10 Best Rich Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Rich Anime Characters

If Batman was poor, he’d be a joke, because that’s just the way he is.

So if you have a significant quantity of money, you’ll be able to show up in almost any story. There are plenty of scumbag characters in anime as well.

Who, though, is the wealthiest among us?

The true anime Monopoly players must be out there somewhere.

Let’s see if we can figure things out with this list. In terms of wealth, they aren’t ranked in any particular order (how could we track that?). Even though some of the “greatest” Richie-Richers are ranked higher than others in our list.

10. Kuusuke Saiki

Saiki Kusuo

This is a story about the tragic life of Saiki K.

As long as Kuusuke desired it, he might have been the richest person in the world.

As the most creative inventor in his and our universe, he deserves this.

He not only figured out how to manage his brother’s abilities. In addition, he also developed a time machine and a few jetpacks.

The fact that he has the resources to pull off such extravagant pranks suggests to me that he has a few big sponsors behind him.

He had such sway that he could have sparked World War III. So he isn’t simply making it up as he goes along.

9. Rumiho Akiha (Faris NyanNyan)

Steins;Gate is an anime series.

Faris is well-off thanks to his father’s wealth. Even though it came with a heavy heart, the point remains the same.

The finding that she brought moe to their village was the first sign of her wealth.

As you may guess, this isn’t an easy task.

And then we hear that her family owns the entire electronics district. That’s a lot of money coming in.

Seeing her living situations in the alternate universe where her father is still alive, nya nya.

8. Kayaba Akihiko

Kayaba Akihiko

Sword Art Online is a popular anime series.

SAO was created by Akihiko and he was either extremely wealthy or financially reckless.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but Matpat calculated that the development of SAO must have cost (at a minimum) half a billion dollars.

It’s clear that he had a lot of money to begin with.

On top of all that, considering the $2 billion Facebook paid for Oculus, Akihiko must have made a lot of money to get this game up and running, even if it’s not as good as SAO.

7. Bulma

The Dragon Ball series

Isn’t it nice to have a monopoly on everything high-tech?

Considering how little concern they have for anything, it’s hard to even imagine how much Capsule Corp is worth.

The spaceships are handed away as if they were nothing. If you brought them back or destroyed them, it doesn’t make a difference. Since they plan to build a time machine in the future, their logo can be found on just about everything more complicated than a stick.

Vegeta may have finally realized that if he had enough money, he could be the prince of whatever country he choose..

6. Seto Kaiba

Seto Kaiba

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a popular anime series.

When he could have thrown money to his opponent until they submitted, I’ll never understand why this man even bothered with any Blue-eyes White Dragons.

He’s currently valued at one billion dollars, but I believe he has far more.

I’m sure he’s at the top of the one percent since he was able to transform a million dollar loan into a $100 million cash pile as a teenager.

The saying goes that he’s not the king of games, but he’s still got the ability to change the rules whenever necessary.

5. Mina Tepes

Dancing With The Vampires: A Japanese Anime

If I’m being honest, Mina could be the most well-off character in anime.

She’s purchased an island, which MrBeast demonstrated was no easy chore. That was not all; she also paid off the country’s debts.

There you have it: despite the fact that most of us are unable to repay our student loans, Mina is out here covering Japan. Approximately 40 trillion yen.

This isn’t a poor woman at all. She hasn’t slowed down a whit in her pursuit of happiness.

4. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

Robert E. O. Speedwagon

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an anime series.

Because he discovered oil in America, he had the most realistic path to prosperity of any of the other characters on this list.

Moreover, we are all aware of how wealthy the oil industry is.

To that end, he established the Speedwagon Foundation, which appears to have more money than it should.

It’s clear that the foundation has a sizable budget by leading numerous trips (such as the Pillar men expedition) and sending submarines, planes, and vehicles whenever the main cast is in need.

3. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

It’s Bungo Stray Dogs!

Batman is a superhero because he has money.

He goes even further than that with Francis.

Because his strength can be increased in direct proportion to the amount of money he’s ready to give up, his power is intrinsically linked to his financial resources.

At the peak of his authority, he was worth millions (or even billions) of dollars.

However, we’ve seen that even when he’d spent it all, it only took a few episodes for him to find new ways to make money.

He is, in essence, capitalism: a human being.

2. Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya Shinomiya

Love Is War

In contrast to our last selection, Kaguya appears to have been the victim of her own success.

Her father is one of Japan’s wealthiest men, with a net worth of at least $4 billion by today’s standards.

With no exposure to the outside world, she had no idea how to communicate with people who weren’t employed by her employer.

In truth, if I’m being honest with myself, I’d gladly accept that weakness.

1. Ciel Phantomhive

Black Butler: The Animated Series

Check for a butler.

Unrelated to the topic at hand, Butler is a true all-arounder.

Check. His family name is enough to get him out of any situation.

Even more money comes in when he begins working for the Queen.

Ciel is capable of pulling off a Scrooge McDuck and swimming in money if he so desired.