10 Things Only True Fans Know About Sinbad Characters Update 05/2024

In the Magi anime, Sinbad is a great flirt, but there’s a lot to unpack about his persona as well. Ten interesting facts about him that only die-hard followers are aware of.

Magi: Kingdom of Magic’s Sinbad, king of Sindria, is one of the show’s most charismatic characters. Created Sindria Trading Company as a solution to reduce strife in the world he provides a new way of life. Despite the fact that he isn’t a main character in the series, the character’s strong nature and determination to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals make him a fan favorite.

Every character of genuine importance in the story has to interact with him at some point, which makes him feel like a protagonist as much as the heroes on occasion. Sinbad is known as the “wonder” among Rukh devotees because of the adoration and reverence he receives from his devoted followers.

1. Weak To Alcohol

One of the primary characters, Sinbad, is one of the series’ oldest characters. When Magi begins, he is about 30 years old, which is considered old in anime terms. Moreover, like a lot of elderly characters, he enjoys a good drink. Alcohol is listed as Sinbad’s weakness in the official guidebook of the Magi.

2. Likes All Women

Sinbad has a flair for words despite his less than gentlemanly demeanor. What kind of lady does he prefer? “All Women Are My Type” is his answer in the Perfect Fanbook for Magi.

From Morgiana to Kou’s princess to the princess of Kou, he flirts whenever he has a little bit of wine in him.

3. Dislikes Greasy Foods

In his down time, Sinbad prefers to drink as much as possible, which is why he prefers to eat foods that include alcohol. Aside from seafood, his favorite dish is anything that isn’t too oily. This is a good thing because it shows he’s avoiding at least some foods that aren’t beneficial for him.

4. Doesn’t Like Being Called An Old Man

Being referred to as “uncle” when still in his early twenties irks Sinbad the most. He also dislikes being referred to as a “old man,” and pointing out any white hair on his head is the most likely way to grab his attention.

Due of Sinbad’s age in relation to some of the younger characters on the show, it makes sense that he would be sensitive about his age.

5. Meaning Of His Name

Though Sinbad’s name has many diverse connotations, they all point to him as Sind’s supreme leader. India is believed to be the inspiration for Sindria, which takes its name from the term “Sindh.” This makes logical, since Sinbad’s name translates to “lord of Sindh.” Sinbad the Sailor is, of course, the inspiration for his name.

6. Has Multiple Character Songs

As a multi-talented individual, Sinbad is averse to limiting himself. Because of this, unlike other characters, Sinbad actually has three distinct character songs.

Sail for Triumph, the title of his book, is about his attempts as a sailor to save the planet and make a difference. Glorious Sindria, in which he extols the virtues of his homeland, and Life Goes On round out his three subthemes.

7. First Person To Conquer Multiple Dungeons

The fact that Sinbad has conquered so many different dungeons sets him apart from other adventurers. When he was fourteen, he finally cracked the code to the one that had taken so long for others to figure out. In the days that followed, he went on to capture each of them, eventually reaching the point where he could no longer enter any more dungeons. This is the first time this has happened to any other character.

8. Also Known As…

Daisuke Ono, the Japanese voice actor that lends his voice to Sinbad, has a long and distinguished career. Over the years, he’s played a variety of characters in video games and anime.

For Black Clover, he has played William Vengeance, although he has also appeared in Attack on Titan and Tales of Zestiria the X, among other things. With Daisuke Ono’s Jotaro Kujo, Matthew Mercer has also voiced Trafalgar Law from One Piece, as well as Kanji from Persona 4: The Animation’s Kanji. The English voice actor is Matthew Mercer.

9. Wants Aladdin

One of Sinbad’s main concerns is how he may enlist the aid of Aladdin. He sees Aladdin as a potential partner in his fight against Al-Thamenm. He’s long known, whatever much he wants Aladdin to help his country, that this isn’t going to happen. Despite this, he continues to attempt and persuade Aladdin to join his nation.

10. Master Magoi User

Magoi Manipulation is Sinbad’s particular talent. This is what enables him to counteract the talents of his opponent, but it only lasts for a short period of time. His capacity to use black and white magoi, which no other character in the series has, accounts for a significant portion of his power. These challenges will arise later in the series as a result of this mastery of both magoi forms.