Top 10 Samurai Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Samurai Anime Characters

Everyone loves a good samurai character. Samurai usually have spectacular fighting sequences, or they follow their own particular code—but not all are the same. Some samurai are goody-two-shoes, and others anti-heroes who are just a step away from being villains.

The anime world doesn’t just give viewers with awesome samurai characters, but powerful ones as well. Some of them are just skilled swordsmen, but the limitation of keeping things realistic isn’t always there in an animated environment. There are series that have samurai having extraordinary powers that allow them to destroy dozens or even hundreds of adversaries in a single combat, while some were just physical strength.

10. Manji Is An Immortal Asked To Kill 1,000 Evil Men (Blade Of The Immortal)

Manji (Blade Of The Immortal)

Blade of the Immortal follows a man who was once a simple crook who killed one hundred innocents. Manji was cursed with immortality. The only way he can become mortal again is by killing a thousand evil men, which sets him off on a journey that lasts for several decades.

In that period, Manji just becomes more skillful. However,he’s actually not the most talented warrior in his planet. What makes him dangerous is that he can only be slain by being beheaded. Otherwise, he’ll recover from any injury, which has made him a poorer swordsman over time because he doesn’t have to worry about taking too much damage at one time.

9. Mugen Is An Unpredictable Swordsman Who Can Adapt To Fighting Styles He Sees (Samurai Champloo)

Mugen, the protagonist of Samurai Champloo, is a skilled swordsman who learned to fight on his own. In particular, his capacity to learn from and adapt what he learns from other people’s sword styles benefits him.

As he breaksdances his way across the battlefield, Mugen is difficult to fight since he is so elusive. The person who first taught him how to utilize ki attacks was defeated by him after only using it on him once, but he was able to find out how to use it on his own.

8. Jin Is Capable Of Predicting His Opponent’s Fighting Style And Movements (Samurai Champloo)

Jin (Samurai Champloo)

In Samurai Champloo, Jin is the antithesis of Mugen, the other main character. Jin is the hushed counterpart to Mugen’s booming tones. When Mugen is always looking for a fight, Jin simply wants to serve someone who is deserving. Jin has official training, whereas Mugen has no formal training at all.

Jin trained to perfect a sword style known as Mujushin-Ryu, which aims to make him completely indefensible to opponents by making his movements virtually undetectable.

7. Amidamaru Was A Legendary Samurai Who Felled Several Hundred Soldiers In A Single Battle (Shaman King)

One of the greatest swordsmen of his day, Amidamaru is the ghost that Yoh finds and bonds with. In a single battle, his talents allowed him to slaughter dozens of soldiers.

Harusame, a buddy of his, has designed a weapon that enhances his abilities. Additionally, he is skilled enough to wield two swords at once, and his ultimate demise came as a result of treason rather than defeat. Additionally, he possesses the power to break the swords of other Samurai, which Yoh later learnt from him.

6. Afro Is So Strong He Can Take People Out Unconsciously (Afro Samurai)

Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

Afro is the most sought-after assassin in the land of the Afro Samurai. Those with the coveted Number 1 headband are reputed to be the most powerful swordsmen in the entire universe. There is, however, only one individual who can challenge owner of Number 1 headband, although everyone can challenge owner of Number 2.

For as long as Afro has had the Number 2 headband, he has spent much of his time trying to track down and fight off those who would like to take it away from him. He is a master swordsman who is able to defend himself from other swordsmen without even thinking about it after a while of practice.

5. Demon-Eyes Kyo Was Able To Fell One Thousand Enemies In One Battle (Samurai Deeper Kyo)

Demon-Eyes is the protagonist of Samurai Deeper Kyo. Until the end of the series, Kyo is confined to the body of a man who is only marginally stronger than his own. Mumyou Jinpuu Ryu-style can be used by Kyo since he uses Muramasa’s legendary Tenro, which was made by him.

Seiryu, Suzaku, Genbu, and Byakko are the four ultimate techniques of this sword style, which permits one to remain calm in the face of tremendous difficulty. Over a thousand people have been slain by Kyo’s sword style and unique techniques.

4. Gintoki Has Defeated Everything From Other Legendary Samurai To Aliens (Gintama)

Sakata Gintoki-Gintama

Gintoki is a lot like Kenshin in certain ways. While he was a powerful swordsman during the war, he opted to pursue peace after his side was defeated.

He was such a skilled swordsman that he earned the respect of practically everyone, but by the end of the series, almost no one knows who he is or what he can do. Even though he’s not what most people picture when they think of a samurai, he’s nevertheless managed to battle aliens in Gintama’s more “serious” episodes despite his differences.

3. Kenshin Was The Legendary Assassin Hitokiri Battousai (Rurouni Kenshin)

It isn’t long until Kenshin Himura’s demeanor takes a turn for the worst when he is introduced as a little, quiet, and humble warrior. As a result, viewers find that he is in fact the famed assassin Hitokiri Battousai, who was active during the war. The Hiten Mitsurugi Style master is attempting to lead a peaceful life, but he is capable of things in fight that few, if any, other swordsmen are able to accomplish. He’s one of the strongest characters in the series, and they’ve shown him evading Gatling gunfire before without getting hurt.

2. Goemon’s Blade Could Slice Seemingly Anything (Lupin III)

Goemon (Lupin III)

Goemon Ishikawa, Lupin’s buddy, is one of anime’s most ridiculous samurai. When the character was an assassin, he was the only one who could keep up with him, so he decided to live a simple life and follow Lupin around because he was the only one who could keep up with him. Goemon’s swordsmanship, on the other hand, is up to the plot’s expectations. To yet, everything that has been launched at him has been sliced, from bullets to tank rounds to actual rockets. His skillset seemed to have no bounds.

1. Zoro’s Feats In The One Piece World Place Him At A Superhuman Level (One Piece)

The first of Luffy’s band of Straw Hat Pirates to join him. A Pirate Hunter, Zoro crafts his own style—the Santoryu, which he holds a blade in each hand and one in his teeth. Zoro’s ultimate ambition is to surpass Dracule Mihawk, the all-time greatest swordsman, but he’s continuously on the lam from him. Yet even if he isn’t the best swordsman on this planet, his accomplishments are so impressive that he is ranked above any other Samurai on this or any other planet.