5 Best Movies Like Safe Haven That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

movies like safe haven

Looking for a film similar to Safe Haven? If that’s the case, you’ll appreciate this article. More than three times its production budget was made in box office revenue with this adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name. Despite the mixed reviews from critics, if you’re a fan of Sparks, you’ll likely enjoy the film.

These films, which you may like, are similar to Safe Haven. Some of these films will have you in tears, so be prepared!

1. The Last Song

The Last Song

Ronnie and Jonah have lived with their mother since their parents divorced. They spend a summer in Tybee Island, Georgia, with their father Steve, who lives in a small beach town. Steve finds it difficult to establish a connection with Ronnie, who ignores him completely.

A handsome music-lover meets her and she soon falls in love with him as well as rediscovers her passion for music. She is reunited with her father through music, and this begins a long and meaningful relationship between them.

2. Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love

As the Borgens’ lives are shaped by various events, their personal narratives are constantly being rewritten. William Borgens, a well-known author, hasn’t written anything new in the three years since his wife filed for divorce.

Trying to raise his two teenage children, Samantha and Rusty, has been a complete and utter disaster for him. Samantha and Rusty are both published authors, but after learning what happened to their parents, they are wary of falling in love. Awakenings are inevitable for everyone, and they happen for a reason.

3. Keith


Natalie is a typical adolescent who has everything she wants: She’s a straight-A student, an All-American athlete, and the editor of the yearbook. Many of her classmates look up to her, but when a mysterious newcomer named Keith enters her life, everything changes. Keith prefers to remain a solitary figure.

He makes an effort to demonstrate to Natalie that life is about more than just getting good grades and being liked by everyone. Natalie is baffled by him and even tries to hide her feelings for him. She had no idea that Keith’s choice of lifestyle had a deeper meaning, one that would affect her in ways she could never have imagined.

4. The Vow

The Vow

Paige and Leo recently tied the knot in Chicago, and they couldn’t be happier. Shortly after their wedding, the couple is involved in a car accident in which Paige sustains a serious head injury and is declared brain dead as a result of the injuries.. She wakes up with no recollection of the events of the previous five years. In fact, she has no idea who her husband Leo is.

When he brings Paige home, she has no idea where she is and decides to stay with her parents instead. Her ex-fiancé re-enters her life after learning of the circumstances. Now Leo has to figure out a way to win back his wife despite the fact that everyone is working against him.

5. Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud

St. Cloud, Charlie, is an extremely bright and talented young man. After receiving a Stanford sailing scholarship, his future appears bright. His younger brother Sam, on the other hand, is killed in a car accident shortly after graduating from high school.

Charlie’s world is turned completely on its head as a result of this. In lieu of using his scholarship, he opts to work in his brother’s graveyard instead. Charlie has a vision of Sam’s phantom self and vows to meet him at the end of every day to play catch. He runs into Tess Carroll, a former classmate, and develops feelings for her right away. Will Charlie be able to keep his promise to Sam now that he has Tess in his life?