15 Best Gundam Anime That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Gundam Anime

All-time greats from the Gundam series can be found in the Gundam series. The best of the bunch are presented below.

Yoshiyuki Tomino founded theGundam series in 1979, and it has gone on to become one of the most successful media franchises of all time. Over $20 billion in revenue has been earned, according to current estimations. In addition to various television shows, movies, manga, and video games, the Gundam franchise has created a burgeoning plastic model business known as Gunpla. 90% of all Japanese character plastic model sales are made up of Gunpla.

As a result of Gundam, “huge robot” anime has come to mean something different nowadays. There have been a slew of sequels to this series, both in the East and West. We’re only mentioning a few of the most popular Gundam anime series.

Richard Keller updated this page on May 19th, 2020.

Mobile Suit Gundam debuted more than 40 years ago. The One-Year War and its aftermath have been the subject of numerous episodes in the series. It wasn’t long before spin-offs examining alternate timelines began to appear in these shows and films. Despite the fact that 10 of these are listed here, there are many more. A new batch of the greatest Gundam anime is presented here.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin

After watching Mobile Suit Gundam, viewers encountered a warzone and its aftermath. The mangaMobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, published 20 years later, gave the full story of how it all happened. Another decade or so passed before the narrative was adapted into an anime series.

Origin tells the story of Zeon Zun Diekun’s death, the emigration of his children to Earth, and the emergence of the Principality of Zeon’s military might. Diekun’s children and the circumstances leading to the declaration of war are the focus of the 13-episode anime series. As a starting point, it provides a solid introduction to the Universal Century.

2. Turn A Gundam

The story of Turn A Gundam takes place on a planet that used to be a spacefaring civilization but has since abandoned its spacefaring ways. Its people have evolved into a culture that can coexist peacefully with technology comparable to that of World War I or the Steampunk era hundreds of years later.

Gundam-clad youths arrive on Earth, one by one, one by one. Even if they can just exist on their own as a colony on the moon, they’ll need help returning to Earth in order to prevent another war from erupting on the planet. Despite the fact that the story and protagonists aren’t from the classic Gundam timeframe, fans seem to like them.

3. Gundam AGE

Gundam AGE

The Unknown Enemy interrupts a universal peace in yet another Gundam story (U.E). Flit Asuno, a victim of the U.E, receives an AGE device memory unit as a family heritage. Flit can use the device to create a mobile suit. One that can help the colonists withstand any more invasions.

GUNDAM AGE is unique in that it covers three distinct epochs. Asuno is still a child when we first encounter him. Once the suit has been constructed, an adult Asuno will take control of it and use it to save the human race. The protagonist is depicted as a great-grandfather in the final chapter. In addition to the intriguing plot, the characters’ designs are among the greatest in the series.

4. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

One of the key reasons to watch the 1993 series is that it was the last one based on a Universal Century timeframe. It’s an anime coming-of-age narrative, which is why you should watch Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

The Earth is attacked by the BEPSA some 100 years after the end of the One Year War. The Zanscare Empire’s space troops can be found here. They are drawn into the conflict when two teenagers run into a BEPSA pilot in their European town. As time goes on, they join up with Earth’s resistance organization in order to pilot the Victory Gundam and gain independence.

5. Char’s Counterattack

There are a few historic moments in this film, which is set in the Universal Century chronology. Char Aznable and Amuro Ray’s enmity was finally put to rest. This is the first movie in the Gundam series to use computer visuals, so that’s a big deal.

When Char returns to Neo Zeon after the One Year War, an asteroid attack on Earth is imminent. During this time, Amuro is secretly working with Char and others to negotiate a peace pact using his new psycho-frame Nu Gundam. However, things go awry and Amuro defeats Char and Neo Zeon with his Nu Gundam.

6. Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters

Unlike most other Gundam anime, Gundam Build Fighters takes place in a universe that is very much like our own. Gunpla model mania has grown into the capacity to build and pilot your own mobile suits in a near future setting. The culmination of these Gunpla Battles is a global tournament every year.

A Gunpla builder named Sei joins forces with a competent pilot named Reiji in the main story. Aspirations for the Gunpla Battle World Championship are shared by the two of them Despite the fact thatGundam Build Fighters is just a marketing ploy, it has a lot of heart. Clearly, the creators of this series are descended from those who adored the original Gundam series as children.

