9 Best Shows Like Log Horizon That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Log Horizon

Sword Art Online meets ‘Log Horizon,’ and the result is an anime that is easily the second-best thing to happen to the gaming anime genre in recent memory. Most similar anime shows suffer from being cliched and repetitive due to the use of gaming rules. Log Horizon, on the other hand, cleverly applies these gaming rules in such a way that it transforms into a very well-planned show that has been meticulously planned. ‘Log Horizon’ has a unique appeal, especially to fans of MMORPGs like ‘World of Warcraft’. Due to the popularity of “Log Horizon,” if you were disappointed by its conclusion, we’ve put together a list of some similar anime shows just for you. Many of these shows, including Log Horizon, are available on services like Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

9. DanMachi (2015-)

DanMachi (2015-)

There is a well-known fantasy comedy called ‘DanMachi,’ which has elements that are very similar to those of an RPG. In addition to the over-the-top fanservice, this is a typical Ecchi film. Log Horizon-like features include the obvious use of gaming references like gaining experience points, leveling up, and even getting access to magical powers. When compared to other similar shows, this one has a more unique appeal due to its non-Isekai setup.

In it, a young boy named Bell Cranell is saved from certain death by a female swordswoman. A young girl by the name of Ais is a calm and collected opponent who demonstrates great strength and agility when the going gets tough. Bell embarks on a journey with Ais into the city’s dark catacombs, hoping to one day match her strength and worthiness.

8. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (2016)

The fantasy game concept of ‘Hai to Gensou no Grimgar’ is very similar to that of ‘Log Horizon.’ Both shows center on a group of warriors who find themselves in a hostile environment where their only goal is to survive. While the political structure of the new world is explored in greater depth in ‘Log Horizon,’ ‘Hai no Gensou no Grimgar’ instead focuses on the characters’ day-to-day survival. In addition, anyone who has ever played an MMORPG will have a lot in common with both of these games because of their similarities. In them, you’ll find common skills and tactics that appeal to a wide range of gamers. Also, if you liked ‘Log Horizon,’ you’ll enjoy this show.

7. Spice and Wolf (2008)

Spice and Wolf (2008)

In addition to political and economic themes, ‘Spice and Wolf’ takes place in a fantasy world. Aside from that, it features a ton of action and fantasy elements that are reminiscent of ‘Log Horizon’ and ‘Sword Art Online,’ respectively.

While the plot of ‘Spice and Wolf’ revolves around survival, the story takes a romantic turn. It begins with the introduction of Kraft Lawrence, a traveler on the lookout for a reliable source of income. However, on the way, he meets a stunning young lady with wolf-like ears and a tail. When he learns later that she is a harvest goddess named Solo, he realizes that her only goal in life is to return to her own realm. The two characters who set out on a journey through the countryside are profiled in the story that follows. A rollercoaster of emotions takes them on this journey where they learn a lot about love and are ultimately left with heavy hearts full of sadness.

6. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006-2007)

‘Log Horizon’ and ‘Code Geass’ are the only two shows on this list that have anything in common. It’s based on a completely different premise and isn’t even remotely an anime about video games. However, if Akatsuki, the main character from ‘Log Horizon,’ drew your attention, you will adore Lelouch from ‘Code Geass.’ Both of these characters are strategic geniuses and the smartest anime characters ever. The two shows do share some minor fantasy elements aside from that, however.

In the year 2010, the Holy Empire of Britannia has conquered Japan and is in possession of a highly classified weapon. A Britannia student by the name of Lelouch gets caught in the middle of a conflict that involves both British and Japanese rebel forces. Fortunately for him, a mysterious young lady comes to his aid and offers him the “Power of Kings”. This is when he transforms into a powerful mastermind intent on reestablishing peace in his country by waging war against Britannia.

5. Maoyuu Maou Yusha (2013)

Maoyuu Maou Yusha (2013)

“Maoyuu Maou Yusha” and “Log Horizon” were both written by Mamare Touno, the same person who also created both works. Both of their fantasy worlds have a lot in common when it comes to the most basic elements. In fact, the characters in both stories have a lot in common, and the underlying premise is quite cerebral.

A short 12-episode anime series called ‘Maoyuu’ sets the bar high for historical dramas going forward. Fanservice and filler are used sparingly, in favor of a more diverse show with excellent narration and a perfect blend of historical and fantasy references. Some of the characters’ personalities are cliched generic stereotypes, but as with ‘Log Horizon,’ the economic and strategic aspects of a battle frequently surprise you. When an anime series has many obvious flaws, it can still make up for them by creating an interesting world. This is the case with “Maoyuu.” This is the perfect anime for fans of ‘Log Horizon’s’ conceptual values.

4. No Game No Life (2014)

There are many different types of characters in ‘No Game No Life,’ and it has a similar fantasy world feel to ‘Log Horizon.’ Shiro and Sora, the two central characters, are die-hard Otakus. Since they despise reality, most of their free time is spent gaming. In order to save humanity, the siblings must band together and become the last ray of hope for this alternate reality if they are to be magically transported to a gaming world.

3. Accel World (2012)

Accel World (2012)

The main character of ‘Accel World,’ Haruyuki, is fed up with being teased and decides to take refuge in a virtual world. That’s when Haruyuki’s online presence is noticed by Kuroyukihime, who is also a high scorer in the game. Vice President of Student Council, she invites him to her place for a party where they can play an AR game called “Brain Burst” together. When she assures him that the bullying will stop, he reluctantly agrees. To find out who created the game, the two team up and work their way to the top.

‘Accel World,’ like ‘Log Horizon,’ depicts an entire gaming universe in which the protagonists employ similar tactics to achieve their ends. However, ‘Log Horizon’ is more of an Isekai in which the new world is forced on the characters, whereas in ‘Accel World,’ the characters are free to leave whenever they want and are not physically present in the virtual world.

2. Overlord (2015-)

Aged Momonga decides to play his favorite online MMORPG one last time before it is permanently taken off-line. Even though he was disappointed that none of his guildmates showed up, he decided to make the most of the time he had left. That’s when the game’s end time comes around, but to his surprise, he’s still in it. Soon, he discovers that all of the game’s non-player characters (NPCs) have developed sentience and are now able to communicate with him voluntarily. When he decides to explore the world around him in order to gain a better understanding of his bizarre situation, will he be successful?

There are two games where the protagonists are trapped: Overlord and Log Horizon. They must learn to adapt to their new environment and improve it rather than leave. By straying from other typical survival anime, both shows manage to capture the essence of real-life gaming. There’s only one major difference between the two: the main character in ‘Log Horizon’ isn’t utterly obliterated.

1. Sword Art Online (2012-)

Sword Art Online (2012-)

With out ‘Sword Art Online,’ an Isekai list of anime related to gaming would be incomplete. In it, a young boy named Kirito and a few other “lucky” gamers get to experience virtual reality gaming for the first time. However, after experimenting with the new technology, he and the other gamers come to the realization that they weren’t so lucky after all and must now learn to survive in this new virtual world to survive. It’s impossible to log out of this, and anyone who dies in the game will be gone forever. Kirito and his pals face an uphill battle against all the odds if they are to escape.

In many ways, “Log Horizon” and “SOA” are similar. Even though it has reached the pinnacle of popularity, ‘SOA’ is still considered underrated by many. In other words, if you liked ‘Log Horizon,’ the lesser-known anime that introduced the video game Isekai concept, you’ll love ‘SOA.’