11 Best Shows Like Is It Wrong To Pick Up A Girl In A Dungeon Update 04/2024

Shows Like Is It Wrong To Pick Up A Girl In A Dungeon

We don’t have to introduce you to Danmachi. Two manga adaptations and an anime television adaptation by J.C.Staff were made of this popular fantasy novel in the last decade. The latter aired in the spring of 2015. The first season of AnOVA aired in 2016, and in February of this year, both a second season and an original anime film adaptation were announced. Sword Oratoria, a novel series spun off from the main series, has also been adapted into an anime series. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is another spin-off series of light novels. It all began in March of this year with the debut of Familia Chronicle (illustrated by Nilitsu).

In Orario, a medieval-style fantasy city, a massive dungeon labyrinth (dubbed ‘Dungeon’) and a slew of deities dwell within the city’s walls set the story. Orario’s residents form groups called Familia, which are akin to guilds in video games. Every one of these Familia bears the name of and serves a particular Deity. Bell Cranel, the main character, is the sole devotee of Hestia, one of the goddesses.

A pseudo-gaming world with beautiful girls and “players” who level up with extraordinary abilities is what we have here. Similar anime should be easy to come by. MT, your Japanese otaku friend, has provided the following list of ten recommendations.

1. Sword Oratoria

Sword Oratoria

12 Episodes in the Spring of 2017

There’s no question about it. The next logical step for fans of Danmachi is an anime series set in the same universe and time period. Sword Oratoria gives us the opportunity to learn more about the Loki family, who were previously only mentioned in passing. If you’d like, I can offer an alternative viewpoint.

Here’s how we felt about the premiere, which you can read about here:

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2. Slayers

There are 26 episodes in the first season.

Battles, monsters, and demons all abound in the world of Slayers. Lina Inverse, a teenage sorceress, travels the land with her friends, using their magical abilities and sword skills to fight anything evil, from wizards to demons.

Before we return to more recent anime, I’d like to suggest a fantasy classic that has stood the test of time. Those of you who haven’t seen Slayers yet are truly missing out on one of the best fantasy films ever made. It makes use of Danmachi-like mechanics, such as the grouping of adventurers to defeat monsters.

3. Overlord


There are two seasons, each with 26 episodes: Summer 2015 and Winter 2018.

OP badass, and I’m glad to see Momonga make the cut. Ainz Ooal Gown, the most powerful wizard I’ve ever encountered, is the leader of the STRONGEST guild I’ve ever encountered. Imagine his reaction if he learned he wasn’t included in a list of Danmachi-related anime. For breakfast, Momonga could feed the entire population of Danmachif to her. For the time being, he’s stuck in his favorite video game, trying to figure out how to get out of it after the servers were permanently shut down while he was playing.

With a video game-inspired plot, Overlord is an isekai series (what I call anime where the protagonist isn’t thrown into a harem just for the sake of being thrown into a harem) similar to many of the other shows on this list.

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4. Hack//Sign

For the sake of completeness, this list will include a few anime where the main character is trapped inside a video game. To that end, I decided to start with one of the first series to do so. As a result, he has no recollection of how or why he ended up trapped inside his favorite video game, The World. He’s now scouring the internet for a way to exit the account.

In spite of the fact that Danmachi isn’t an anisekai and doesn’t appear to be an in-game, it could have been either or both.

5. The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima)

The Familiar of Zero

Throughout the anime series, high school is a recurrent theme. There seems to be a Japanese school everywhere, whether you are on a spaceship, in a faraway fantasy land, or in the pits of hell. In order for Louise, the series’ protagonist, to succeed academically, she must summon a familiar to help her. However, the odds are stacked against her. It’s no secret that Louise the Zero can’t use any of the basic magical elements despite her noble background. While the majority of her peers successfully complete the ritual and conjure their magical ally, Louise conjures a Japanese adolescent instead.

It’s a funny fantasyisekairomantic comedy despite its obvious resemblances to Hestia and Bell. There are four seasons to watch.

6. The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk

We have a tower instead of a dungeon, but the idea is the same. The Tower of Draga’s powerful human-eating demons are weakened during the Summer of Anu. It’s at this point that those who are strong and brave enough to face them climb the tower to the top and attempt to conquer the demon realm.

Towers full of monsters. Dungeon monsters are the creatures that can be found there. Supernaturally gifted explorers face off against formidable foes. Funimation has made the entire first season available on YouTube.

7. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

When it comes to otaku culture, there are a lot of places to look aside from Earth. Shin’ichi Kan was chosen to promote anime life in an alternate fantasy world because there are no limits to human cultural expansion. How about an anisekai on the life of an otaku salesman? In the surreal anime universe we live in, anything can happen.

To keep the fantasy world of Danmachi while learning more about your favorite past time, this is the perfect anime for you.

8. Log Horizon

Shiroe and his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki are trapped in the twelfth Elder Tale expansion when they accidentally enter the world of Sword Art Online Alternative: This Could Have Been SAO. They form a group and work together to confront this new situation.

Combats monsters alongside other adventurers.

The characters in Log Horizon understand that they are playing a video game, despite the fact that the concept is the same. In the case of Danmachi, it’s safe to say that we have no idea yet (even if I personally believe that they are not in a game).

9. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

KonoSuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World

Konosubais has a great sense of humor. It’s so hilarious, in fact, that I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed it. At the end of the storyline, Kazuma dies an absurd death and is then presented with the option of either being reborn in a fantasy world or going to heaven. To enter the alternate world, the goddess refers to him as a “dirty shut-in NEET.” He chooses one weapon to help him on his new quest. Aqua makes it clear that he has the option of having anything he wants, and Kazuma goes with Aqua.

Just to be clear, Konosuba is hilarious.

There’s a greater sense of adventure in Danmachi, while comedy can be found in Konosuba, but both have a strong fantasy element that will draw you in.

10. Sword Art Online

SAO appears on nearly every list of fantasy, gamey, and isekai series. First season we get to visit a fantasy world is a success, right? The story revolves around a VRMMORPG player named Kazuto Kirigaya (avatar name: Kirito) who becomes trapped in the game after reading the synopsis one too many times, as well as the select few who have never heard of SAO. The game’s creator warns all of the stranded players that if they die in the game, they will also perish in real life. Asuna, Kirito, and the rest of the players team up to take down the game.

This is a must-see anime if we’re talking about video game settings. Don’t listen to the naysayers; instead, give it a shot. If you like video games, you’ll appreciate the theme and various gamey details even if this isn’t a masterpiece of an anime (only a few are). Kirito and Bell are also voiced by the same person.

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11. Onward, Adventurers!

Onward, Adventurers

There are monsters, rewards, pretty girls, and dungeons everywhere you look. I don’t know about you, but I’m almost ready to spend a few hours looting in my favorite fantasy game.

Recommendations don’t end here; be sure to read through them all and let us know in the comments what other media you’d like us to cover in the future.