7. After War Gundam X

Sadly, After War Gundam X didn’t get an English localization until 2016, decades after its release in Japan in 1996. Because of this, it’s perhaps one of the least-known Gundam series out there. That’s very bad, because it would have introduced a slew of fresh concepts to the series. On “After War” timeline, it depicts post-Apocalyptic Earth in post-war conditions. Armed with mobile suits obtained by civilians after a horrific conflict, only a small group of unexpected heroes can prevent the globe from descending into anarchy once more.

8. Iron Blooded Orphans

The Gundam film Iron Blooded Orphans is one of the more sinister efforts in the series. Slavery, child soldiers, and neo-colonialism are just some of the weighty topics the show touches on in its 50 episodes. Mar is inhabited by humanity three hundred years after the Calamity War. Many Martian states, on the other hand, are impoverished and completely reliant on Earth’s resources.

When Kudelia Bernstein, a Martian noblewoman, hires a private security firm to bring her back to Earth, she intends to negotiate the independence of her nation, Chryse, from the rest of the universe. Until the orphaned Mikazuki Augus enters the fray in an anciently repaired Gundam and saves them from certain defeat. With a natural flow to the action and an engaging cast, this is one to keep an eye on.

9. Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing

Although Gundam Wing was the series’ sixth part, for the majority of Americans, it served as their introduction to the series. It was a huge success in the West, making Gundam a household name in the United States.

Even though the script and pacing don’t compare to the more classic Gundam series or the more polished anime that followed, many American fans still enjoy it.

10. Gundam Seed

Gundam Seed was a new spin on the popular Gundam Wing and the classic Gundam series in an attempt to create a modern masterpiece that would stand the test of time. Seed’s sequels, sadly, fell short of this promise. It’s an excellent place to start for new fans searching for a stand-alone introduction into the series.

11. Gundam Unicorn

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Gundam Unicorn, based on Harutoshi Fukui’s novel of the same name, was made into a seven-episode anime series in 2010 and concluded in 2014. The original ’79 series’ final entry into the “Universal Century” timeframe was this one.

Sixteen years have passed since the One Year War, and humankind is only beginning to establish permanent settlements in outer space. An anti-federation organization destroys a habitational space station in outer space. Laplace’s Box is a hazardous artefact that Banagher Links, a seemingly regular young man, comes into conflict with after realizing his connection to it. In terms of production value, Gundam Unicorn is amongst the best of all time.

12. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Only a month had passed since the start of the original Gundam series when this 12-episode series aired between 1996 and 1999. During the One-Year War, an Earth Federation ground force was depicted in action. Earth Federation vs. Principality of Zeon guerilla war is the primary issue at hand. Zeon’s base must be destroyed by the new commander of the 08th Mobile Suit Team, Shiro. However, he quickly discovers that the only hope for Zeon is someone he knows, and the two of them must decide which is more important. There have never been any other entries like The 08th MS Team in the original Gundam chronology.

13. Mobile Suit Gundam

It’s the right one. The source of all things. This is the very first Gundam. A new era of mecha anime began with the release of Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979. The 43-episode run of the original series was followed by a compacted movie trilogy with improved audio quality.

Pilot Amuro and Zeon pilot Char face off against each other in a lot of the story. In the eyes of their people, they are the best pilots in the world, and their love has inspired many Gundam series since. Despite the fact that some aspects of it may not have aged well, it truly is the classic Gundam experience.

14. Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Celestial Being, a paramilitary group, is the focus of Gundam 00. They’re the only ones in the world with access to Gundams, and that’s saying something. They want to use their abilities to make the world a better place by putting an end to conflict. The animation in this show is top-notch. Animated in high definition, it was the first Gundam series to do so. Despite favorable reviews for its graphics and narrative momentum, Gundam 00’s ratings were below average. Fortunately, the commercial DVD sales were good. “Everything Gundam should be” has been referred as as a great starting point for newcomers to the series.

15. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

A few occasions exist where sequels surpass their source material, and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is one of them. Kamille Bidan, a new protagonist seven years after the end of the One Year War, is the focus of the story. It deals with complex issues such as the liminal space between good and evil and the long-term ramifications of a global conflict. If you haven’t seen the first series, I strongly advise you to do so before watching this one. However, have faith in the fact that good things are on the way.