25 Best Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime Update 06/2024

Best Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime

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Amazon really does have everything

A good portion of your holiday shopping is probably taking place online at Amazon this year. In the midst of the holiday shopping frenzy, why not treat yourself to something? Taking a break from the holiday madness by watching one of the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime is more important than just buying yourself a great present (although you should definitely do that!).

You’ll find some of Amazon’s top holiday streaming options on this list. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy or a heartwarming tale, there’s something for everyone on this list. Even the action and horror genres have a few treasures to offer. It’s time to savor whatever you’re craving. It’s well deserved!

1. Elf


Amazon Prime offers a selection of holiday classics, including Elf. This year, Will Ferrell’s elf-raised human is a comedic goldmine for the holidays. In addition to these Christmas movies for kids on Netflix, adults will enjoy this film as well, as will the younger members of your family.

2. A New Husband for Christmas

Filmgoers have fallen in love with the uplifting story of a group of friends dealing with the trials and tribulations of marriage and divorce during the holidays. Lifetime has a great selection of Christmas movies that are sure to bring a tear to your eye.

3. Snowbound for Christmas

Snowbound for Christmas

In this pleasant Christmas romance, an executive is stranded at a snowbound resort with her gorgeous employer and finds it difficult to concentrate on her work. Indulge in some beautiful Hallmark Christmas movies you won’t be able to stop watching.

4. Christmas Twister

When it comes to Christmas movies, Christmas Twister combines the best of both worlds: passionate Christmas romance and funny catastrophe movies. A tornado-infested adventure with Casper Van Dien is in store! Hulu has a great selection of Christmas movies that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life

There won’t be a dry eye in the house when the credits roll on this timeless Christmas classic. An angel appears to Jimmy Stewart’s character and teaches him what’s really important in life. If you’re a fan of Christmas movies, test your knowledge with these trivia questions. When it comes to Christmas movies, you’ll be an expert in no time if you watch them all on Amazon Prime!

6. Miracle on Highway 34

These two newlyweds are brought together by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve to form an unexpected family at their local roadside eatery. You’ll also want to check out these Christmas movies on Netflix if you’re looking for more festive drama without having to leave the house.

7. One Special Night

James Garner plays a sweetheart with Julie Andrews in this 1999 TV gem. Over the holidays, the two are stranded in a cabin, and an unexpected love blossoms between them. For a surprise of your own, use these humorous Christmas movie themes to spice up your holiday party.

8. Lost Holiday

Lost Holiday

Check out this comedy about grad students who go on a vacation road trip and get mixed up in some illegal activity if you’re a fan of eccentric, independent art cinema. Book one of these Christmas getaways to get away from the cold for your own festive excursion, without the crime.

9. A Husband for Christmas

It’s Vivica A. Fox’s character who decides to marry her coworker for the sake of convenience, only to discover that she’s falling for him, too! After the kids have gone to sleep? The best Christmas movies on Disney+ are waiting for you and your loved ones to watch them first.

10. Christmas Break-In

A boy is left behind at a school over the Christmas vacation, and a group of crooks break in. Danny Glover stars in this classic family film. Your nasty animal neighbor wishes you happy holiday season. Listed here are some more of the most memorable Christmas movie quotations of all time:

11. 10 Hours for Christmas

10 Hours for Christmas

Over the holidays, a group of kids who are separated from their parents plot to reunite them.

12. The Spirit of Christmas

Lawyers in New York City have been hired to sell Hollygrove Inn, a haunted bed and breakfast, to the highest bidder. It’s a match made in heaven when she falls for the handsome ghost that lives there. While we can’t guarantee you a ghost in these picture-perfect Christmas villages around the United States, we can guarantee you the ideal dosage of festive cheer..

13. One Last Christmas

Family drama about five brothers dealing with their families throughout the Christmas season is a big hit with audiences despite its modest budget. These Christmas Eve traditions are sure to be a hit with everyone in your family, no matter how complicated the holidays can be.

14. All Good Things

All Good Things

Having equine companions for the holidays is a wonderful All of these things are positive, to be sure. With hot cocoa and a warm blanket, you can enjoy the story of two sisters who must save their grandparents’ farm from bankruptcy.

15. Home Alone

Classic Christmas movies, such as this perennial favorite, are ideal for the whole family. She’s the panicked mother who mistakenly leaves her child at home for the holidays. Laugh out loud with these Christmas jokes after watching Macauley Culkin’s antics in this ’80s movie.

16. Deathcember

Wouldn’t it be fun to have an advent calendar full with mini scary films? This compilation of 24 chilling Christmas tales is just what horror enthusiasts have been waiting for.

17. 12 Pups of Christmas

12 Pups of Christmas

After a split, a dog therapist must find homes for a dozen puppies over the Christmas holiday. While her new boss doesn’t like dogs, he does like her in this cute romantic comedy about a woman who falls in love with her dog. See these lovely images of pets dressed up for the holidays!.

18. The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland

Under her hometown of the country, a big-city model returns home to discover the Santaland festival in jeopardy. In this sweet rom-com, she quickly falls in love with the single-father farmer she remembers from her childhood.

19. Throwback Holiday

If you’re seeking for amazing Christmas movies on Amazon Prime, go no further than this popular favorite. You could travel back in time to high school, what would you do? During the holidays, a stressed-out mother discovers.

20. Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Holly Hunter portrays a recently fired single mother returning to her hometown for the holidays. Her dysfunctional family in this classic, feel-good comedy is exactly what she needs. What matters most at this time of year is putting together the perfect playlist of Christmas tunes with the people you care about.

21. A Gift Wrapped Christmas

During the holidays, a personal shopper falls for a grumpy single father in this rom-com classic.

22. Dashing in December

Andie MacDowell plays a young man who returns home for the holidays and falls in love with his mother’s new ranch hand. Check out some additional top-notch gay and lesbian film offerings.

23. A Wedding for Christmas

A Wedding for Christmas

A Los Angeles wedding planner returns home to prepare her sister’s wedding, only to discover that she still harbors feelings for the one who walked away.

24. Surviving Christmas

In spite of being savaged by critics in 2004, this film remains a misunderstood comedy with a stellar cast. Catherine O’Hara and James Gandolfini star as homeowners who are paid to host a lonely, wealthy eccentric for the holidays.

25. A Christmas Princess

A Christmas Princess

What are you planning to eat on Thanksgiving? Who better to hire a caterer for than a prince of the realm? The job goes to a skilled young chef, and he might just fall in love with her as well! In addition to these films, what more should you watch? You’ll feel like a kid again when you watch these Christmas cartoons.