Is One Piece The Best Anime ? Update 04/2024

Is One Piece The Best Anime

One Piece, by Eiichiro Oda, helped shape the last two decades in a big way. In this section, you’ll find examples of instances when the anime was either the finest or worst of its generation.

Numerous shounen anime programs have had a profound impact on the entire anime industry. For more than two decades and approximately 1000 episodes, One Piece has been the most popular pirate action anime in the world. The anime remains one of the most popular of its kind.

One Piece has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but it isn’t perfect. It’s not a bad idea to take stock of the series now that its length is beginning to terrify viewers. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of five occasions One Piece exceeded expectations and five times it fell short.

1. Best Anime: The Enies Lobby Arc

Best Anime The Enies Lobby Arc

One Piece’s filler arcs get longer and longer as the series progresses. It’s difficult to see the series’ best moments in all the clutter, but the arcs that succeed in the first half of the show are true achievements in and of themselves. The Enies Lobby Arc is the pinnacle of One Piece’s achievements.

There are some of the show’s strongest villains and many unexpected problems for Luffy to deal with in this tight, gripping chapter of the anime. It’s highly durable and establishes the show’s storytelling potential.

2. Fell Short: The Animation In The Series’ Later Half

Fell Short The Animation In The Series’ Later Half

It should go without saying that a good anime series must have a pleasant visual aesthetic in addition to excellent content and interesting characters. The first episode of One Piece, which is produced by Toei Animation, has a pretty pleasing appearance to it.

For reasons that remain unclear, the quality of Toei’s animation begins to deteriorate after it reaches about episode 500. The Dressrosa Arc, for example, is nearly ruined by the terrible animation that slows everything down.

3. Best Anime: Robin’s “I Want To Live” Moment

Best Anime Robin’s “I Want To Live” Moment

Even though Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have made many enemies, one of their most poignant moments is when they deliberately start a conflict between themselves and Robin’s World Government as a show of devotion.

Robin’s fear that Luffy and the rest of the crew will eventually leave her is a heartfelt moment, and the gang’s willingness to sacrifice their reputations for Robin’s sake is exactly what makes One Piece so wonderful. Robin’s heartfelt “I want to live” declaration still brings a tear to my eye.

4. Fell Short: The Rampant Filler

Fell Short The Rampant Filler

In One Piece, filler is becoming a bigger problem than in any other long-running anime series. Filler is a necessary evil if an anime series is to stay true to the manga’s plot. Over ten percent of One Piece’s episodes are filler, which dilutes the good stuff.

Filler episodes during the Davy Back Fight material and Ace content in the Alabasta Arc are particularly awful. In addition to wasting time and sabotaging momentum, this filler also conflicts with the established canon.

5.Best Anime: The Confrontation Between Luffy & Usopp

Best Anime The Confrontation Between Luffy & Usopp

When the Straw Hat Pirates finally come to blows and fall apart in One Piece, the pain of losing friends is felt all the more keenly. After Usopp and Luffy split over their ship, the pirates learned that comrades can also turn against them, and this was the first time they had to deal with it.

It’s difficult for both sides because neither one is technically wrong in the ensuing argument. Painful, but clear, are Usopp’s motives. The rift is a significant setback and a watershed moment in the story.

6. Fell Short: The Repetitive Story Arcs

Fell Short The Repetitive Story Arcs

While it’s not uncommon for long-running anime to repeat themselves, this is becoming a problem in One Piece. When Luffy and his companions arrive on a new and perilous island, they help the royal family and eventually defeat the enemy and make a lot of new friends. This is a tried and true pattern.

Wano Arc’s concept becomes clearer when new characters are introduced on a regular basis. Eventually, it has been done before and no longer inspires you.

7. Best Anime: The Fight Between Luffy & Sanji

Best Anime The Fight Between Luffy & Sanji

Even though it hurts Luffy more than anybody else when the Straw Pirates lose one of their crew members, it teaches him about the pressures of being a leader. Sanji’s exit is one of the most difficult. Sanji returns to his aristocratic roots and leaves Luffy and his crew behind in the epic two-part conflict.

Neither Luffy nor Sanji want to leave, but Luffy’s earnest admission that he needs Sanji to finish his task shows how much it hurts him. As a result of this loss, Luffy is still haunted by the memories of it.

8. Fell Short: The Over-Use Of Devil Fruit

Fell Short The Over-Use Of Devil Fruit

Rotating opponents are an important part of the shounen series’ progression. In One Piece, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are pushed to their boundaries and forced to go further than they ever have before.

It used to be that people like Luffy could use the Devil Fruit to their advantage, but as the series has progressed this mystical fruit has grown more commonplace. The use of Devil Fruit has become commonplace, and even minor foes have been found worthy of the fruit in the past.

9. Best Anime: Going Merry’s Viking Funeral

Best Anime Going Merry’s Viking Funeral

In Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, each member of the crew makes an important contribution to the squad, yet it might be easy to overlook the importance of their vessel.

When the Straw Hats’ first ship, the Going Merry, sank beyond repair, it was a devastating blow. This is the most heartfelt scene in the series, and Merry’s ghost apologizing for not being able to survive longer to Luffy is just devastating.

10. Fell Short: The Loss & Return Of Straw Hat Pirates

Fell Short The Loss & Return Of Straw Hat Pirates

It is Luffy’s relationship with his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, that drives One Piece forward. Despite the importance of family, the team has seen a number of departures throughout the years. Several characters have left the crew, only to return after varying lengths of time. Nami Robin Usopp Chopper Sanji

It is tough for Luffy to get out of these situations, yet they start to feel manipulative once they occur repeatedly and never seem permanent. As more and more people return to Luffy, their tremendous impact has waned.