22 Best Shows Like Outlander And Poldark Update 05/2024

Shows Like Outlander And Poldark

1. Poldark



Poldark is an excellent choice as a follow-up to Outlander if you enjoyed the period romance. Poldark, like Outlander, is based on Winston Graham’s book series of the same name. While the show lacks fantastical elements, it more than makes up for it with plenty of love and drama set in Cornwall, England in the late 1700s. On “Poldark,” Aiden Turner portrays Captain Ross Vennor Poldark, a man who returns to his father’s estate after serving three years in the British Army during the American Revolutionary War only to find it in ruins. To help himself, he hires Eleanor Tomlinson’s character, Demelza Carne, as a scullery maid, and the two of them butt heads constantly. But as time passes, the enmity between the two turns into love, and Poldark follows the couple as they go through ups and downs. Poldark and Demelza, like Claire and Jamie, offer a bygone era romance.

2. Timeless

Outlander’s time travel aspect may be your favorite, in which case look no further. Timeless on NBC features Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, and Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, a programmer tasked with locating a stolen time machine. Spencer is played by Abigail Spencer. They must use their own time machine to track down the thief and change history in order to benefit an enigmatic organization. There’s plenty of action, history, and romance to be found in this series. During its run, Timeless had only a small but dedicated fan base that rallied to have the show’s cancellation reversed only three days later. If you want a quick binge that ends quickly rather than a show that was canceled before the story could be properly concluded, this is an excellent choice. Tune in to Timeless for a lighthearted tale that takes place over the course of several centuries.

3. Vikings



Vikings is another well-liked historical drama with a plethora of episodes to watch back-to-back. The show is based on the stories of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons, who lived in Viking times. A mission to raid England is the first order of business for Ragnar, played by Travis Fimmel, in Season 1. Game of Thrones and Vikings both have their share of death, but because Vikings is more historically accurate, the fighting and wars are more akin to those that Jamie Fraser may face in Outlander. In Vikings, Katheryn Winnick plays the warrior Lagertha, who is also Ragnar’s wife; Clive Standen plays Ragnar’s brother Rollo; and Jordan Patrick Smith, Alex Hgh Andersen and Alexander Ludwig play Ragnar’s sons Ubbe, Ivar the Boneless and Bjorn Ironside, all of whom play significant roles. So, if you’re looking for a mix of historical action and drama in your next show, look no further than Vikings.

4. The Spanish Princess

Spanish Princess is the third in a trilogy about important European women in history told through the medium of television historical drama. It’s a sequel to Rebecca Ferguson’s 2013 film The White Queen and Jodie Comer’s 2017 film The White Princess, both of which were based on Philippa Gregory’s historical novels. Charlotte Hope plays Catherine of Aragon in the 16-episode period drama The Spanish Princess, which aired in 2019 and 2020. Catherine of Aragon is best known as Henry VIII’s first wife, but here she is a princess before her marriage. Her journey to England to meet her betrothed Prince Arthur (Angus Imrie) is chronicled in the show, but after Arthur’s tragic death, she becomes involved with his younger brother Henry (Ruairi O’Connor). The Spanish Princess has it all: romance, war, politics, and intrigue at the court all rolled into one. It’s nice to see Catherine’s story on screen, even if it is a little dramatized for entertainment, as most stories about this time period focus on the women who came after her. Yet the truth is that the drama of European history during this period (particularly that of the Renaissance) suffices to make compelling television even with exaggerated details.

5. A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches


Are you still on the hunt for a fantastical twist? Fans of Outlander will enjoy A Discovery of Witches, a thrilling fantasy drama with an enthralling central romance. However, fans of the series will likely enjoy it even more in the second season, which is set primarily in Elizabethan London in the 1500s. The film adaptation of Deborah Harkness’s best-selling All Souls series, A Discovery of Witches, stars Teresa Palmer as a witch and historian named Diana Bishop, and Matthew Goode as a vampire and biochemistry professor named Matthew Clairmont. Diana is studying alchemy at Oxford when they meet, and the spark of a romance that ignites challenges the long-held animosity between the magical species while also unraveling the mystery of why magic is disappearing occurs between these two characters. It’s hard not to fall in love with Diana and Matthew while you wait for Jamie and Claire’s return because they’re just as star-crossed.

