10 Best Anime Characters With Dreads That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Characters With Dreads

Hairstyles of anime characters are well-known for conveying a character’s unique personality or simply showcasing their sense of fashion. We’ve put up a list of anime characters with dreadlocks, both male and female.

Top 10 Best Anime Characters With Dreads

Female anime character with dreads

1. Canary (Hunter x Hunter)

Canary – HunterXHunter

Canary is a student butler in the Zoldyck household. Forcibly expelled everyone who tries to get past her post will be evicted.

Black female Canary with gray eyes and purple hair collected at the ends. Her hair was dyed red in the 1999 anime adaptation and worn in dreadlocks.

Canary is steadfast in her devotion to the Zoldycks. First impressions were that she was an aggressive guardian who wouldn’t hesitate to use violence against intruders. She’s not as cruel as she appears, however, as Gon points out. Despite her best efforts, her eyes convey a short glimpse of tenderness or concern.

2. Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Izumi Curtis, Sig’s wife and an accomplished alchemist, is also a great martial artist. The pair is in charge of a butcher shop. Izumi consented to take on both Edward and Alphonse Elric as apprentices, despite her preference not to do so.

In her late twenties, Izumi is a tall, slender woman with a trim yet toned frame. She has fair skin and black dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail for styling purposes.

Most of the time, Izumi appears to be proud of her modest and sweet housewife role. To be sure, when agitated or motivated by fear, she is prone to behave violently and cause harm.

She is also a curious and open-minded person who sees and respects the differences in people.

3. Morii (Blade & Soul)

Morii (Blade & Soul)

Morii from Blade & Soul is another anime character with dreadlocks. Her father is the head of Moshiri’s local council. Morii hired Aruka to serve as his bodyguard.

She’s a young woman with crimson dreadlocks in her hair. Eyes and eyebrows are a light brown shade. Her left ear is adorned with a single, simple earring.

4. Lilith Nina (Rave Master)

In the Doryu Ghost Attack squad, Lilith Nina is a member. As a youthful, average-height female, she has a slender but curvaceous shape. Similar to dreadlock anime characters, her hair is coiled into an intricate design.

Posing calmly and sensually, Lilith is a shrewd and resourceful femme fatale. She has the ability to leverage both her physical attractiveness and her ability to speak fluently in order to achieve her organization’s aims.

She has the ability to manipulate others to her advantage through deception and deception. As well as being kind, she can also be mean.

Male anime characters with dreads

5. Cassim (Magi)

Cassim (Magi)

He was Alibaba’s brother-in-law and a longtime friend. The former elevates the latter to the position of Fog Troupe Leader.

It was hard to miss Cassim’s golden eyes and half-ponytail of purple dreads. Average-sized and clothed in baggy clothing were two characteristics of his persona that made him stand out from the crowd. He was spotted wearing the same small hoop earrings as Alibaba.

Cassim can be cruel, but he also enjoys a great time with his friends and shows true concern for them. Slum-living has made him a dishonest person who is wary of the authorities and adept at using words. As a result of his father’s blood, he had always felt unworthy and began to detest his position.

Cassim, on the other hand, suffered from a severe inferiority problem, always comparing himself to Alibaba. As he sees it, Alibaba is the pinnacle of everything he wanted to be in the world.

6. Nils Nielsen (The Gundam)

Nil Nielsen is a dark-skinned anime boy with dreadlocks. During his first appearances, he was primarily concerned with scientific matters. For him, the Gunpla Battle was a way to learn more about Plavsky Particles, not for the sake of excitement. It wasn’t until he faced off against Sei and Reiji that he acquired a passion for Gunpla.

As a means of winning battles tactically, Nils uses Sengoku Astray’s extraordinary construction and tuning, as well as his advanced knowledge and innate talent (probably derived from his martial arts training).

7. Yasuhiro Hagakure (Danganronpa)

Yasuhiro Hagakure (Danganronpa)

Yasuhiro Hagakure, better known as Hiro, is a student at Hope’s Peak Academy and a Killing School Life participant.

The dark-eyed young man has a light brown skin tone and chin bristles. There are large, brown dreadlocks sticking out of the back of his head, which look to be somewhat curved.

There are few people who like Yasuhiro because of his sluggishness, lethargy, timidity, laziness, lack of self-control, and tendency to act selfishly, but he is a happy and laid-back student.

In addition, he makes poor financial decisions and is perpetually saddled with massive debt.

Yasuhiro, for all his flaws, has one redeeming feature. As a child, it is said that he had a profound attachment to his mother.

8. Kenkaya (Akudama Drive)

Akudama Drive’s protagonist, Kenkaya, is known as the Brawler. An Akudama has been condemned to 348 years in prison for the devastation he has caused in his quest to take down a fierce adversary.

He is a black man with long pink dreadlocks that reach his shoulders. He wore a green military coat over a dark pair of slacks and black boot tops.

Kenkaya was a simple and straightforward person. As long as he could take on great adversaries, he was willing to risk his life for power.

As a result, he was referred to as “simple-minded” and a “meathead” repeatedly. As a sign of friendliness, he routinely fist bumped his other classmates.

9. Don Kanonji (Bleach)

Don Kanonji (Bleach)

In addition to anchoring the television show Cazh Soul, Don Kanonji is a popular soul medium. He is a tall, thin man with a mustache and deep-set eyes, but he is unattractive in any way. A colorful attire and numerous hats do not conceal his dreadlocks.

I think Kanonji is a decent guy who sincerely wants to help others. He refuses to leave because his show, which is seen by one in every four people, teaches children about courage.

10. Kaz Kaan (Neo Yokio)

One of the most significant figures in the Neo Yokio series is Kaz Kaan. His purple-pink dreadlocks and purple eyes set him apart from the rest of his family. He has a thin, feminine figure.

When it comes to hurting someone’s feelings, he has no qualms about doing or saying anything he thinks is necessary. Sometimes, the young man is self-absorbed and conceited.

Final Words

Anime characters with dreadlocks are few and far between, compared to those with other hairstyles. But despite this, they have a vast range of looks and personality. As a result of their unique hairdo, they make a lasting impact on anime fans.