9 Best Shows Like Virgin River That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Virgin River

You’re not the only one missing Virgin River. After Netflix’s third season of its romantic comedy, we were left with a lot of unsolved issues. Aside from some recent casting news, we have no idea when or how Season 4 of the program will air, or how many seasons we may expect to see in total. For companionship, you might start a rewatch, or you could select another show that you enjoy to watch while you’re awaiting the results.

An LA midwife and nurse practitioner (Alexandra Breckenridge) packs up her life in favor of a gorgeous but isolated Northern California town after several heartbreaks. Dr. Mullins (Tim Matheson) and Jack (Martin Henderson), a kind (and hunky) local bartender, both hinder Mel’s transition from the past and her new existence.

We’ve put together a list of shows that are similar to Virgin River in order to keep you entertained while you wait for Season 4.

Is there anything else you want to know about? Many of them are available. Also, if you’re looking for even more personalized recommendations based on your favorite television shows, we’ve got those as well.

1. Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias

Those who love Virgin River will want to start with Sherryl Woods’ romantic suspense novels turned Netflix series Sweet Magnolias. She stars as Maddie, a soon-to-divorced mother of three whose husband (Chris Klein) is now seeing the younger lady (Jamie Lynn Spears) he fathered while she was pregnant with their third child. Maddie is raising her children and running a new company with her best friends, Helen (Heather Headley) and Dana Sue (Danielle Panabaker), while she deals with the aftermath in a small community (Brooke Elliott). Maddie’s swoon-worthy romance with her son’s handsome new baseball instructor, a former Major Leaguer, is the actual star of the show (Justin Bruening). It’s available on Netflix

2. This Is Us

This Is Us

Even though Alexandra Breckenridge, the star of Virgin River, plays a recurring part in this tear-jerking family drama, the two programs share a lot of similarities.

The Pearson family is the focus of This Is Us, which follows them through various periods of their lives. Addiction, sorrow, and growing up as a Black child adopted by white parents are all explored in this episode. A box of tissues is absolutely required, although there are a lot of fantastic romance subplots: Breckenridge, the master of romance stories, even has a role in one. Kevin (Justin Hartleychildhood )’s sweetheart turned ex-wife is played by her, and the two have a lot of tender moments together. In the vein of Virgin River, the melodrama is prominent in this one. Allison Picurro On Hulu, [Watch]

3. Outlander


It’s no secret that Starz’s Outlander has a heart-stopping love story and all that comes with it. When Claire Randall and her husband Tobias Menzies go on vacation to Scotland in 1945, she accidentally travels back in time to 1743, where she falls in love with a fierce Highlander called Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). While Claire uses her medical training to help others in need, the real pull of this historical drama is the love between Claire and Jamie, which is a story that will be passed down through time. If you don’t have a subscription to Netflix, Starz, Hulu or Amazon Prime, you can still watch it on these services.

4. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie

In comparison to Virgin River, Hart of Dixie is the funnier and more goofy show. (1) The principal character (Rachel Bilson) is a doctor who (2) relocates to a small town where (3) the local physician has no use for her — and (4) the physician is even played by the same actor (Tim Matheson) in both programs! (1) Just add (5) an attractive bartender (Wilson Bethel) and you’ve got an almost-identical show. Hart of Dixie also has a pet alligator named Burt Reynolds, a slew of zany local festivals, a love triangle including the town lawyer (Scott Porter), and a tangled romance between the main character and a Southern belle (Jamie King). There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy Hart of Dixie and the Alabama village of Bluebell if you enjoy Virgin River. You may watch it on IMDb TV (ad-supported) or Amazon Prime Video (ad-free).

5. Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores

Hallmark Channel’s Chesapeake Shores, like Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias, is based on a series of novels by authorSherryl Woods. To save her younger sister’s inn from being taken over by foreclosure, divorced mother of two Meghan Abby travels to her home town of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland. Trace (Jesse Metcalfe), her first love, who she left behind in New York years ago, is still waiting for her. This is a must-have for enthusiasts of the Virgin River. Streaming on Hallmark Movies Now and Amazon Prime

6. Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

While the show’s romantic undertones initially entice viewers, the medical subplots and Mel’s expertise as a midwife only serve to heighten the emotional stakes. When looking for another show about medicine, we suggest the BBC period piece Call the Midwife, which is not another Grey’s Anatomy rip-off. The long-running series chronicles the day-to-day lives of London midwives in the 1950s and 1960s, and each episode explores a different facet of love in its plots that skilfully integrate discussions of social, cultural, and economic themes. It’s available on Netflix

7. Northern Rescue

Northern Rescue

Northern Rescue, a Canadian family drama about a search and rescue commander who relocates his family from Boston to his small hometown of Turtle Island Bay after the untimely death of his wife, has a small-town feel and a focus on starting again. Despite their desire to calm down and begin anew in a new area, the family soon encounters new difficulties and difficulties grow as secrets are revealed. Is there going to be another season of the show, which premiered in spring 2019? In the meanwhile, Northern Rescue is a nice option for a fast glance. It’s available on Netflix

8. Everwood


As far as I can tell, there’s something universally appealing about doctors moving into tiny towns to start their careers, and Everwood takes its cues from the many shows that have explored this theme. As Andy Brown, a well-known surgeon and absent parent after the death of his wife (Brenda Strong), Treat Williams takes his teenage son Ephram (Gregory Smith) and pre-teen daughter Delia (Vivien Cardone) to Everwood, Colorado, where he hopes to rebuild his life and reestablish a connection to them. Greg Berlanti’s emotional WB series, Everwood, may make you cry, but you’ll enjoy the small town charm, the family drama of the Browns, and, of course, the romantic exploits that come with it all. The following video can be seen on HBO Max:

9. Heartland


If you’re a fan of Virgin River and are searching for a series that you can completely immerse yourself in, Heartland is the show for you. Currently in its 13th season, the Canadian drama follows a young woman named Amy (Amber Marshall) who is gifted with the ability to heal injured horses on her ranch. Amy’s mother’s truck and horse trailer are destroyed in the season premiere by a storm in this touching family drama, as are several of the others on this list. Amy’s elder sister, Lou (Michelle Morgan), returns from the city to help her and their grandfather (Shaun Johnston) with the family’s ranch because of Amy’s injuries. If you’re looking for something to tide you over till the next season, this is it. A fourteenth season has already been ordered.