6. Black Sails

Black Sails is set in the early 18th century on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, when piracy was at its height in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic 1883 novel Treasure Island. Toby Stephens plays Captain James Flint, Luke Arnold portrays John Silver, and Tom Hopper portrays Billy Bones, among other well-known characters on the show. Additionally, Hannah New plays Eleanor Guthrie in Black Sails, and Jessica Parker Kennedy plays Max. Clara Paget portrays real-life pirate Anne Bonny in Black Sails. With the same amount of creative freedom as Outlander, Black Sails, which aired on the premium channel for four seasons and ended in 2017, was able to tell a rich, character-driven story with action and adult content. Black Sails received a lot of praise for its portrayal of queer characters during its run, which is another reason to watch this well-known show.

7. The Tudors

The Tudors


There is a popular historical television series called The Tudors that takes place in England in the 1500s, a little before Jamie and Claire’s story. Despite the lack of a fantasy or supernatural element, The Tudors has just as much drama and action as Outlander, as well as great historical fashion to rival Claire’s iconic Scottish and French attire. If you’re not familiar with history, The Tudors centers on King Henry VIII, who had six wives during his reign, the first of whom was Catherine of Aragon, the subject of the novel The Spanish Princess, which you may have read previously. There are many well-known actors in the Showtime cast, including Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII and Henry Cavill, Natalie Dormer, and Annabelle Wallis. The Tudors is a fantastic choice for Outlander fans looking for a new series to sink their teeth into, as it features a cast of colorful characters and plenty of romance and tragedy.

8. The White Queen (2013)

It’s still worth watching The White Queeneven though it takes place a long time beforePoldark. Rebecca Ferguson, Amanda Hale, and Max Irons all shine in this show, which is a treat for fans of British television in general.

There are 10 episodes in this miniseries that follow Elizabeth Woodville’s story from the 15th century. It has plenty of intrigue and suspense, as well as some witchcraft thrown in. Even though many liberties have been taken with historical accuracy, even the most ardent historians will enjoy this.

9. The Paradise (2012)

The Paradise (2012)


This 16-episode drama from BBC goes a little further thanPoldark’s historical setting in captivating those who can’t get enough of good old-fashioned historical shows.

This Primetime Emmy-nominated series follows country girl Denise as she takes a job at The Paradise, one of the country’s largest department stores. It’s a must-see for anyone who misses the days of hard-working British people in the UK.

10. Land Girls (2009)

Aside from fiery Demelza and dubious Elizabeth, the Land Girls add much-needed female strength to Poldark. With a setting of WWII, it goes where no other show has gone before.

It takes place in the midst of a violent war, and the series’ fifteen episodes are spread across three seasons. Land Girls will leave any viewer wanting more as they go through the motions and hardships alongside the Women’s Land Army members.

11. Home Fires (2015)

Although only twelve episodes were produced over the course of two seasons, Home Fires’ incredible content more than made up for the show’s short runtime. We’re introduced to yet another group of women who were around during World War II.

Instead of showing us what it’s like to live in a war-torn world, this uplifting and inspiring trio of characters shows us how they manage to survive in a rural community in Cheshire. Bring tissues because this movie has the potential to make you cry.

12. Mr. Selfridge (2013)

Mr. Selfridge (2013)


Is it the story of a hard-working, self-made man that you miss most fromPoldark? That’s whenMr. Selfridgecomes in handy! This show, based on actual events and the story of Selfridge’s founder, is both funny and sad at the same time.

In spite of its lack of traditional British charm, this show features top-notch performances, jaw-dropping sets and top-notch dialogue, making it a worthy addition to this list. You may want to prepare some snacks in advance, as there will be forty episodes to go around.

13. Little Dorrit (2008)

This will come as no surprise to you since most of the television series on this list are based on novels. We’ll begin with the Golden Globe-nominated adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel Little Dorrit, aptly titled as such.

