Top 6 Shows Like Space Dandy That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Space Dandy

When it comes to sci-fi comedy anime, you can expect a unique blend of elements that will keep you hooked on the screen thanks to a simple plot, amusing gags that will have you laughing and unwinding, and even moments that will make you think. Space Dandy is an excellent example of a sci-fi comedy anime that maintains its comedic quality throughout the story while also including a few heartfelt moments to keep things in perspective and provide you with the appropriate emotions at the appropriate times.

Throughout the story, Dandy meets a diverse cast of characters and the plot seems to shift based on the setting. For example, one episode takes place in an academic setting, another in a race tournament, and so on. A little masterpiece is born from the blending of various elements! This list is intended to introduce you to other anime that are similar to Space Dandy in that they deal with similar themes and have a similar feel. The good news is that this list will help you find more if you enjoyed it so much that it wasn’t enough.

1. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Boss-hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are mature, carefree bounty-hunters. They have a pragmatic partner in Spike Spiegel. From one planet to the next, the Bebop crew searches for criminals while aboard their spaceship. Three additional characters join them along the way: a sharp-witted Welsh Corgi, a seductive con artist named Faye Valentine, and a young hacker named Radical Edward. Even though their plans almost always fail miserably, they will all have to confront their pasts and traumas.

It’s no surprise that Shinichiro Watanabe directed both Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy. Those who enjoyed Space Dandy will likely enjoy Cowboy Bebop as well, despite the latter’s more somber tone. The setting for both anime series is the same: deep space. And in both stories, there are bounty-hunters who are out to catch criminals and aliens respectively. In addition, they both have comedy, action, and drama scenes that are masterfully woven together. These two shows are unquestionably related in some way!

2. Seihou Bunkyou Outlaw Star (Outlaw Star)

Seihou Bunkyou Outlaw Star (Outlaw Star)

Gene Starwind is Seihou Bunkyou Outlaw Star’s undisputed protagonist. He’s a space-phobic bounty hunter hired as a bodyguard by Outlaw Hilda after he and his expert partner Jim Hawking rescue her from a bad situation. It turns out, however, that Hilda has stolen Melfina, a bio-android girl with whom the Kei pirates can pilot an incredible spaceship called the Outlaw Star, and they’re on the hunt for her.

Bounty hunters are central to Space Dandy and Outlaw Star, both of which are set in outer space. Sci-fi themes provide both of them with excitement, intrigue, and a sense of adventure. Space Dandy and Outlaw Star both feature multi-ethnic crews tasked with catching aliens and defeating pirates, respectively. What makes these shows so popular is their ability to amuse their audiences with comedic moments while also delivering more serious themes when the situation calls for it. Then you’ll enjoy Outlaw Star without a doubt if you enjoyed Space Dandy.

3. Redline


It’s only once every five years that the world’s most spectacular motorsports event takes place. Only a few days before the tournament begins, the location is made public. JP, our hero, is eager to take part, but first he must do well in a qualification race called the Yellowline. Despite the fact that his yellow racing car stands out in stark contrast to the other competitors’ massive vehicles, he enters the Yellowline race. Even though he appears to be on the verge of winning, something goes horribly wrong!

We could begin by saying that both JP and Dandy, the protagonists, have a lot in common: they’re both laid-back adventure seekers with an eye for fashion. Despite the fact that Dandy in Space Dandy is searching for extraterrestrial life and JP is racing with his race car in Redline, both games are set in space. Both anime have a large cast of interesting characters, each with their own quirks. Both of their art styles are similar, with a focus on vibrant colors in an unusual universe. There is a definite connection between the two, and it’s important to keep in mind that they both serve the same function: to amuse. This is similar to Space Dandy, so if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy Redline as well.

4. Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

In this story, the action takes place on Lot in the Old City of Jerusalem. After the Earth and Beyond collided and New York City was wiped out in an instant, this new city was built on the ruins, and it’s home to many strange creatures. Lot in Jerusalem is now home to both humans and supernatural beings. Klaus von Reinherz, a lycanthrope, is the leader of “Libra,” an organization dedicated to maintaining harmony between humans and monsters. The strangest things begin to happen when Leonardo Watch, a kind and quiet boy with the gift of “The Eyes of God,” joins Libra’s group!

Kekkai Sensen and Space Dandy have similar over-the-top action sequences and a setting in which humans work alongside extraterrestrial creatures, as can be easily seen in both films. In contrast to Kekkai Sensen, which depicts a more in-depth plot involving Leonardo Watch’s search for a way to heal his sister, both anime depicts ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations. Both Leonardo and Dandy are perpetually broke and must deal with the fact that their careers will be ruined by their side gigs at Libra. Furthermore, while both of these anime have a lighthearted tone, there are poignant moments that will tug at your heartstrings. So, what are you still sitting there thinking about? You can count on Kekkai Sensen to deliver!

5. Level E

Level E

Tsutsui Yukitaka convinces his parents to let him leave alone after school. The first time he enters his new apartment, he is greeted by a strange man who claims to be an alien with no memory of how he got there. Baka Ki El Dogra is the name of the strange tenant, who is in fact from another planet. Prince El Dogra is a super-intelligent prankster who has no regard for anything. What Yukitaka and the rest of humanity don’t realize is that there are other alien races on Earth that have remained unseen for millennia.

Both Space Dandy and Level E are fantastic science fiction comedies. Both have aliens and space travel, but Level E has a stronger focus on the planet Earth. Both have a humorous tone, with gags and jokes provided by Dandy and Baka’s eccentric personalities, but there are also episodes and scenes that have deeper meanings or are emotionally impactful in some way.. Level E could be the next logical step after watching Space Dandy.

6. Gintama


Gintoki Sataka, the protagonist, is at the center of the story. He’s a swaggering late-twenties samurai who’s portrayed as mature and steady, and his behavior proves it. The “Amanto” – aliens – have subjugated feudal Japan, and they’ve made it illegal to own a sword. That’s how Gintoki Sataka, a once-proud samurai, fell from grace and was forced to work odd jobs to make ends meet. Shinpachi Shimura, a young and talented swordsman, and Amanto girl Kagura serve as his aides.

There are two sci-fi comedy animes: Space Dandy and Gintama. Both protagonists share a trait: they’re both adults who still indulge in their bad habits. Both anime feature aliens who have amusing physical characteristics, which naturally leads to a slew of comedic moments. Other similarities include the protagonists being almost always broke and leading odd teams; Gintoki takes on odd jobs while Dandy hunts for extraterrestrials. Furthermore, the lighthearted tone is occasionally punctured by poignant scenes that force you to reevaluate your opinions of certain characters. What else is there to add? Consider checking out Gintama if you enjoyed Space Dandy.