5 Best Shows Like Yuri On Ice That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Yuri On Ice

This is one of the best sports anime series ever. Many aspects of the anime are striking, such as the realism with which it depicts gay relationships and the meticulous animation used during the ice skating routines. The story revolves around Yuuri, a former ice skater who is trying to get back into the game. Victor Nikiforov, one of the world’s best competitive skaters, is his coach. Is this anime something you enjoyed? If so, here are some suggestions for other shows that explore the same themes and ideas. Below you’ll find our picks for the best anime that are similar to ‘Yuri on Ice. Anime like ‘Yuri on Ice’ is available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

5. No. 6 (2011)

No. 6 (2011)

Although it’s a bit surprising to begin with, the title of this list does not resemble the title of “Yuri on Ice.” One is an ice skating competition with attractive male characters dancing to music, while the other is an anime set in a dystopian future. However, it’s the interplay between the main characters that drew me to this anime in the first place. The romantic tension between the main characters in ‘No. 6’ is quite evident, even if many of you who have already seen the show disagree with me. There is definitely something going on there, even if it isn’t as conclusive as in “Yuri on Ice.” Even if there isn’t an explicit romance between them, their bond is reminiscent of Yuuri and Victor’s.

No. 6 takes place after a devastating war that alters the course of history. There are now six city-states inhabited by the human race. The state of No. 6 is one such example, and Shion is a distinguished citizen of that state. Life is good and peaceful in the city. It’s a utopia, to be honest. Meeting Nezumi, a young man, however, allows Shion to see the darkness that the city is trying to hide or ignore. Nezumi is a fugitive hiding out in a wasteland outside of town, but Shion is kind enough to let him stay with him. As a result, Shion’s family is demoted and forced to move, exposing him to the evil on a much larger scale. He meets up with Nezumi again years later. The two of them decide to embark on an adventure that could reveal even more startling secrets about the metropolis they live in.

4. Free! (2013)

Free! (2013)

If the competitive sports are what drew you to ‘Yuri on Ice,’ then ‘Free!’ might be worth your time as well. Despite its flaws, this anime is a blast to watch thanks to its compelling emotional and competitive content. Do you recall ‘Yuri on Ice’s’ climactic finale, which had you on the edge of your seat? They do occur in ‘Free,’ however, the sport is entirely different from eSports. Instead of synchronized limb movements on melted ice to keep oneself afloat, there will be no ice dancing this time (see, I found a weird way to say swimming).

‘Free!’ is a film about swimming as a competitive sport. This is yet another show with a large cast of mostly male characters. Even though there are subtle hints, this anime doesn’t feature any overt depictions of a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl. Children’s swimming buddies Rin Matsuoka, Makoto Tachibana, Haruka Nanase, and Nagisa Hazuki all share a love of the water. In their elementary school’s swimming relay, they were victorious as a team. After that incident, the friends lost touch because of other commitments in their lives.

Years from now, they have a good chance of restoring things to their previous state. However, Rin doesn’t appear to be a fan of that plan. He’s envious of Haruka and tries to outdo him in the pool to prove it. In addition, he’s a student at an alternative high school. Iwatobi High School has a swimming club that the other three students want to start. As a result, Rei Ryuugazki enters the picture to fill the void left by Rin. Iwatobi High School Swim Club is complete with his addition. He was a former member of the school’s track team.

3. Ballroom e Youkoso (2017)

Ballroom e Youkoso (2017)

If you’re looking for an anime that has the same level of entertainment value and depth as ‘Yuri on Ice,’ then ‘Ballroom e Youkoso’ is a great choice. I just knew I had to include this anime because of the striking similarities between it and Naruto. Both anime feature a male protagonist who is learning a new sport under the guidance of a world-renowned professional. Both of these anime have a lot of dancing and music in them as well. But there’s also a lot of new, unique, and intriguing content to make it stand out in its own right.

This anime’s lead character is Tatara Fujita. Despite his young age, he has been trying to live a responsible lifestyle. Instead of tackling difficult tasks, he stays away from conflict. However, we are all aware that this cannot continue indefinitely. One day, a gang of bullies begin to torment him over a lack of cash. Fortunately, a man named Kaname Sengoku shows up and rescues him. Tatara accepts Kaname’s invitation to his dance studio, where she discovers that the latter is also a dancer. He is deeply moved by the setting, the mood, and Kaname’s commanding presence. When he has the chance to practice with Shizuku Hanaoka, a fellow classmate, he is ecstatic. When he is dancing again, he needs to feel the pressure of having all eyes on him. Tatara is forced to return to the studio as a result of this.

2. Starmyu (2015)

Starmyu (2015)

Look, a show with the same quality and feel as ‘Yuri on Ice’ is difficult to come by. However, if the music and dancing in ‘Yuri on Ice’ piqued your interest, then you should give ‘Starmyu’ a shot. ‘Yuri on Ice’ has a lot of awesome music and some really well-animated dance sequences, but I can’t guarantee it will be as good. Despite the slight boy’s love tension in the air, no conclusions can be drawn at this time. However, while the character designs are vibrant and colorful, the animation appears shaky in spots.

Tooru Nayuki, Kaito Tsukigami and Yuuta Hoshitani make up the main cast of the anime series. They’re all huge fans of live performances and are willing to do anything to see them. Ayanagi Academy is a well-known music school. These young men aspire to study music at the academy’s prestigious conservatory. Ayanagi Academy’s Kaou-kai band performs jazz and world music. Because the people in this group are some of the most talented in the academy, getting into the Star Frame Class is essential if you want to learn from them. The Kaou-kai group’s members instruct this class’s students. It won’t be easy, but they’ve got a lucky break thanks to Kaou-kai member Itsuki Ootori, who spots them.

1. Cheer Danshi!! (2016)

Cheer Danshi!! (2016)

‘Cheers Danshi!!’ tries to explore an interesting concept, and it succeeds admirably. It takes a group of adolescent boys and forces them to learn the art of cheerleading. For an anime like “Yuri on Ice,” male characters competing in music and dance are almost a necessity. Although the premise is intriguing, the anime ultimately falls short of its full potential. Regardless, you should give the show a shot because you never know if you’ll enjoy it.

It’s no secret that the Bandou family owns a Judo dojo where Haruki trains. The problem is that Haruki has decided to stop playing after suffering a shoulder injury. Haruki’s best friend is Kazuma Hashimoto, with whom he trained at the dojo of the university. However, it would appear that Haruki was not the only one to leave the Judo club recently. While Haruki is unsure of what he wants to start doing or what sports he wants to participate in, Kazuma is certain. He’s hoping to start an all-male cheerleading squad for his high school. To be honest, he’ll make an effort to be good at something that’s typically reserved for women. Haruki finally gives in to his friend’s persistent pestering and joins him in forming the Breakers, an all-male cheerleading squad.