10 Best Shows Like Blue Exorcist That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Blue Exorcist

While Blue Exorcist is a good binge-watch, there are plenty of other great shows to move on to once you’ve finished it.

In the early 2010s, Blue Exorcist was a popular shounen anime. Despite the fact that it came out in 2011, the animation is still relevant today. For the most part, newer anime fans would be baffled as to whether or not this is a more recent or more classic anime.

Due to the increasing popularity of shounen-fantasy anime over time, shows like Blue Exorcist have become increasingly obscure. The following ten suggestions are for fans who enjoyed both seasons of this anime and were looking for something similar.

10. D.Gray-Man


When people die, the Millennium Earl takes their souls and puts them in Akuma, where they can be used for his evil purposes (his mechanical weapons). Such spirits are doomed to eternal imprisonment, and the only way to free them is through the use of a weapon known as Innocence.

In order to stop Earl from wiping out the entire human race, Allen Walker and his fellow members of the organization he belongs to must stop him.

9. Soul Eater

To aid shinigami in their various supernatural missions, the Death Weapon Meister Academy breeds Death Scythes. They’re not really weapons, though; these scythes are hybrid humans with the ability to transform into Demon Weapons after consuming the souls of one witch and one hundred evil creatures.

When a group of high school students band together to fight evil, they also have a lot of fun doing it.

8. Noragami


The story revolves around Yato, a god who performs menial tasks for humans in exchange for a meager 5 Yen. Everything changes in his life and Hiyori’s life the moment their paths cross.

Hiyori soon realizes she has gotten a lot more than she bargained for when they become embroiled in the lives of celestial creatures.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist will appeal to anyone who liked the bond between the Okumura brothers in Blue Exorcist. Orphans grow up in a world where magic and supernatural creatures coexist with humans, and they learn the skills and power they need to join the military of their home town.

Their government had kept a lot of information secret from its own citizens, and the more people they interact with, the more they realize this.

6. Seraph Of The End

Seraph Of The End

Vampires take control of the human race and use it as a source of food and a means of reproduction. Vampire hunting armies have replaced most of the adult human population, and their sole mission is to wipe out all vampires from the face of the planet.

It’s all about Mikaela and Yuuichiro’s love for one another, and how they’ll put anything in their way, even if one of them is a vampire with the power to kill them.

5. My Hero Academia

The anime series My Hero Academia is hard to miss if you’re a fan of the genre. ‘Deku’, or Izuku Midoriya to his friends, is an innocent young man who gains the world’s most powerful Quirk. His story became an instant hit with fans.

The anime’s most notable features are its fast-paced action sequences, intriguing plot, and top-notch animation.

4. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

After the Devil is defeated by the Hero, he flees to the planet Earth. At MgRonald’s, he loses all of his superpowers and is reduced to working as an average human being.

As soon as he realizes the Hero has followed him to Earth, his happy days on the planet are shattered. There are only 12 episodes in this anime, but it’s a must-see for anyone looking to laugh a lot.

3. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan, a critically acclaimed anime series from Japan, requires no introduction at this point. The story of humans being surrounded by cannibalistic creatures called titans was an instant hit when it premiered in 2014.

The show was praised for its stunning animation, surprising turns in the story, and the skill with which it depicted complex issues like racism and discrimination. There will be a fourth season, so this is a good choice for those who like to commit to long-term series.

2. Naruto


Naruto was the most popular anime series when it first came out, so most people are familiar with it. People who aren’t familiar with anime, on the other hand, might want to start with this series to see why it’s so popular.

In Naruto, you’ll find everything from sword fights to comedy to romance to drama and betrayal.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul will appeal to those who enjoyed Blue Exorcist but wanted something a little darker. Sui Ishida created the anime, which centers on a young Kaneki who is being eaten by a ghoul.

In order to keep his human and ghoul friends safe, he turns into a ghoul himself. Due to the gruesome nature of the series and the way it depicted death and horror scenes, it became well-known. The first season was adored by all, but as the series progressed, the number of devoted fans dwindled.

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