5 Best Shows Like Counting Cars That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Counting Cars

It seems like there’s a show out there for everyone, and for car buffs, that number can be in the dozens, if not hundreds, on a variety of different channels. Classic cars are the focus of some shows, while fast muscle cars are the focus of others. When it comes to car shows, Counting Cars is a sure bet for fans of the genre or those who simply enjoy documentaries about the restoration process. A large number of programs can do the same thing, so long as you don’t have a particular taste and are open to watching anything that keeps you entertained and perhaps inspired. Although many people may not be car enthusiasts, they appreciate the entertainment value of these shows because of the amazing things these people can accomplish with vehicles that others might dismiss as totaled and unsalvageable. It’s impressive to see an old, rusted-out frame get rebuilt from the ground up, and it’s even more impressive to see how old rigs get brought back to life.

Counting Cars fans will likely enjoy any of the following shows.

5. Fast N’ Loud

Fast N’ Loud

While Gas Monkey Garage is a bit rough around the edges, it is unquestionably professional. Looking at the show, it seems like the kind of thing where guys would go out of their way to buy cars at any price. Since finding the treasures that no one else wants is all about restoring the treasures that people can’t imagine is possible and might even want to have for themselves is fair game on shows such as these, even cars which appear to have been not functioning for years are fair game. Considering what people put into these vehicles and how much they’re willing to pay for them, it’s mind-boggling.

4. Lost in Transmission

Lost in Transmission

For the most part, this non-profit show is like any other in that it focuses on restoring old and damaged automobiles in a unique way. Even if many people believe that shows like this are all the same, everyone has their own unique preferences. They do, in fact, share a common interest: rescuing what others consider to be trash or abandoned causes and bringing them back to their former glory. A lot of the finds may seem like they won’t be worth restoring, and they may require nothing more than a bare frame and some elbow grease, but many of these people will do so with a big grin on their faces.

3. Big Easy Motors

Big Easy Motors

Restorating old cars can be a costly way to make money, and this show is constantly on the lookout for such vehicles and making sure that they can be restored in order to put them up for auction. Storage Wars and other similar shows are like these in that they’re taking a huge risk on something that could pay off or be a huge waste of resources in a way. These guys work hard on their cars, so they’ll almost always get their money back if they can locate the right collector.

2. Chasing Classic Cars

Chasing Classic Cars

Many shows feature an expert car collector who knows how to get the items he wants so that he can buy them and sell them at auction. It’s clear that this show is more about the historical significance that many of these automobiles have, as he’ll go on and on about one vehicle after another, explaining what it’s all about, who made it, etc. It’s like watching a car show with a history lesson thrown in, and to be honest, it’s probably one of the more classical educations you could ever get in the automotive industry, as many other shows only give you tidbits of history and lore while this one goes into great detail about each vehicle’s history.

1. For the Love of Cars

For the Love of Cars

A neat thing about this show is that they used historical information when they were restoring the car so that they could do it justice. For the most part, car shows aren’t all that different, but the name of this one implies just how much work goes into each restoration, so that’s a nice touch. However, the cars, like many others, are sold at auction as soon as they are completed, usually for very high prices.

There are a lot of shows, both old and new, that present a wide range of information that people might be interested in.