10 Best Shows Like Kill La Kill That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Kill La Kill

If you enjoyed Kill La Kill, you’ll love these other great shows!

When it comes to over-the-top action sequences and fanservice, Kill La Kill was created by the same team behind the critically acclaimedTengen Toppa Gurren Lagannand the upcoming 2019 anime film Promare. Since its release, Kill La Kill has amassed a devoted fanbase, inspiring both a manga and a video game adaptation.

Despite some of the anime’s more glaring flaws and issues, some people believe Kill La Kill is special due to its stunning animation in its crazy combat scenes and its hype-boosting soundtrack.

Since there’s no word on whether or not the anime will receive a proper sequel, it’s best to watch other anime that evoke the same levels of excitement that Ryuko Matoi exuded when she fought her way to the top of Honnoji Academy. Anime fans of Kill La Kill, take note: here are 10 shows to watch.

1. Tengen Toppa gurren Lagann (2007)

Tengen Toppa gurren Lagann (2007)

The Tenth Wonder of the World A key and a wartime mecha are discovered by Kamina and Simon, who both live in the underground world of Gurren Lagann. A new female companion joins the two after their discovery, and together they battle unexpected foes and set out to save the surface world and mankind.

As in the case of Kill La Kill’s music

After that, the animation and character designs in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are vibrant and enticing. Both shows have endearing characters who make viewers care about them by the end. Kill La Kill received a lot of flak for being too similar toTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, so fans who are curious about where Ryuko and company got their inspiration from should check out the original.

2. Little Witch Academia (2017)

After being inspired by a well-known witch known as Shiny Chariot, Atsuko Kagari decides to enroll in a magical academy. Despite the fact that some of her classmates dislike Atsuko because she lacks a magical background and outlook, the anime’s central theme revolves around Atsuko’s determination to become a great witch despite all obstacles.

Little Witch Academia was produced by the same studio as Kill La Kill. The anime’s animation style, character design, and comedic intent are all immediately recognizable as such. Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia both deal with the struggles of rising to the top, albeit from different perspectives.

3. FLCL (2000-2018)

FLCL (2000-2018)

FLCL tells the story of Naota Nandaba, an unremarkable adolescent who wishes to live a quiet life after his brother departs to follow his dreams. Sadly, Naota’s wish comes true when he meets a crazy woman on her moped, who hits him and leaves him with a strange-appearing horn on his head. Naota ends up on one of the most bizarre adventures ever depicted in an anime about growing up and chasing one’s dreams as a result.

In the same vein as Kill La Kill, there are numerous action-packed and humorous scenes that will appeal to many viewers. Because the art styles in every single one of the anime are so different, every time you watch it you’re guaranteed to have a new visual treat. Nearly two decades after its debut, FLCL has three seasons, the most recent of which were released in 2018 (FLCL ProgressiveandAlternative).

4. Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt (2010)

With the help of Garterbelt, two angels Panty and Stocking are tasked with eliminating ghosts in order to reclaim Heaven’s doorway. The sleazy anime follows Panty and Stocking on their quest to prove their worth by slaying the hedonistic ghosts that stalk them.

The action and comedy scenes in both anime series are top-notch, and they approach serious subjects with a lighthearted and sincere touch. Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt has plenty of pop culture allusions, raunchy jokes, and scandalous characters.

5. Space Patrol Luluco (2016)

Space Patrol Luluco (2016)

Invasion of the Solar System Lulu lives in an alternate universe where humans and aliens coexist. In Lulu, Lulu is the protagonist. Despite her desire to lead a normal life, her plans are upended when her father accidentally ends his own life using advanced alien technology. Her father’s medical bills have become a financial burden, so she takes a job with the Space Patrol as a temporary employee while she works to pay them off. Galactic shenanigans and mind-bogglingly large action sequences follow, giving Luluco the complete antithesis of a regular existence.

A school-like setting is present in both anime, which is emphasized by the series’ bright art style and animation. There are a lot of heartwarming moments in Space Patrol Luluco, so prepare to be amazed. Also, be on the lookout for theKill La Killcrossover, which features several Studio Trigger anime cameos.

6. Punch Line (2015-2016)

A supernatural cat named Chiranosuke kidnaps a young boy named Yuuta Iridatsu and takes his soul. Yuuta, who has the appearance of a ghost, scours the building where he lives for information. Yuuta discovers that by looking at a woman’s underwear, he can gain immense power. A girl’s underwear is safe from him as long as they’re not the same two times.

Punch Line, like Kill La Kill, has a lot of action and humor, but it also has a lot of fanservice. It’s fun to watch the overarching plot unfold in both anime because of the evil association and the mysterious connections at the center of the mystery.

7. One-Punch Man (2015-2019)

One-Punch Man (2015-2019)

One-Punch Saitama is a superhero in the manga and anime who has trained so well that he can defeat anyone with a single punch. As a result, he’s lost his will to live and enthusiasm for life in general. Saitama joins the Hero Association after meeting a cyborg named Genos who suggests they do so in order to help get Saitama noticed.

One-Punch Man, likeKill La Kill, features stunning animation and a slew of amusing scenes. Because the characters on both shows have unique abilities and personalities, the resulting fights aren’t just lighthearted skirmishes.

8. Highschool Of The Dead (2010)

The story of Takashi Kimuro, a normal high school student who must fight zombies to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic Japan, is told in Highschool of the Dead. Takashi enlists the aid of some former classmates and some brand-new acquaintances to help him discover why Japan descended into chaos and, ultimately, save the people he cares about.

Highschool of the Dead, like Kill La Kill, features intriguing animated sequences and a heavy focus on gore. The humor in Highschool of the Dead is sure to make Ryuko fans smile.

9. Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler (2017)

Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler (2017)

When Jabami Yumeko moves to a new school, Kakegurui stays behind to watch out for her.

Yumeko is a born gambler, and the students have no idea. As a result, the anime follows Yumeko as she attempts to gain control of the student body and defeat Kirari, the student council’s president, in increasingly dangerous gambling games.

The plot of Kakegurui, like that of Kill La Kill, revolves around the female protagonist going head-to-head with the school’s upper-classmen before facing off against the school’s supreme leader. Kill La Kill places a greater emphasis on fanservice than Kakegurui, but both shows have elements of it.

10. Promare (2019)

A mutant race known as the Burnish threatens the world, and Galo Thymos joins a team led by Kray Foresight to keep them at bay. The moment Galo comes face to face with the terrorist organization Mad Burnish and its enigmatic leader, things begin to change for him, leading him to uncover the truth behind the bloody conflict.

The animation and soundtrack for Promare, like that of Kill La Kill, are sure to please a wide range of viewers. In some cases, Studio Trigger will have led viewers to automatically draw connections between the two shows from the get-go.

Kill la Kill

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