10 Best Anime Of The Decade That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Anime Of The Decade

Finally, a definitive list of all time’s greatest Japanese animated films and television shows! At least, that’s what we think. These were head and shoulders above the competition.

Some of the most memorable works of anime have arrived in the last ten years, thanks to the unprecedented growth in the medium during the 2010s. In these ten years, we’ve seen a wide variety of anime, and many will have left a lasting effect.

As a result, these works of animation are now indelibly etched in the collective memory of the anime community for years to come. Ten fantastic anime have come out in the last decade, but we’ve narrowed it down to ten of the best. But this does not mean that the other anime aren’t good in any way at all. This is a selection of the finest anime currently available, as determined by our own personal preferences.

1. Haikyuu!!


This narrative is based on Haruichi Furudate’s manga series Haikyuu!! and follows Hinata, a middle school Volleyball coach who transforms his squad and leads them to a tournament. Kageyama defeats Hinata’s team in the Tournament.

Having his pride injured, Hinata tries to outdo Kageyama on the volleyball court, only to discover that he’s on the same team as him. Haikyuu!! is one of the top anime series of the 2010s because of its riveting tale and spectacular action. Haikyuu!! resurrected the sports shounen genre in the process, solidifying its place as one of the best shows of the decade.

2. One-Punch Man

One Punch Man is a series where heroes and villains are constantly at odds with each other, following the story of Saitama. Even with his superhuman abilities and a world at stake, one of the heroes, Saitama, is on the lookout for a test to see how far he can go.

Besides the action, One Punch Man’s adaptation of Yusuke Murata’s beautiful manga was a smashing success on the internet. As the best work of animation in the 2010s, the first season of the anime helped it secure its place as one of the best anime of the decade

3. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the year’s most recognizable anime, telling the tale of people defending themselves against demonic forces. A mission to restore Tanjiro’s sister, who was transformed into a monster, is the focus of the storyline. As a result, Tanjiro attracts the attention of many others, and the anime continues to be a sensation.

There is no doubt that Demon Slayer made the cut. In my opinion, Ufotable’s anime is the best possible adaptation of Gotoge’s work. It was a no-brainer to include this show because of its varied cast and the quality of the source material.

4. Assassination Classroom

Since their instructor wields so much power, the students in Assassination Classroom are determined to kill him or her in order to save the future of humanity. Unexpectedly, the teacher turns out to be the best person these students would ever meet and an excellent teacher, too.

A boring anime, Assassination Classroom is chock-full of heart-pounding scenes and powerful emotions. Furthermore, each episode is a joy to watch and ensures that every moment is treasured. From the very beginning to the very end, taking part in Assassination Classroom has been a joy.

5. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

One of Kohei Horikoshi’s comic series, My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya, who aspires to be the Number One Hero like his idol, All Might, in this anime version of the manga. However, he faces difficulties. Izuku lacks the ability known as ‘Quirk’, which makes his dream practically unattainable to begin with..

Manga and anime fans alike have fallen in love with My Hero Academia. The narrative is still a hit, and it’s likely to be for some time to come. Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda have praised My Hero Academia as the new face of shonen, and it’s simple to understand why.

6. A Place Further Than The Universe

A Place Further Than The Universe, one of the decade’s most underappreciated anime, tells the narrative of Tamaki, a young woman determined to achieve her ambitions but paralyzed by her fear of going too far. Having the support of her friends, Tamaki sets out on a journey to the edge of the universe.

In spite of its lack of fame, A Place Further Than The Universe is a wonderful piece of work. We can attain our dreams and overcome our challenges together, as depicted in the anime. It emphasizes the value of tenacity and, of course, the importance of family ties in the most extraordinary ways. So much more than that, this anime merits its spot in the top 10 of this year’s animated offerings.

7. March Comes In Like A Lion

March comes in like a lion

In March Comes A Lion, a professional shogi player dealing with the everyday difficulties of life, Rei’s narrative is told. Rei grows as a person day by day, learning more and more about the world around her as she laughs and sobs like everyone else.

March Comes In Like A Lion is a masterpiece, as its description says, because of its extraordinary depiction of human emotions. The anime’s depiction of a child’s terrible existence is so realistic that fans can’t help but identify with it. To put it another way, this is unquestionably a contender for the 10 best anime series from this century.

8. Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss, the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, is on a mission to become a great Hunter and discover his father. His path to become a Hunter begins at an early age, and he is accompanied by many others who have similar ambitions and rock-solid convictions, much like Gon. They embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The 2011 remake of Hunter x Hunter surpasses the 1999 version in many ways. Although Madhouse did a fantastic job with the anime, the story is what propels this series into the top ten. In our opinion, the 1999 version pales in comparison to the newer one.

9. Your Lie In April


Known as a ‘human metronome,’ pianist Arima Kousei’s mind-blowing abilities have earned him the title of genius. The loss of his mother sets him on a difficult path. He eventually loses the ability to hear himself play his piano. Then there’s Miyazono Kaori, a girl with a lot of heart and a lot of willpower. They change their lives permanently in the midst of Kaori ensuring that Arima plays the way he used to,

Your Lie in April is one of the greatest animes of all time, and it’s even better than that. The characters are so unique that you can’t not but fall in love with them, and the plot is full of fantastic symbolism. A good portion of the time, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud, but other times, you’ll be shattered. From the very beginning to the very end, it’s a show.

10. Attack On Titan

In Attack on Titan, the human race is forced to live behind a series of fortified walls in order to avoid being eaten by Titans. Eren’s routine life is shattered one day when the walls around him are breached. For retaliation, Eren and the rest of his comrades enlist in the Survey Corps to help combat the Titans and save others in danger.

Of course Attack on Titan is number one, but that’s no surprise given how far the series has allowed viewers to go with their imaginations. Anime does an excellent job at highlighting the importance of freedom and exploring human emotions. After a while, the story’s lore grows so rich and complex that it’s hard to believe it’s not all made up. It’s impossible to disagree that Attack on Titan merits the number one slot on the list because of its incredible tale.