5 Best Anime Like Infinite Stratos That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Infinite Stratos

‘Infinite Stratos,’ a mecha action anime with plenty of sex and fanservice, is the show for you. It has a large cast of attractive female characters who fly futuristic mechas and don exotic costumes. And if you’re looking for some harem comedy to go along with it, this is the movie for you.

Treaty struck by Japan prohibits the employment of an advanced exoskeleton in battles because of its power. Infinite Stratos exoskeletons can only be piloted by females. However, there is a man who is capable of operating these equipment. An adolescent named Ichika Orimura has this skill. The Infinite Stratos Academy, which is plainly a female-only academy for training and becoming an Infinite Stratos Pilot, is where he must go to get that training. The famed Chifuya Orimura, Ichika’s older sister, is the school’s homeroom teacher. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for anime with comparable stories or style. This list of recommended anime series that are similar to ‘Infinite Stratos’ is based on our own taste. On Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu, you can find several of these anime, including “Infinite Stratos,” which you may watch.

5. Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (2016)

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (2016)

“Infinite Stratos” has a lot in common with “Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut.” This one contains a lot of mecha battles as well. As in ‘Infinite Stratos,’ there is a clear build-up to a harem in this anime. This show has a slew of attractive female characters who become smitten with the central male character. We also have a male protagonist who enters a female-dominated workplace. This anime’s visuals and soundtrack are excellent. Like ‘Infinite Stratos,’ the plot is mediocre, but the harem and ecchi scenes are top-notch.

Drag-Rides, ancient mechas discovered in various parts of the world, are the center of the episode. Drag-Knights are the pilots of these mechas. The main character, Lux, is a former prince of the Arcadia kingdom. He wanders into a female dormitory bathing area by mistake one day. He sees the new princess of the land, Lisesharte, in her underwear. She wants a drag-ride duel with him. The royals are trained to be drag-knights at an all-female academy, and who ends up attending this all-female academy? Lux has arrived! After his fight with Lisesharte, he decides to enter the academy. It contains a total of 12 episodes with each episode clocking in at 23 minutes in duration.

4. Seireitsukai no Blade Dance (2014)

Seireitsukai no Blade Dance (2014)

“Seireitsukai no Blade Dance” and “Infinite Stratos” both feature slapstick harem antics interspersed with ecchi elements. While ‘Infinite Stratos’ is a sci-fi series, ‘Seireitsukai no Blade Dance’ is a fantasy series that deals with magic and fantasy. This anime, like ‘Infinite Stratos,’ features a diverse cast of strong female characters, each with their own distinct abilities. Even still, the resemblances don’t stop there. There’s a guy character here who wields an ability that can only be possessed by women. In addition, he’ll have to attend a school where all the students are female now.

Holy Shrine Princesses who have the ability to contract and control spirits are trained at Areishia Spirit Academy. Once the spirits have been summoned, they can then utilize them in tournaments against each other. Kamito Kazehaya steals the power to perform a slave contract with a spirit from a princess named Claire Rouge, and this transforms the all-women game. His unique position as the sole wielder of this power dates back 1,000 years. His life, however, does not remain stable as he is compelled to enroll in the spirit academy. Then there’s the special competition in two months, which he’ll have to compete in as well. Will he be able to make it out of this academy alive with all that’s going on and Claire nagging him to become her contracted spirit?

3. Hundred (2016)

Hundred (2016)

‘Hundred’ and ‘Infinite Stratos’ have a lot in common. You could love this anime if you enjoyed watching ‘Infinite Stratos,’ albeit it is not for serious viewers. Again, there are a slew of attractive female characters with unique abilities that are scheming for a single male target. There follows a male character, who as previously said, is the primary attraction for many female characters in this story. ‘Hundred’ and ‘Infinite Stratos’ have a lot of similarities in their fight scenes. The anime focuses on a group of high school students who attend a specialized training institution. I don’t think much effort was put into the anime’s plot, but again, it’s just for fun and must be viewed that way. ‘

However, the anime fulfills its promise of being ecchi and offers us with a harem scene. There are also numerous action sequences, all of which are really enjoyable. It’s also heavily influenced by science fiction. Aliens known as Savages have long been a source of anxiety for people on Earth. It is a war of attrition. They’re posing an increasingly grave danger to human survival. But conventional weapons are ineffective against them. ‘Hundred’ is the only technology capable of delivering a devastating strike, but not everyone can use it. Afterwards, we have Hayato Kisaragi. He is a young man who survived a Savage attack as a child. ‘Hundred’ appears to be the most compatible with him. As a result, he has been accepted into the Little Garden military academy and will be trained to become a powerful weapon against the Savages. The place where he meets several female characters that begin to harbor romantic sentiments for him.

2. Strike Witches (2008)

Strike Witches (2008)

Strike Witches, on the other hand, is an ecchi anime featuring attractive female characters who can kick ass. Like ‘Infinite Stratos,’ this anime has a lot of comparable elements. First and foremost, we have strong female characters who are able to fly in the air and take down their enemies thanks to mechanical equipment. Great fights take place across vast areas. In addition to all of this, the ecchi content is pretty fun.

Strike Witches reimagines World War II in a unique way. This time, the globe is not pitted against itself. To put it another way, humans have banded together to protect themselves from an alien invasion. This is true: in 1939, an alien race known as the Neuroi attacked Earth. For a long time, Earth has been the target of assaults from this alien race. In order to extract Earth’s resources, they create a toxic gas that causes people to evacuate their homes. Attacks on humans are typically carried out by the Neuroi using aircraft. Witches have stepped forward to assist in the defense of the planet in order to overcome this. They make use of their magical prowess to fly and wield gigantic weapons while utilizing mechanical aids. They have the option of creating a force field to protect themselves from the poisonous gas. The 501st Joint Fighter Wings placed their lives on the line to preserve the British Isles in the year 1944 in the anime.

1. Date A Live (2013)

Date A Live (2013)

‘Date A Live’ is one of the most popular animes out there right now. If you’re searching for something like ‘Infinite Stratos’, you should certainly give this one a go. It’s incredibly enjoyable. There are some similarities between the female characters in these two shows. A lot of action is brought to the series through their appearances as well as their demeanor. Some of the female characters develop feelings for a male character who is placed into the mix. Harem comedies are, after all, all about making fun of the female characters. Fan service is plentiful in both shows, so you won’t be bored.

Devastating in its scope, space earthquakes are a natural disaster waiting to happen. First Spacequake occurred 30 years before the anime and killed 150 million people. As time has gone on, more and more people have perished and enormous quantities of property have been destroyed as a result of these natural disasters. His younger sister, Itsuka Shidou, is Shidou Itsuka’s roommate in high school. His sister was caught up in the force of a Spacequake and he had to rush in to save her. Then he discovers a strange girl at the middle of the storm. The girl turns out to be a spirit, a person from another world who has come to wreck havoc on ours. Shidou is saved by an anti-spirit task force that appears out of nowhere. Shidou finds it hard to comprehend that this task team is led by his sister. They’ve arrived to put an end to the spirit. Shidou, on the other hand, abhors violence and devises a workaround. His research reveals that spirits can be neutralized if you make them fall in love. To put it another way, he’s basically dating to rescue the world as we know it today.