9 Best TV Shows Like Bitten That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

TV Shows Like Bitten

1. Grimm


He discovers that he is a direct descendant of the Grimm family, which was killed off in the first film.

They are a group of witches and wizards who battle the supernatural. They are tasked with ensuring that humans and mythical creatures coexist peacefully.

One of his most trusted allies and confidants happens to be a former “Big Bad Wolf.”

2. Lost Girl

In order to sustain herself, Bo eats people’s life force.

For a long time, she had no idea who she was or how to feed herself.

She ran away from the bodies one by one.

When she met Kenzi, a wanderer and thief, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Bo killed the date rape scum bag who had kidnapped Kenzi to save her, and the fae finally caught up with her as a result.

The fae are divided into light and dark sides. Each Fae must choose one of the two factions and stick to their decision.

For the first time in her life, Bo, a fae outsider, vows to live her own life. To the point where I’m forced to live in a state of limbo between the light and dark.

With the help of her loyal but mischievous friends, she accomplishes this. Dyson, Kenzi, and Lauren, a beautiful human scientist, are all close friends of hers.

In addition to solving the mystery of her past, Bo and her friends must deal with other issues that come their way.

3. Being Human

Being Human

A group of young adults in their twenties, Mitchell, George, and Annie, live together in a Bristol, England, apartment. They’re not your typical group of 20-somethings, though. Among them are a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost,

4. Hemlock Grove

The small Pennsylvania town of Hemlock Grove is rocked by the murder of a teenage girl. The darkest evils lurk in plain sight in this small town where secrets are a way of life.

Is there only one killer monster hiding in the shadows, or will there be a swarm?

5. Killjoys


An oppressive corporation known only as The Company rules over a solar system that includes a trio of bounty hunters. There is a class structure in the Company, and it wields power over the system with an iron fist.

R.A.C., an independent interplanetary organization of assassins and retrieval experts, employs the bounty hunter trio.

“Killjoys” or “reclamation agents” are the terms used to describe those employed by R.A.C. “The Warrant is all” is the only rule that Killjoys adhere to. The R.A.C. issues warrants that allow Killjoys to carry out missions.

Their own bloody pasts are beginning to catch up to them as a whole system is on the verge of revolution against The Company. It’s a daily struggle for the three Killjoys to keep their R.A.C. neutrality in the midst of this chaos.

6. Teen Wolf

When Scott McCall is bitten by a werewolf and transforms into one, his life is forever altered.

Some of the changes, such as increased strength, hearing, and healing, are beneficial.

Being a lycanthrope comes with its own set of challenges and dangers. Other werewolves, as well as other creatures, pose a threat.

There are also werewolf hunters, as if that weren’t enough.

7. The Originals

The Originals

The Original is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries that follows the original vampire family.

As the first vampires and the ancestors of all current vampires, they are known as the first vampires.

8. True Blood

She works at Merlotte’s bar in Bon Temps, an American southern town.

A 173-year-old vampire named Bill Compton introduces her to him one day. The first time she saw him, she was immediately drawn to him.

Vampires have been exposed to the world.

It’s a struggle for them to be accepted as normal people. True Blood, a synthetic blood substitute, is their primary strategy for gaining acceptance.

When Sookie gets involved in the supernatural world, her life becomes a lot more complicated. Sookie, on the other hand, isn’t your average person. She is able to read people’s minds. Vampires are the only thing that keeps me awake. When she first met Bill, she was immediately drawn to him.

Southern Vampire Mysteries is the inspiration for True Blood.

9. Dracula


It’s 19th-century London, and Dracula has arrived. Nicola Tesla’s wireless power is what he wants to bring to Victorian society as an American entrepreneur.

In reality, he has a much darker motive in mind. A secret organization has ruined his life and he wants to get back at them for it.