15 Best Shows Like The Magicians On Netflix Update 06/2024

Shows Like The Magicians On Netflix

Many Magicians fans will be sad to see the show come to an end, and they will likely turn to other magical and fantastical series to fill their time. This top ten list serves as a good starting point.

Season five of The Magicians, which concluded in 2020, was broadcast. It was compared to a more mature Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia because it was based on Lev Grossman’s book series. Despite its mediocrity, this show quickly gained a devoted following due to the fact that it offered viewers a fresh perspective on the fantasy genre.

Many Magicians fans are still pining for something to fill the void left by the film. While no other show compares to The Magicians in terms of quality, there are a number of other fantastic fantasy series that are sure to please fans.

Kristen Palamara made the following update on February 24th, 2021: To keep up with their love of magic and adult themes, The Magicians fans are always on the lookout for new series that can incorporate all of these elements into one show. Characters in the science fiction series discovered their own powers and magical abilities as well as went on adventures that ended with them discovering their destiny. We’ve expanded our catalog to include more productions that follow a similar plot and go through similar changes throughout.

15. Legion


In the Marvel universe, Legionis a unique FX Marvel series that isn’t like anything else. After discovering that the voices in his head are real, David Haller(Dan Stevens) finds out he is a mutant with extremely dangerous abilities.

As David explores a magical world hidden from the rest of humanity, the series follows his adventures. Legion, like The Magicians, has its share of dark moments, comedic ones, and a convoluted plot twists.

14. His Dark Materials

It follows a young protagonist who is thrust into an otherworldly conspiracy and must fight it to save everyone, including herself. His Dark Materials is an HBO series based on a book. Like Quentin in The Magicians, who doesn’t realize magic exists until he finds and enrolls in Brakebills University near the beginning.

His Dark Materials is filled with magic. Lyra goes on a quest to find her missing friend and other kidnapped children throughout the series with the help of the herdmon animal and discovers a perilous plot while doing so.

13. Grimm


It follows Detective Nick Burkhardt as he strives to fulfill his destiny and safeguard the town he loves. For generations, the Grimm warriors known as Burkhardt’s family have hunted magical creatures to protect mankind.

When it comes to magic, Grimmis a dark show about slaying magical monsters. It has enough magic for fans of The Magicians, but it’s also infused with a police procedural that grounds it in reality.

12. American Gods

With the recent death of his wife, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) finds himself thrust into a magical world full of dangerous Gods, both Old and New. After the New Gods have taken over, Moon must join the Old Gods in order to regain control of the world.

It is a Starz show, so American Gods can explore darker themes without fear of censorship. Like in The Magicians, there are enough adult themes and magic in American Gods for any The Magicians fan to enjoy it as a whole

11. The Librarians

The Librarians

The Librariansis a television series based on Noah Wyle’s character from the film series The Librarian, which debuted in 2007. A secret society that collects and guards magical artifacts to prevent others from using them for selfish or evil purposes is explored further in the series.

With the addition of counterterrorism agent Eve (Rebecca Romijn) and master thief Ezekiel (Wyle), Flynn Carsen (Wyle) has a larger team to rely on (John Harlan Kim). In comparison to The Magicians, this is a more family-friendly series, but the stories are just as interesting and creative.

10. Supernatural

The fantasy series Supernaturalhas been on the air for a very long time. There are many similarities between this show and The Magicians in that it follows two brothers on their quest to find anything that moves at night.

In addition to having a deep mythology and interesting characters, the show also has an excellent balance of emotional storytelling and jaw-dropping plot turns. The co-creator of The Magicians, Sera Gamble, was also a showrunner onSupernatural.

9. The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles

I think The Shannara Chronicles and The Magicians are both misunderstood to the same degree. It’s perfect for fans of The Magicians and Fillory who enjoyed the fantastical world of a trio’s quest to save their lands from the Demon World.

The Shannara Chronicles takes place in a far-off, atomic-war-ravaged Earth where magic has replaced science as the dominant force. Also, it’s important to note that The Magicians viewers will grow to appreciate the show’s complex central characters, who, in the end, emerge as the heroes they require.

8. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Darker and more sinister than the original series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a spin-off of the popular CW series. Mystery, intrigue, and teen angst fill the show as it follows Sabrina Spellman as she attempts to balance her magical and human sides.

Fans of The Magicians will enjoy the show’s rich mythology as well as its realistic depiction of magic’s darker aspects.

7. Galavant

It’s no secret to The Magicians viewers that the show can be downright ridiculous at times. Galavant should be on the must-see list for any showgoer who enjoyed this particular aspect.

From Dan Fogelman, the man behind This Is Us, comes this medieval musical comedy about a knight trying to regain his reputation and win back his love. If you enjoyed the way The Magicians incorporated elements from various fantasy genres, you’ll love the way Galavant does the same.

6. Charmed


The first season of Charmed is unquestionably the most recognizable. One of the most popular witch-themed shows of all time follows the Halliwell sisters, a trio of witches as they battle everything from warlocks to demons.

Since the female characters in The Magicians are well-developed and complex, viewers will have no problem falling in love with the Charmed Ones. The show’s rich mythology and enthralling storylines will keep viewers entertained even if it occasionally borders on soap opera-like drama.

5. Misfits

The show’s success is largely determined by the caliber of its cast. The Magicians featured a diverse cast of characters who lent depth and complexity to the show’s fantastic plot.

Misfits was another excellent example of this. It’s a British sci-fi comedy about some young criminals who discover they have superpowers when they don’t expect it. The show’s mysterious and occasionally dark storyline will keep viewers glued to their seats thanks to its wide range of characters, clever writing, and lighthearted humor.

4. Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Fillory, a fictitious mystical world in The Magicians that turned out to be very real, was one of the show’s most captivating elements. Similarly, Once Upon A Time follows the exploits of a woman who quickly learns that the fairy tales of her childhood are not as unreal as they seem..

Show fans will enjoy the show’s clever fusion of fairytale world elements with the modern town of Storybrooke, which includes characters like the Evil Queen and Captain Hook.

3. Lost Girl

One of the lesser-known shows on this list is Lost Girl. As a succubus named Bo learns to live with her newfound powers, the story follows her journey to discover her true identity.

Like in The Magicians, fans will discover a new mystical world alongside the main character in this film. The show is forward-thinking, well-written, and full of eccentric characters, giving the fantasy and supernatural genres a fresh perspective.

2. Merlin


The series provides viewers with an entertaining and heartfelt look at magic and its ramifications through exciting adventures, humor, and a complex overarching villain. Fans will be intrigued to see how Guinevere and Prince Arthur’s relationship progresses over time.

1. The Order

The Magicians had its share of intense and frightening scenes, despite being more dramatic than scary most of the time. It’s safe to say that fans of The Magicians will find The Order to be the most enticing of the bunch.

Unexpected, intriguing and mildly absurd, the show follows the story of a college student who joins a mysterious magical order in order to avenge the death of his mother. In The Order, Adam DiMarco (Todd), who portrays resident advisor Randall Carpio, will be a welcome sight for fans of The Magicians.

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