13 Best Shows Like The Bachelor On Netflix Update 06/2024

Shows Like The Bachelor On Netflix

This article was originally published on July 15, 2021.

When The Bachelor first aired in 2002, no one foresaw how much of a legacy it would leave on reality television. While dating shows had been around for a long time, The Bachelor brought a new level of intimacy and drama to the genre, keeping viewers glued to the screen week in and week out.

Everything about the show is so simple that it fools you into thinking it’s complicated. Throughout the course of the series, one man will get to know a variety of women in the hopes that he will select one to propose to at the end. A woman is eliminated from each episode, reducing the number of contestants until only one is left standing.

Due to the show’s enormous success, there have been numerous spinoffs and new productions attempting to capture the same sense of wonder and awe. Other shows like The Bachelor should definitely pique the interest of The Bachelor fans.

1. ‘The Bachelorette’

Fans of The Bachelor who can’t get enough of its spinoff series, The Bachelorette, are likely to gravitate toward it. The premise of the show is the same as the original, but the characters are switched. Instead of a group of men vying for her attention, it’s a single woman this time.

The show debuted on ABC in 2003, right after its predecessor. After a brief hiatus in 2005, it returned in 2008 for a second season. There have been 16 seasons in total. While Season 17 is still airing, there has been no word on whether Season 18 will begin airing.

Current episodes of the show can be seen by viewers on ABC as they air. Netflix and Hulu have previous seasons available to watch.

2. ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Too Hot to Handle

The reality TV genre was quickly recognized by Netflix as a lucrative and popular one, and Netflix has now launched a full-fledged assault on primetime television’s traditional networks.

As far as close quarters reality shows go, Too Hot to Handle takes it to the next level.

Ten attractive singles are persuaded to attend a “sexcation,” but when they arrive, they discover the surprise.. They’re unable to make contact. Even a simple kiss could cost them the prize money. Who is going to be able to hold out?

Netflix has already released the first two seasons, and a third is on the way.

3. ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Many people’s hearts are broken as a result of watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It’s not uncommon for several hopefuls to be eliminated for every one who is selected. Bachelor in Paradise gives lonely singles a second chance at love, this time in a romantic hideaway in the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. To maintain the intrigue, previous contestants are given the opportunity to develop romantic feelings for one another in a follow-up series that maintains the elimination-style format.

The show debuted in 2014 and was renewed for a seventh season in 2018. Season 7 will have a rotating cast of hosts, it was announced in June 2021. ABC has new episodes. Hulu is where viewers can watch it.

4. ‘Back with the Ex’

Back with the Ex

This Australian reality showBack with the Ex is an excellent choice for your next binge-watch if your favorite part of The Bachelor is the tense dynamic between the finalists. Even though a season of Seven Dollhouses lasts seven episodes, it’s not so long that you get overwhelmed by the commitment. Watch as four couples decide whether or not to reignite stale flames. All of the seasons are available to watch on Netflix.

5. ‘Love Island’

If the interplay and competition between the contestants are your favorite aspects of The Bachelor, thenLove Island will crank those up to 11. In this show, ten singles are placed in a beautiful villa and are expected to find love there.

Those who are unable to “re-couple” and choose a new partner will be kicked off the game. Likewise, viewers have the option of voting off contestants they don’t like, so couples should be careful to pair up in a way that sounds authentic because they are constantly monitored. Also, contestants who are only in it for the money will not be popular with the audience.

The show that airs in the United Kingdom is a remake of an earlier production. A seventh season of the current incarnation has already been completed. The US version of the show has completed two seasons and will return on July 7, 2021, for a third. Hulu has the U.K. version available for viewing.

6. ‘Siesta Key’

Siesta Key

The chance to see relationships develop over time is a major draw of these reality TV shows.

This concept is taken to a whole new level at Siesta Key. A group of young adults is assembled, and Siesta Key waits to see what happens instead of focusing on how participants can compete to win the love of one main attraction.

On camera, all kinds of relationships develop and dissolve, from the frenzied and explosive to the deep and meaningful.

There is a fourth season of the show currently airing on MTV after it was renewed. Seasons past are available to watch on Paramount+.

7. ‘Ex on the Beach’

Ex on the Beach, another MTV show, uses the tried-and-true formula of gathering a group of singles in a fun and exotic location and letting the chemistry fly. The twist in this show is that they won’t be alone for long, as the show’s title suggests.

