10 Best Anime Shows Like Inuyasha That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Shows Like Inuyasha

There are a lot of reasons why InuYasha is such a popular anime series among fans: mythological themes, engaging characters and action-packed fight sequences. However, this isn’t the only instance!

Many people enjoy Inuyasha because of the show’s mythological overtones, diverse cast, exciting battles, and intense drama. It served as a gateway drug for some people into the world of anime. The series ended in 2010 with the Final Act season, but there are plenty of other good historical fantasy anime series out there for fans to enjoy. The themes that made Inuyasha so good can be found in a number of other works.

Fans of Inuyasha may be interested in the following ten manga and anime recommendations.

10. Zenki


Zenki, which aired in 1995 before Inuyasha, had 51 episodes in total.

If you liked Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship and personalities, you’ll enjoy this show. Zenki’s protagonists, Chiaki and Zenki, are nearly identical. Chiaki, like Kagome, is the daughter of a shrine keeper. Similarly to Inuyasha, Zenki is obstinate and even hostile at times, and he has the ability to transform into different forms.

9. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

There are two seasons totaling 72 episodes for this anime, which aired in 2010. The story revolves around Nura, a half-human, half-yokai hybrid. During the day, he is human, but at night, he assumes a different form. The story revolves around his conflict with his human and demon selves. Like Inuyasha, he was an outcast because of his half-demon, half-human ancestry.

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan borrows heavily from Japanese mythology, which is why it’s been compared to Inuyasha.

8. Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi, which aired from 1995 to 1996, featured 52 episodes spread across the two seasons. Miaka, the main character, is thrust into feudal China rather than feudal Japan, as was the case with Kagome. In addition, it belongs to the same genre as the first book, which is historical fantasy. However, Miaka’s personality can be compared to that of Sailor Moon’s Usagi. This species isn’t very intelligent and prefers to eat rather than do anything else.

Fushigi Yuugi differs from Inuyasha in that it has unique twists. One of Miaka’s closest friends, for example, joins her in feudal China. Besides that, they aren’t living in the distant past any more. A book contains them.

7. Rurouni Kenshin

Even though this is historical fiction, it is not historical fantasy in the strictest sense of the word. Formerly known as a merciless killer swordsman, Kenshin has evolved into a passive person who no longer desires to harm others. The show takes place in Japan during the Meiji period, which is a transitional period between feudal Japan and modern Japan.

Similarly to the Inuyasha series, there is romance as well as friendship in this one. Even though Kenshin lacks Inuyasha’s personality, he begins the series as a recluse who struggles to make friends until he meets the story’s female lead.

6. Ranma ½

Ranma ½

Because the artist who created Inuyasha also created Ramna 1/2, it had to be included. Anime voice actors from both the English and Japanese versions of Inuyasha were involved. Ranma and Akane, like Inuyasha and Kagome, are in a love-hate relationship.

Instead of being an action-adventure story with elements of romance and comedy, Inuyasha is more like an action-comedy hybrid.

5. The Twelve Kingdoms

This is yet another anime about a high school girl who finds herself in an alternate reality. The Twelve Kingdoms, not feudal Japan, is the setting for this story. the TV show ended in 2003, but the books are still being written

Much like Inuyasha, which draws heavily from Japanese mythology, the story borrows heavily from Chinese mythology. Since the show was so well-liked in Japan, two PlayStation 2 games were created in honor of it.

4. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

This show, like Inuyasha, centers on the romance between a teenage girl and a yokai. However, it’s a kitsune man, not a half-demon (a fox demon, like Shippo from Inuyasha but an adult). The two main characters have a rocky relationship, much like Inuyasha and Kagome did in the manga. Kamisama Kiss is more of a love story than a big-budget fantasy adventure. It does, however, have its share of action sequences. It’s been likened to a cross between Inuyasha and Fruits Basket, according to some people. It has the same blend of comedy and drama as Fruits Basket. So if you like both of those shows, you’ll enjoy this.

A total of about 25 episodes were produced for the show’s first and second seasons, which aired in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

3. The Vision Of Escaflowne

This show’s female protagonist, like Kagome’s, travels to a new world where she learns that she will play an important role. The only difference is that she goes to a place called Gaea instead of feudal Japan when she is in high school. Hitomi and Van are the show’s central characters, and their romance blossoms as the series goes on. They also meet new friends along the way and embark on new adventures.

Not historically based, but with the same amount of action and adventure as Inuyasha, this fantasy anime is still worth watching.

2. Ushio And Tora

Ushio And Tora

A shrinekeeper’s son, Ushio comes from a revered lineage. In the temple basement, he discovers the demon Tora, whom his forefathers slayed and pinned down with a spear. The town is under attack by monsters when he unseals the demon and takes control of it with the spear to help defend others. The plot of Kagome and Inuyasha’s story is almost identical to this.

Tora, like Inuyasha, appears to be completely evil on the surface. As the series progresses, Tora and Ushio grow closer. Like Inuyasha, this show explores Japanese mythology.

1. Tsubasa Chronicle

The Shikon Jewel’s shards must be collected by Inuyasha and his team. Feathers represent Sakura’s memories, and the characters in Tsubasa Chronicles are on a quest to collect them. Even though no one in the group goes to another dimension, the others do.

The team is made up of five members, just like Inuyasha’s (well, one of them is an animal-like creature). Except for the historical element, it’s a lot like Inuyasha in terms of genre mashup.