Fans of Poldark will enjoy this because it delves deeply into social class and romance. Claire Foy and Mathew Macfadyen are two of the most talented young British actors working today. Can you picture those tense, passionate love scenes? Probably not.

14. Wuthering Heights (2009)

WUTHERING HILLS is a must-discuss when discussing literature classics.

This English classic has been adapted dozens of times for the big and small screens, each time bringing something fresh and new to the story. We advise you to start with the most recent iteration, which was released in 2009.

In one of his best performances, Tom Hardy portrays the infamous Heathcliff in this classic work of fiction. In addition, Hardy and Charlotte Riley, the actress who plays Cathy, met on the set and have been married for many years. You can only imagine the chemistry’s craziness.

15. Jane Eyre (2006)

Jane Eyre (2006)


In addition to Jane Eyre, another fantastic 19th century classic, countless films and TV shows have been based on Jane Eyre over the years There is no doubt that the 2006 version is superior to all others because of its dedication to the source material.

Fans of Poldark will recognize the show’s grim and ominous tone, which is reminiscent of the tumultuous relationship between Jane and Rochester. Even though it’s only a miniseries, the acting is excellent, and it’s well worth watching. It’ll satisfy your craving for historical dramas right away!

16. Victoria (2016)

Moving on to something a little more regal, fans of the genre should not miss the award-winning series Victoria. Even though it’s been on your radar for a while, you may not have gotten around to watching it until now. There’s no better time than right now!

The show’s quality is undeniable, as evidenced by the numerous nominations it has received. The costumes and sets are stunning, and the new perspective on Queen Victoria’s early years is exactly what fans have been waiting for.

17. Reign (2013)

Reign may contain a slew of historical inaccuracies, but if you’re just looking for a good time, then it’s well worth the price of admission. A lot of creative liberties are taken by shows depicting royal life in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries; however, we don’t mind.

Despite the absurdity of the plots, they are engrossing, and you’ll find yourself emotionally invested in Mary, Queen of Scots’ life and love stories. The costumes are also out of this world, and the soundtrack is a treat.

18. The Musketeers (2014)

How many different ways have we seen Alexandre Dumas’ classic play over the years? There’s a lot to consider. It’s impossible to dislike the three musketeers when they’re encapsulated so beautifully in the 2011 film adaptation of The Three Musketeers.

Fans of Poldark will be sucked in by this show, which has three seasons to offer, a slew of attractive and talented actors and actresses, and a setting that captures the spirit of 17th-century Paris.

19. And Then There Were None (2015)

And Then There Were None (2015)


To this day, Agatha Christie is one of the most successful authors ever, thanks largely to the detective character she created in her mind, Hercule Poirot. Christie, on the other hand, was a master of suspense and horror, as evidenced by her work on And Then There Were None.

Aidan Turner plays a role he’s never played before in this three-part adaptation, which stars him as Poldark himself. Aside from making you feel better when you see Turner, this suspenseful mystery set in the late 1930s will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

20. The Woman In White (2018)

Wilkie Collins deserves a lot more credit than he currently receives. Although he didn’t write as many books as other novelists and mystery writers during his lifetime, The Woman in Whiteis unquestionably one of the best works in the genre. The 2018 film adaptation, like the book, will shock and terrify you.

Everything you’d want in a show like this is here – romance, drama, and mystery, all set against the magical backdrop of rural 19th-century England.

21. Pride And Prejudice (1995)

Whatever your age, we’re confident you’ve heard of the classic novel and filmPride And Prejudice. Jane Austen’s most famous work, like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, has been adapted countless times, each one unique while still capturing the essence of the story.

We’d suggest watching the BBC’s 1995 adaptation instead. Not only is Colin Firth excellent as the elusive Mr. Darcy in this adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel set in 18th-century England. There’s romance, there’s a discussion about social hierarchy, and there are some interesting costumes.

22. Downton Abbey (2010)

To get over the loss ofPoldark, why not watchDownton Abbey, one of the most compelling and endearing depictions of social class disparity in the early twentieth century? No one can deny the show’s quality after three Golden Globe wins, six seasons on the air, and a movie adaptation.