Exes will start showing up once they’ve established some chemistry among the group, throwing off any newly formed romances. Who is going to reunite? The question is, who will be able to steer clear of the shaky relationships that these ex-partners present.

The show was based on the same-named MTV reality series that aired in the UK starting in 2018. It was a four-year engagement. Due to the pandemic, the fifth season of the show has been delayed, but it is expected to return at some point in the future. Paramount+ is where fans can watch it for free.

8. ‘Love is Blind’

Netflix’s Love is Blind revolves around the premise of couples communicating through a “pod’s” wall, which allows them to hear each other without seeing each other. The show follows a couple as they narrow down their list of potential partners and decide which one clicks best.

It gets more intense as time passes because those who have found one another spend more time talking to determine if their hopes and dreams are compatible, all without ever seeing one another.

It will be revealed whether or not their romance that developed through the wall was real, or whether or not physical attraction and appearances change the dynamics.

Future seasons of the show are already in the works, and its success — including two primetime Emmy nominations — suggests that it will be around for some time.

9. ‘Married at First Sight’

Married at First Sight

The contestants on Married at First Sight are ready to trust the experts with their love lives because they’re tired of playing the dating game and failing time and time again. They’re matched with other singles looking for love after they’ve been evaluated by psychologists and have completed questionnaires about what makes them tick. In trusting the experts to find a match for them based on their characteristics and quirks, the couple is faced with a huge decision. What happens if they fall in love and immediately say “I do?”

By starting at the finish line, this series puts the newlyweds — and newly met — couples through a series of challenges that will test their relationship to the limit. By the end of the season, the couples will have to decide whether or not to continue their union.

There is a popular Danish program with the same name that inspired the idea. Lifetime broadcasts the American version, now in its 13th season. Hulu has previous seasons available to watch.

10. ‘Temptation Island’

There was a reality TV show that aired in 2001 (and was even older than The Bachelor). When real-life couples are at a crossroads in their relationship, they are flown to a tropical location called Temptation Island, where they must make a life-or-death decision.

There were three seasons to the show, which was based on a Dutch show of the same name and concept. Amidst the flurry of love-themed reality shows in 2019, it was brought back and has been airing ever since.

It’s fun to see people who already have a history and a relationship on the line in this show, but what it lacks in competition, it makes up for in heart and high stakes.

The USA Network broadcasts Temptation Island, which you can watch online at Peacock.

11. ‘The Circle’

The Circle

The Circle is a one-of-a-kind design, born in the digital age of social media. The Circle, on the other hand, isn’t about finding love or whether couples will stay together or break up. What matters is how we present ourselves to others and whether or not our honesty — or lack thereof — will cost us influence and friendships.

A group of people on The Circle have agreed to stay in a high-tech room where they can only communicate through social media platforms and cannot see one another. They have the option of playing as themselves or a fictitious character. They gain influence along the way, and if they can’t win over their fellow competitors, they’ll be eliminated.

Netflix currently has the show available for streaming and it has two seasons under its belt, but casting for a third season began earlier this year, so production is well under way.

12. ’90 Day Fiancé’

Another show on TLC, 90 Day Fiancé, takes previously married couples and puts their relationship to the test for the amusement of viewers at home. It’s a reality show that asks couples who’ve only met through online dating but are thinking about making things official whether or not they’re ready to commit for the rest of their lives.

A special 90-day visa for engaged couples allows them to live in the United States with their future spouse. It expires after 90 days, and then the couple must decide whether or not they are ready for marriage.

While the show has been hugely popular, the majority of the drama has revolved around the participants and their personal lives rather than romantic relationships. TLC is expected to continue the popular series, which has already aired eight seasons. Previous seasons of the show can be viewed on Hulu.

If you are worried about not seeing a new episode of Happily Ever After, don’t be. Today is #90DayFiance Pillow Talk binge-a-thon day. pic.twitter.com/PXyJ7T1ip2

13. ‘Dating Around’

Dating Around

It’s nice to unwind with a reality show that lowers the bar a little bit when there’s so much emphasis on marriage and staying together forever. Participants in Dating Around aren’t necessarily looking for a long-term relationship; they’re just looking for someone to take them on a second date with!

Six singles go on five blind dates in an attempt to find someone with whom they have enough chemistry to go on a date with them longer. The sincerity of the show and the wide range of participants it features have both been highly praised. While it lacks the high-stakes drama of some of the other shows on this list, it excels at examining real-life situations, which is what gets your reality TV blood pumping.

With two seasons already under its belt, the Netflix original has plenty left to offer fans.