16 Best Shows Like Lost On Netflix That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Lost On Netflix

Lost belongs to the select group of truly great and enduringly memorable television shows. These shows are great for fans who want to learn more about the cases they’re investigating.

Lost is a top-tier television series in terms of quality and lasting appeal. It’s hard to imagine a better television show than this one, which features everything from smoke monsters to time travel to a very enigmatic tropical island.

Thanks to other television shows likeLost, the void can be filled for now. The plots they depict revolve around fantasy, sci-fi elements, and the occasional appearance of a monstrous creature.

Lianna Tedesco made the following update on November 29, 2020:

Even if another show comes along that’s as good as the first, fans of Lost know there will never be another one like it. While J.J. Abrams’s mind is nothing short of poetic brilliance, many years have passed since fans shed a final tear over the beautiful series finale soundtrack while watching Lost in all its smoke monster glory. However, there were challengers. Other films had brilliant minds hidden behind their cryptic scenes, including some in which J.J. Abrams was involved.

16. Heroes (2006-2010)

Heroes (2006-2010)

Heroes debuted two years after Lost and quickly became a hit with the general public. The premise was similar to that of Lost, with a group of strangers having mysterious pasts and an ambiguous goal in mind.

Heroes ran for four seasons before being resurrected as Heroes Reborn in the fifth season. Despite the fact that J.J. Abrams was not involved, it appears that the producers borrowed a page from his playbook for this project.

15. Castle Rock (2018-2019)

J.J. Abrams served as executive producer on Castle Rock, a television series based on the works of renowned horror author Stephen King. Fans knew they were in for a treat because of King’s involvement in the production.

With the unique storyline surrounding this show, King’s best-loved books are combined into a tale of darkness and light as well as mythology.

14. The Leftovers (2014-2017)

The Leftovers (2014-2017)

For three seasons, the television series The Leftovers explored what happens after 2% of the world’s population disappears and how people cope.

There are many mysteries in the show, which focuses on a small community dealing with the phenomenon.

13. The 100 (2014-2020)

It is set 100 years after a nuclear war decimated the human race. The people who made it to safety are now residing on a spaceship, and they’ve dispatched 100 young people to repopulate the planet.

A lot can be found in this fantastic series, which has seven seasons and a whopping 100 episodes.

12. Black Mirror (2011-)

Black Mirror (2011-)

Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology show in the style of The Twilight Zone that explores the impact technology has had on modern life.

It’s not uncommon for episodes to be set in the future or the past. Plenty of them exist today, and each one adds a layer of intrigue to the plot.

11. Manifest (2018-)

Manifest, a show about passengers on a downed plane, is a strong contender for the best show about them.

The plot revolves around the passengers of a long-since-disappeared flight. This leads them down an even more mysterious rabbit hole when they start hearing voices and seeing visions.

10. Fringe (2008-2013)

J.J. Abrams was the driving force behindFringe, so this should be a no-brainer. Despite the fact that it came out two years before the conclusion of Lost’s sixth season, there are a number of parallels between the two shows.

While Fringe begins as a supernatural crime drama, it gradually moves into alternate universes while making sure to allow for believable character growth.

9. Doctor Who (2005-)

Doctor Who (2005-)

Doctor Who is the ideal choice for a marathon viewing session. For fans of science fiction, this is a must-see series because it’s been on the air for so long!

Stories are kept fresh by a constantly changing cast and a non-traditional lead character. This sci-fi/fantasy mix featuring the Doctor, who can travel the universe and make friends with aliens, is a fun one to get lost in.

8. Sleepy Hollow (2013-2017)

There is an age-old legend about the Headless Horseman, and it’s a great one to tell around the campfire. Many films have been made about Sleepy Hollow, including Tim Burton’s, and a television show has been available on Hulu since 2013 for those who want to watch it. Lost had its share of creepy moments, but Sleepy Hollow is even scarier.

Fantasy and science fiction abound when Ichabod Crane reappears in the twenty-first century and is tasked with saving the world from a nuclear holocaust.

7. Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

Twin Peaksis a fantastic show about a murder mystery in a small town that is full of eccentric characters.

Even today, fans are fascinated by the mysteries and characters that swirled around it because it came at a time when the television industry desperately needed a change.

6. The X-Files (1993-2018)

It’s been decades since The X-Files piqued the curiosity of viewers who wanted to know more. Because it’s one of the most well-known sci-fi shows, there’s a lot to learn about it.

This show has a lot to offer if you’re looking to fill the void left byLost, such as ghosts and strange creatures wreaking havoc.

5. Westworld (2016-)

Westworld (2016-)

Westworld has a unique science fiction storyline, similar to that ofLost, where something doesn’t seem right underneath it all. In a world where a Wild West-themed amusement park with hybrid humans and androids exists, visitors are encouraged to act on their own free will once they have entered the park.

The android hosts are prohibited from harming human guests because of codes programmed into them… That is, if everything goes according to plan.

4. Person Of Interest (2011-2016)

Ben will be recognizable to Lost fans as Ben, but he plays Harold Finch in Person of Interest. While controlling a game that no one else realizes they’re playing, Michael Emerson does an outstanding job as the person who knows far more than they do.

The mystery and intrigue in this show make it worth a look even if it’s not as science fiction-esque or complex as Emerson’s previous residence.

3. Under The Dome (2013-2015)

Under The Dome (2013-2015)

Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome, which inspired the film, also goes by the name Under the Dome. Despite only having three seasons, this show had the highest number of summer viewers since 1992, despite only being on for a short time.

Despite the mixed reviews, the show still has a good reputation and is worth checking out. It also has a star-studded cast, with Dean Norris from Breaking Bad as the town councilman. It’s easy to say that the plot of the show is very King-like, but the real appeal lies in the fine details.

2. Stranger Things (2016-)

Who among us hasn’t heard ofStranger Things? If you haven’t, now is the time. Aside from breaking the ceiling for modern science fiction shows, this Netflix original also featured a retro timeline that was interesting, fun, and well-suited to the plot.

Since season one, each character has developed into a dynamic and diverse member of the cast, and the new characters introduced in the most recent season seamlessly fit into what is now one of the streaming service’s greatest achievements. There is a veryLostvibe to it, yes.

1. Dark (2017-2020)

Dark (2017-2020)

While Dark has received positive reviews, one of the most frustrating and puzzling horror shows currently available isBreaking Bad. This show’s subtleties demand attention, but it’s well worth the effort to see it through to the end.

It’s unclear what’s going on in this small town for most of the time, similar toLost. Everyone carries their own burdens, but they’re somehow intertwined. Each episode also provides an increasing amount of supernatural clue… but not enough to get viewers excited about what’s to come.