19 Best Movies About New Years Eve That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Movies About New Years Eve

There is a recurring thread in many Hollywood classics: a sense of introspection and self-reflection. Because of this, it’s no surprise that the holiday is featured in so many films. Perhaps this year’s New Year’s resolution mirrors the hero’s journey: a call to action and a vow to change despite the odds. ‘ If you’re more of a romantic comedy fan, your main goal might be to secure a midnight kiss with the one you’ve been eyeing.

The ultimate New Year’s Eve movie is out there, whether you’re picturing your year in a trailer or looking back at your best moments from the previous twelve months. You can find a celebratory movie to watch after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve or a New Year’s Day movie that will help you get over your hangover. With that in mind, grab your champagne (or Pedialyte) and enjoy these New Year’s flicks.

1. The Godfather II (1974)

The Godfather II (1974)

To fit in his newfound muse, Daniel Day-Lewis stars as a celebrated London seamstress who must alter his lifestyle. During the chaos of the morning following a crazy New Year’s Eve party, one of the most beautiful scenes of the film unfolds.

2. Trading Places (1983)

This scene takes place on New Year’s Eve in Cuba and features Al Pacino as Michael Corleone giving Fredo the death kiss and saying to him: “I know it was you, Fredo. ” My heart is broken because of you. “You broke my heart.”

3. Carol

Siblings Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy play brothers who manage a commodities brokerage in Philadelphia and switch the identities of their employees, Louis Winthorpe III (Aykroyd) and Billy Ray Valentine (Murphy). This time around, they have Jamie Lee Curtis on their side. The New Year’s Eve party aboard a train is one of the film’s most important scenes, making it both a great comedy and a holiday film.

4. Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle

This film’s first kiss on December 31st might make it a New Year’s Eve movie, just as Carol’s December meeting of the lovers did. Carol, a film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel Salt, stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as two women in 1950s New York who become entangled in a forbidden love affair. Carol is directed by Carol Morley.

5. About Time

On New Year’s Eve, Sam Baldwin had a terrible conversation with his departed wife, and on Valentine’s Day, he decided to look for a new partner. If you’re looking for a classic rom-com with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, look no further than Empire State Building.

6. The Gold Rush

It’s not hard for Domhnall Gleeson’s Tim Lake to figure out that he has the capacity to time travel and can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t change the course of history when he finds this information at the age of 21. As time goes on, earning the heart of Rachel McAdams’ character, the love of his life, appears to be the least of his concerns.

7. When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

There’s a lot more to The Gold Rush than just Charlie Chaplin getting stood up on New Year’s Eve. The slapstick humor of this classic silent film is great for reflecting on how much has changed in the last century. A New Year’s Eve party would be enhanced greatly by its tranquility.

8. The Apartment (1960)

It’s safe to say that When Harry Met Sally… was the most influential romantic comedy of all time. This is a witty, sassy, and heartwarming movie, and Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal shine as the stars. During a New Year’s Eve party, the New Year’s connection is made.

9. Snowpiercer (2013)

As a young man on the rise, Jack Lemmon is a willing participant in the extramarital affairs of his company’s executives. Shirley MacLaine plays his boss’s mistress in the movie. He finds her at his apartment after an office Christmas party where she had tried to overdose on pills. They begin a connection that is both professional and emotional, and it quickly becomes difficult. Ending on New Year’s Eve, it’s an impressive film (and a Best Picture nominee).

10. The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

One of the best dystopian thrillers in recent years, not simply a terrific New Year’s movie. Forced to live on a train that goes around the world in a perpetual loop, the lower-class carts decide to rise up and overthrow the affluent upperclass, who are toasting to another year of opulence under the leadership of Chris Evans.

11. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

It wasn’t just the high risks that made the ’70s a brilliant era for disaster films, either. This New Year’s Eve thriller starring Gene Hackman about a luxury cruise liner that capsizes is pure excitement.

Bridget Jones, played by Renee Zellweger, keeps a diary of her year-long romantic follies, which are chronicled in this romantic comedy. On New Year’s Eve, the movie begins and finishes, and it’s wonderful.

12. An Affair to Remember (1957)

On New Year’s Eve, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, both engaged to other people, pledge to meet atop the Empire State Building six months from now. Sleepless in Seattle, a reference to the movie, is a good follow-up if you opt to watch this one.

13. Ghostbusters II (1989)

Ghostbusters II (1989)

When Ghostbusters II came out in 1989, moviegoers were excited to see Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston back in action five years later. On New Year’s Eve, a chorus of New Yorkers sing “Auld Lang Syne” in an attempt to ward off an evil ghost that has been tormenting the city for years.

14. Highball (1997)

One of the most prolific filmmakers working today, Noah Baumbach is the brains behind this picture, which follows a group of friends as they meet up for the first time at three distinct events: a Halloween costume party, a birthday celebration, and a New Year’s Eve bash. It’s one of his earliest films, so it’s rough and feels like a low-budget production. The movie, on the other hand, perfectly captures the tempo and lingo of a group of young people having a good time.

15. Ocean’s 11 (1960)

At one point in the 1960s, the Rat Pack could have generated money with a two-hour film showing itself napping. Even though the 2000 remake of Ocean’s 11 is an improvement on the team’s 1964 effort, Robin and the Seven Hoods, the original Ocean’s 11 is still not a fantastic film. If nothing else, this is a delightful movie, with some of the best performers from decades past enjoying themselves—especially when the camera isn’t rolling.

16. Four Rooms (1995)

Four Rooms (1995

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez create four short films about a New Year’s Eve bellhop who visits four separate rooms. Adult fiction by Roald Dahl is a loose influence on the stories.

17. 200 Cigarettes (1999)

A group of folks travels to New York City in 1981 for a New Year’s Eve party in this 1999 comedy. The best element of the movie is the setting: New York in the early ’80s, with an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Paul Rudd, Kate Hudson, Gaby Hoffmann, and Christina Ricci. I think it’s worth the cost of admission.

18. Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! (1986)

Among Charlie Brown’s many worries are an impending book report, an upcoming New Year’s Eve party, and a mysterious redhead. In this 30-minute special, however, nothing goes according to plan for Charlie Brown, unlike in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

19. New Year’s Eve (2011)

New Year's Eve (2011)

Even if it’s not Gary Marshall’s greatest, there’s something special about wrapping up the year with a film that includes a large cast and a positive message.