entities in his diary are real, and he must fight for his life in a battle royal against the other diary holders. However, despite Yukiteru’s assistance from his enigmatic lover, Yuno Gasai, he learns that she has feelings for him.

Future Diary, like Deadman Wonderland, focuses on a man in a death-match tournament. On top of all that, both shows have a lot of bloodshed between the male and female leads.


Shuu Ouma, the protagonist of Guilty Crown, is a young Japanese boy living under the oppressive rule of the GHQ and a rebel group determined to undo the harm they have done. After meeting a wandering female, Shuu discovers a mysterious power within himself and decides to use it in battle.

It’s similar to Deadman Wonderland in that a female protagonist helps the male protagonist remember their past lives, and Guilty Crown does the same thing. Both shows are jam-packed with action and beautifully animated.



Migi, an extraterrestrial being, has taken control of a young boy named Shinichi Izumi’s hand. Shinichi learns from Migi that he is not alone in his desire for human flesh after speaking with him. Shinichi and Migi must work together to stop the Migi’s kind from wiping out all life on Earth.

The protagonist of Parasyte: The Maxim, like the one in Deadman Wonderland, takes on a power he doesn’t want and goes through a life-altering experience as a result. According to IMDb, Parasyte is one of the best horror animes ever made.


It’s about a boy named Kaneki Ken, who narrowly escapes a deadly encounter with Rize Kamishiro in Tokyo Ghoul. While in the hospital recovering, he finds out that his half-human nature has manifested itself in a terrifying new form. Because of this, the anime emphasizes Kaneki’s new profession and the perils it brings with it.

Tokyo Ghoul, like Deadman Wonderland, places its main character in a hostile environment where their only goal is to survive as long as possible.. For die-hard action fans, both series feature a lot of blood and guts. Fans of Deadman Wonderland should check out Tokyo Ghoul, which has received high marks on MyAnimeList for being one of the best horror manga.



Attack on Titan tells the story of Eren Yaeger, a young man out for vengeance against the titans who destroyed his family’s home. Eren embarks on a quest to defeat the titans before they can conquer other nations with the aid of his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert and an elite Titan-slaying unit known as the Survey Corps.

Similarly to Deadman Wonderland, Attack on Titan is rife with gore and violence, and it heavily emphasizes the revenge theme throughout the course of the story. Thus, Attack On Titan’s third season was instrumental in helping the show achieve recognition as one of the best action series on the site.. Attack On Titan


It is based on Ryota Sakumoto’s favorite video game, Btooom!, and follows him as he finds himself on a deserted island, fighting for his life. To get off the island, Ryota joins forces with another player who has the same “don’t kill” morality as him.

Btooomanime !’s adaptation, like that of Deadman Wonderland, was abruptly shelved but the manga was continued. While this is true, many fans still enjoy these shows because of the action, dramatic scenes, and interesting characters.



The story of Takashi Kimuro, a high school student in a zombie-infested world, is told in Highschool of the Dead. Consequently, Takashi and his friends are at the center of the story, with their relationships and goals centered around saving their families while also figuring out why their country ended up the way it did.

When it comes to gore and fan service, Highschool of the Dead follows Deadman Wonderland’s example. Both shows have a typical male protagonist whose life is turned upside down by a tragic occurrence.


A company called Nerv, run by Gendo Ikari, uses enormous machines called Evangelions to stop a supernatural threat in Neon Genesis Evangelion. In addition, Gendo needs to find Evangelion-trained airmen. As a result, Shinji Ikari, Gendo’s son, is forced to assume command of Evangelion Unit-01 in order to protect humanity.

Neo Genesis Evangelion follows a protagonist who is forced to fight against his will in order to save the world from the evils he created as a child. Hardcore fans will be pleased with both series because of the abundance of action-packed scenes.



In another story, a boy named Kouichi Sakakibara is sent to a new school where he meets a girl named Mei Misaki, who is treated as if she doesn’t exist by the other students and teachers. Furthermore, Kouichi learns about the town’s sinister past, which leads to a string of mysterious deaths for him to investigate. It follows Kouichi and his classmates as they struggle to make it in a dangerous town.

Another follows a similar plot to Deadman Wonderland, with a male protagonist meeting and befriending a mysterious female character while also dealing with harsh punishments that are out of their control. character. It’s worth checking out Another if you liked Deadman Wonderland’s attention to these elements.


The story of Sword Art Online revolves around a young man named Kirito, who is chosen to test a massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) featuring magical creatures and weapons. Because of this, the creator decides to lock Kirito and the other players in the game’s world, where they can only leave if they complete all 100 levels. Since Kirito is trying to get home without dying, the series follows him on that quest.

Kirito finds himself in a situation similar to Ganta’s in Deadman Wonderland, where he has to deal with strange creatures and people in order to survive. He makes friends with a mysterious female companion as well.